Top 10 Edguy Song Titles with a Sense of Humor


The Top Ten

1 Thorn Without a Rose Thorn Without a Rose
2 F*****g with Fire (Hair Force One) F*****g with Fire (Hair Force One)

I like the "(H)air Force One" part of the title which is a reference to both Air Force One and Hair rock/metal. - Metal_Treasure

3 King of Fools King of Fools
4 Sex Fire Religion
5 Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?!
6 Lavatory Love Machine
7 Ministry of Saints
8 Lucifer in Love
9 Love Tyger
10 Do Me Like a Caveman

The Contenders

11 Eyes of the Tyrant

Because it reminds me of the Eye of The Tiger by Survivor. - Metal_Treasure

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1. Thorn Without a Rose
2. F*****g with Fire (Hair Force One)
3. King of Fools


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