RANKED!: Episode 6- Billboard's Year End Top 100 For Hot Dance/Electronic Songs

Well, I'm starting this back up, before we get to the Hot 100, let's tackle some songs that were under the radar all year. I'll start with EDM, arguably the most stale genre of the year. Also, for year end rankings, the DECENT tier will now be in use.

100. Easy Love: This trash annoys me to new levels
99. Gyal You A Party Animal: Stop. You're not the next Sean Paul, get over it.
98. My Way: Calvin Harris really needs to stop making music. This is Love Yourself the EDM version if it was loud instead of boring
97. This Is What You Came For: This song does not even make sense,, from a lyrical standpoint, boring vocally, and the beat is trying to sound relaxed and obnoxious at the same time. Overplay didn't help either
96. Dessert: Well. Silento is back. And they are commiting Panda labor and vid for a song about... rape? Oh screw this.
95. In My Room: Why are Ty Dolla Sign, Tyga, and Mustard on the EDM charts? What's going on?
94. Bailar: This just creeps me out.
93. Millionaire: The only song on Cash Cash's debut I didn't like. Oh and Nelly really is desperate for relevance at this point isn't he now?
92. Let Me Hold You: Ruining an all time favorite of mine. Thanks alot Cheat Codes
91. SEX: Another edition of ruin the classic! Except this one wasn't good to begin with.
90. The Ocean : Lazy, generic, Alan Walker ripoff
89. Higher Place: Really boring me to death
88. Setting Fires: How did this even make the year end? It got one week in the tracking year!
87. This One's For You: That mess of a drop ruined it
86. The Buzz: Seriously though, wtf?
85. False Alarm: Bland attempt to recreate Running Out
84. Hey Mama: This one shrunk on me pretty quick as well
83. I'm In Control: That new album disappointed me
82. Takes My Body Higher: I don't even know what to say. Could pull a This Girl on me (we'll get to that later)
81. Kill The Lights: Jess Glynne... why?
80. Closer: How was this #1 for 12 weeks?
79. Red Lips: Ok. Just forgettable
78. Smoke Filled Room: Mediocre.
77. Kings Of Summer: Mediocre.
76. Bring Back The Summer: Krewalla was better with him, he's worse without them75. Running Out: I really don't get what Matoma's appeal is.
74. Here For You: Wonkey, how exactly is this your favorite Kygo song?
73. Gone: Typical Afrojack.
72. Back 2 U: I prefer Shut Up And Dance. Or anything on that album for that matter. Same goes for you Steve. Don't know the other guy though.
71. Cold Water: Felt ... very rushed
70. Light It Up: Objectively good, but lacks a real replay factor
69. Ocean Drive: Better than I expected, actually.
68. This Girl: Overrated but enjoyable. Definitely don't hate it anymore.
67. Shelter: Exactly what I expected
66. Broken Arrows: Decent as it's gonna get
65. Let Me Love You: Like the sound, if I'm honest. Not one of my 5 favorites from Encore though
64. Paradise: It's ... alright
63. Golden Light: This guy is called Madden lol
62. Crazy Love: How did this even make it?
61. The Right Song: Better than Wasted.
60. Blackout: Typical Tritional
59. Until You Were Gone: Enjoyable but WHAT ARE THESE VOCALS?
58. Is It Love: It's ok
57. It's Strange: But ok
56. Love $ick: Got a bit better
55. Whole Heart: As did this
54. La La Land: I love it, but ironically
53. Cruel: Like it, but no All My Friends
52. Where R Ü Now: Like it, but no --- get to that later
51. The Girl Is Mine: A mashup done right!
50. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself: Great follow up!
49. Love On Me: This just sounds so carefree!
48. Automatic: ZHU
47. Hey: I dig this new sound for Afrojack
46. Sunset Lover: So happy this snuck in
45. Heading Home: not bad
44. Carry Me: Good, but kinda boring for me
43. Sing Me To Sleep: Dreamy, and majestic simultaneously.
42. Bon Bon: Not that terrible now.
41. Daddy: Shut up, I know
40. Purple Lamborghini: Not as good as before but still a banger
39. Perfect Strangers: I really hope this guy can have an actual hit here soon
38. Fast Car: Good cover!
37. Inside Out: Good, but what is that last drop?
36. Middle: What is that drop in general
35. The Half: Better than I expected actually
34. Never Forget You: Good but felt overdone
33. Never Be Like You: What is the chorus tho?
32. In The Name Of Love: Aside from someone getting raped, I can enjoy this
31. No Money: I can relate to this in a way
30. Tears: Good, but no Rather Be
29. Be Right There: I unironically love a Diplo remaster of a classic
28. How Deep Is Your Love: Fine, it grew on me
27. Hold My Hand: Dance-pop perfection
26. I Wanna Know: How exactly this flopped
25. All Of Me: Logic. And ROZES. And Big Gigantic. Where did you expect this to end up in the long run.
24. Keep It Mellow: One of the more promising new artists of the year
23. Alone: Really should've been bigger in the states
22. Lone Digger: Finally I've been waiting for them to be big!
21. Mind: Best song of Jack Ü
20. Stay: So relaxed and nice sounding
19. How To Love: Now that's a better impression
18. High And Low: Empire Of The Sun.
17. Faded: Alan Walker
16. Magnets: Lorde really is queen :)
15. You Know You Like It: House perfection
14. Working For It: So fun tho
13. Omen: Love those vocals
12. Candyman: This.... shrunk on me alot. Still, ZEDD is ZEDD despite him fading on me as an artist (cause Green Day, get to them in another post)
11. Talk: Best song off of Encore
10. Lean On: Loved it then, love it now
9. Something Better: I love the classic house sound
8. Raging: Best song off of Cloud Nine
7. Flesh Without Blood: Grimes. Thank god one of the songs had something close to success
6. Coming Over: This is still a bop
5. Don't Let Me Down: One of the best of the year
4. Bang My Head: What can I say? It's a chill relaxed song with a meaningful and catchy subject matter
3. Sugar: How can you not like this?
2. Roses: I don't know whether to call The Chainsmokers sell outs. As awful as Closer, and as All We Know was just an improved version of it, and Setting Fires was bland and boring was you can't really top this in terms of greatness. Except you can...

1. New York City: This is a majestic masterpiece. It's the magnum opus of Dance-Pop 2016 and The Chainsmokers' peak in quality. The vocals, lyrics, production. I'm glad it's starting to get big here in the tristate area, and I hope it's their next single. Alex, Drew, Victoria, do this forever.

SCORE: 64%. To think, only less than 20 of these songs got even close to success.


100. Closer
99. In My Room
98. Dessert
97. Hey Mama
96. Gyal You A Party Animal
95. Inside Out
94. Setting Fires
93. The Half (you know you're doing something wrong when the second worst song off that atrocious album is this high)
92. Middle
91. Bang My Head
90. Talk
89. Mind (might as well tack the whole Jack Ü album here)
88. Let Me Hold You
87. Millionaire
86. Easy Love
85. Bailar
84. Stay (assuming it's the Kygo one)

83. AonBonConDonEonFonGon-- you get the point.
82. Where R Ü Now
81. The Buzz
80. False Alarm By The Weeknd Except It's Electronic For Some Reason
79. Raging
78. Kill The Lights (and my career)
77. Takes My Body Higher
76. Lalaland
75. $ex
74. The Ocean

73. Cold Water
72. Let Me Love You (there's 71 songs on the year end better than the best song off your awful album; eat it scrub)

71. Cruel
70. Shelter
69. Ocean Drive
68. Bring Back The Summer
67. Sunset Lover
66. Automatic
65. Be Right There (nah)
64. Hey (is for horses)
63. Until You Were Gone
62. Carry Me
61. Red Lips
60. Smoke Filled Room
59. Back 2 U
58. Gone
57. Kings Of Summer
56. Whole Heart
55. Is It Love?
54. It's Strange
53. Higher Place
52. Running Out
51. Heading Home
50. Golden Light
49. Shelter
48. Paradise
47. Blackout
46. The Right Song
45. Crazy Love
44. Working For It
43. I'm In Control

more MEH
42. How Deep Is Your Love
41. This Isn't What I Came For

40. You Know You Like It (meh...)
39. Lean On
38. How To Love

37. Tears
36. Coming Over
35. My Way (screw you this song's catchy)
34. Sing Me To Sleep
33. Where'd You Get That Body From?
32. Candyman
31. This One's For You (screw you all)
30. Perfect Strangers
29. I Wanna Know
28. Love On Me
27. Lone Digger
26. Keep It Mellow
25. Love $ick
24. Light It Up
23. Fast Car
22. Magnets (screw the lyrics, love everything else)
21. Don't Let Me Down
20. Aside from someone getting raped, I can enjoy this

19. No Money
18. Alone
17. Something Better
16. Never Be Like You
15. All Of Me
14. High And Low
13. Faded (inb4 DJPenguin's Faded/Overrated Jokes)
12. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
11. Here For You (hmmm, I don't know, maybe because it actually has an emotional core and a singer that has personality not drained by otherwise decent production? )
10. Flesh Without Blood
9. Never Forget You
8. Roses
7. Hold My Hand
6. This Girl
5. The Girl Is Mine
4. Purple Lamborghini
3. Sugar
2. Omen
1. New York City

SCORE: 252/500. Meh.., - WonkeyDude98

Wait. Where am I supposed to find out the actual chart? - SelfDestruct

Look up Billboard Hot Dance Electronic Songs Year End 2016 On Google. - ProPanda