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41 Savant

Savant is exceptionally different because he puts so much detail into every single edm track, and you can really hear the effort he puts into the songs. Orphan, Splinter, The Arcade 2013 and Rise Up are my favourites!

Are you retarded? Savant is top 3 edm producer ever

"The change EDM needs" - hurrhurrman

Number 1 in my opinion. I listened to Savant for years and really figured out his style. Every track has his unique and eleboarte touch. His diverse selection of styles and genres makes him the one of the most talented and unpredictable producers of this age. Not to mention his exceptional skill with melodies delivered by his signature 8-bit synth. With the ability to rapidly produce and release new tracks, Savant has created a cult-following that will only become larger. He's called Savant for a reason, don't sleep on this guy. Much love to Vinter from Canada❤

42 Jack Ü
43 Kavinsky
44 Flux Pavilion
45 Justice
46 S3RL

S3RL is the bomb. My top three: Space Invader, Feel the Melody and Little Kandi Raver

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47 Pendulum Pendulum Pendulum is an Australian drum and bass and electronic rock band founded in 2002. Pendulum originally formed in the Australian city of Perth, Western Australia by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, and Paul Harding. V 1 Comment
48 Showtek
49 Datsik

His name says it all Datsik! Incredible music!

50 Diplo Diplo Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name Diplo, is an American record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and record executive based in Los Angeles, California.

Diplo's songs mash-up some funky tunes, strong ballads and sometimes irresistible melodies that stick in your mind for ages. Revolution is a classic, Jack Ü is a breath of fresh air to the EDM scene and he drives Major Lazer to different heights.

Trust me, we have not heard the best of Diplo. This man deserves to be in the top 10, at least breaking into top 20!

If u kno...according to the most followed music magazine.. Diplo is the 5th best dj

51 Excision
52 KOAN Sound V 1 Comment
53 The Glitch Mob
54 Dj BL3ND V 2 Comments
55 Parov Stelar
56 Axwell
57 Sander van Doorn
58 Headhunterz
59 Galantis

Galantis is on the rise!

no money

60 Shyjack
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