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1 Strobe - Deadmau5 Strobe - Deadmau5 Cover Art

21% of the voters on this list must have been 13 year old girls who don't even know what edm stands for. There's no other way that get lucky could be number one on this list, let alone the top 10. Heck, it's not even their best song! Harder better faster stronger, one more time, technologic and around the world could easily top it, just to name a few. Anyways enough about that. Strobe may be 10 and a half minutes, but it will be some of the 10 and a half happiest minutes of your life. From the beautiful intro to the changing melody to the huge drop to the mysterious sounds, this track is an edm masterpiece to say the very least!

The cool thing about edm is there is is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best song, I think everybody's opinion about this song and on other songs are pretty reasonable considering everybody has different tastes. Edm is a lot different than any other genre of music because it is very flexible with almost any type of ear, for example if you like rap and rap only I guarantee that there is and edm song that you would like because most people who like rap like a hard kick and hard bass this can very well cut into edm. But my point is is that we all have different ears and yes we can probably all agree on one edm song that we all like but we could probably never agree on the best edm song ever that we all like.

I know this is insanely long, but I needed to describe everything.

This song is ten minutes of pure awesomeness. It begins with a slow, quiet, simple beat and a bit later some piano is added in. At around minute four, things begin to heat up and it quickly becomes deadmau5 at his best. In fact, not just deadmau5--ANY artist. This song comes not for money or fame, not as a filler track to make an album longer. It comes from the heart.

This song is what helps define true EDM. There's no real "drop," it's just progressive. It goes to show you don't need loud, annoying, ridiculous sounds to make a perfect EDM track. I'm truly happy this song is at #1 (at least as of now), because that's where it deserves to be. And I really hope this song will stay at it's top position for years to come, because it is truly the best.

The edits on the Strobe EP are garbage. You have to buy the whole EP (or the album it was featured on, "For Lack of a Better Name") for the whole ...more

Buddy, deadmau5 isn't the best out there. Granted this is a great song, but "fire starter" from The Prodigy's "fat of the land" album is pretty close to the definition of true electronic dance music. If you don't agree with me, look at their total revenue compared to modern edm acts.

EDM is my favorite genre of music, forget pop and all that garbage (Rock isn't garbage, in fact, rock is hard to master and I respect that, rock is actually good, but in my opinion not as good as EDM). So this is my favorite song, I like Avicii and other EDM djs' stuff, but Strobe takes the 1# spot for me. The buildup starts very quiet with a piano added in the mix, then this massive beat comes along. The sort of beat you'd want to give you confidence to beat that one video game boss you've spent months trying to defeat. Most remixes SUCK, but I recommend the jorg3nitales remix of you want something good that isn't the proper song. In fact, this song is the main reason I'm a deadmau5 FAN. This is the Dark Knight of EDM, no doubt. - Astroshark

2 Levels - Avicii Levels - Avicii Cover Art

I'm not a fan of EDM, like at all. I usually stick with rock music and classic hip hop. But this song just makes me feel so happy! It's like an adrenaline shot that makes you just want to dance with joy. When I'm doing work, I can just put on this song and I can forget a lot of my troubles for a while. If your progressive house song can get a hard rock enthusiast to dance, that's a major accomplishment.

Forget EDM, one of the best songs of all time. After 50 years from now you really think people will remember Deadmau5 over Avicii? Levels is a whole other Dimension.

Well,well,well. I don't think that I need to say anything about this song being on the second place. Instead this deserves to be on the top on every list. You don't get a party song like this, which you can hear about 50 times and still wish to hear more. The music and the superb timing of every acute frequency in the music is what makes it sugar for the mind.

This song is superb.. The best thing about is that you can hear triple music in a particular time in this song which is awesome... Avicii us the best

3 Animals - Martin Garrix Animals - Martin Garrix Cover Art

I'm sorry but if you think that this song is 'overrated' just because it's played so many times, you are plain wrong. Although the structure of this song may be 'outdated', the reason why this song sounds redundant now is because this song shaped modern edm in its structure, build up, etc. Many edm songs have tried to replicate this beat but all failed, even Martin Garrix himself. This song changed my viewpoint on what EDM is and could be, as its beat, despite simplistic, hits the hardest out of any drops I've heard. Definitely one of the best edm songs of all time based on how impactful this still is

This song is a masterpiece. The way flows to the best drop I have ever heard is underrated. I tried all the suggestions of people who think that main stream music is garbage and quite frankly I am disappointed. I know that there are some mainstream artist whom are not always good (The chainsmokers) but saying things like its sucks or its garbage just shows how people will are arrogant. I mean at least appriciate THE DROP and stop all that "true edm" like future house and just think critically and make clear judgement.

This is simply overplayed.
I expected to see Adagio For Strings or even Sandstorm (overplayed but still a sick track), Intense and This Is What It Feels Like. Hell I even wished to see some uplift trance tracks or Fire In Our Hearts. What I'm looking at now: Animals - one of the most overplayed tracks by one talented artist that succeed in his career by only one track (check his ranks, increased heavily after Animals). In my country, the tracks that my people known and always chanting is Animals and Tremor (drop by DV&LM), that's why I hate this damn track. The drop isn't that sick and Thrillseekers or Infected Mushrooms or Armin are way better, and they aren't even the same genre with Animals (For better progressive house tracks, please search Tritonal, Volt & State, DubVision, Vicetone, Gareth Emery. I got tired of this track for a long time, because "ANIMALS MAI FeRzt IDMsong and D4 beast". There are much more about Martin, he's good I'll give you that but compare this ...more

If you haven't listened to this song, I recommend it. This EDM song is special because it was the most thought out and best composed. Listen to the song over and over again and you'll notice that every little sound has a complete purpose. Most EDM songs are thrown together as long as they are catchy, but Martin Garrix is a true artist and composes his songs with an open mind.

4 She Heals Everything - Porter Robinson

Definitely one of the best Porter Robinson live edits. It takes Shepherdess, an extremely rare and underrated song that's already amazing, and makes it a million times better.

Not even out yet. Just goes to show how special Porter Robinson's music can be and how emotive it is

When porter says "she heals everything"... it sends shivers down my spine...

Porter Robinson, the best in emotional EDM

5 Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5 Ghosts N Stuff - Deadmau5 Cover Art

Made me love Rob Swire, introduced me to EDM, and I still listen to it.

This, the funk (by daft punk), kill the noise (by kill the noise), I rememeber (by deadmou5) and cinema (skrillex version), nuclear (zomboy), and all I ask of you (skrillex) are my fave edm songs

This and Strobe are Deadmau5's BEST SONGS! This is the one song I could dance to ALL DAY!

6 Faded - Alan Walker Faded - Alan Walker Cover Art

Not only is it beautifully composed, and extremely unique, and incredibly well-mixed, but it's catchy as hell. So overplayed though.

When I hear this song I just going out of myself...This music just awesome...No Martin,No Mashmellow, Nobody above Alan Walker...He is the king also history creator...He is the only one who care about our environment

One of the best edm with the coolest lyrics... Alan Walker just made this song into a masterpiece with Iselin's voice... Vote for it

Best song of all time! No Martin, no Avicii, nobody above alan walker! No levels, no animals can beat faded!

7 Opus - Eric Prydz Opus - Eric Prydz Cover Art

Don't be fooled by how reacent the song is, it brings so much promise that it'll make you have feelings that you haven't felt since Strobe. This song really tests you because the build up is so long, but the rest is worth more than a thousand words. This truly is the next Strobe, and a masterpiece that takes you back to the past where electronic was real and not fake like it is now.

It's been a few years and this song gets me every time. The incredible build up all the way to the progressive drop is really something amazing. This is definitely a song that I will not skip in my playlist.

Thank you Eric Prydz.

Great build up to a great drop. This is deeper than some orchestral peices I have heard.

This is the closest you'll ever get to Strobe.

8 One More Time - Daft Punk One More Time - Daft Punk Cover Art

Nice song but Strobe is always the best, can't be beaten.

How is this not No. 1? It at least has creativity in the song.

Never get old

Ahhh memories.

9 I Remember - Deadmau5 I Remember - Deadmau5 Cover Art

The perfect blend of music and vocals, absolutely amazing!

Good bass love the beat I give it a 9

Just a beautiful song overall


10 Aisha - Gaia Aisha - Gaia Cover Art

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11 Titanium - David Guetta Titanium - David Guetta Cover Art

Well you get the superb blend of innovative lyrics with the elegance of some sia solo kick out and and Mr. David guetta electro fun. This song deserves to first. This song is like an ear candy. every time you hear it you get to know "Music can be sweet.". And that too using the name of a metal!. It needs superb thinking dude. Not everyone has it.

Love this song!...absolute perfection of beats combined with awesome voice of sia sends a chill down your spines!...I PROMISE

It seems like many people hate David Guetta and I don't know much about him but I like this song.-TheCoolGuy1

This should be in the top 10

12 Forever is Ours - Armin Van Buuren Forever is Ours - Armin Van Buuren Cover Art

This song is like heaven to me. The magical piano with Emma Hewitt's voice makes you want to replay it over and over and over again without you getting tired of it. A true perfect masterpiece by the Trance King Armin himself.

Need a more deserving place.
Top of the roof, but Intense's still better.

13 Bangarang - Skrillex Bangarang - Skrillex Cover Art

Best dubstep track ever. even if you don't like dubstep tracks, you will like it!

I think this should be in top ten list!

It should be in top 20!

Best in this list

14 Spaceman - Hardwell Spaceman - Hardwell Cover Art

Deserves to be number 1. Still at 35 while Animals is 3. Must facepalm now.

It deserves the number 1 spot...!

The best one from hardwell!

Awesome put at number 1

15 Adagio for Strings - Tiesto Adagio for Strings - Tiesto Cover Art

It's impossible to choose between this and Deadmau5, but this deserves at least a top 5 spot because without this, most of these other tracks wouldn't even have been here.

The fact that people would vote for Allan Walker- Faded over this shows that they are just fake mainstream fans of EDM who just listen to the top 40.

If u r voting for a classical song this is far better than songs like Animals, Titanium, etc. Should be at 1 or top 3.

This song must be at top5. What a masterpiece! The good old days of Tiesto...

16 Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia Cover Art

Needs to be higher up. This song gives me hope.

Deserves a lot higher than 56

The song makes me dream

17 Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds Cover Art

My favorite Monstercat song.

18 Kinetic - Jay Eskar Kinetic - Jay Eskar Cover Art

Jay Eskar is the artist who broke me out of the box that surrounds mainstream EDM and placed me in the lesser known artists' fanbase. I can't thank this exact song enough (especially because Future House is my favorite genre! )

19 Divinity x Technicolor x Innocence (Mashup) - Porter Robinson & Madeon

YEEES! So beautiful!

20 This Night - Filo & Peri This Night - Filo & Peri Cover Art
21 Gecko x Cinema - Elephante
22 Impact - Devinity x Paerila

Devinity's music is such an understatement when it comes to the best edm song ever. I know that the vocals aren't mainstream rapping, but that's what makes it the best, because the vocal talent fits perfectly with the lyrics, someone who's going through a crisis, and asking themselves questions about life itself.

23 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk Cover Art

Still my favorite Daft Punk song. I like it more than One More Time.

24 Glue Gun - Fox Stevenson Glue Gun - Fox Stevenson Cover Art

This song had me laughing at the title. strange choice, but in the end it is one of the best liquicity singles I've ever heard, hands down.

25 Where Them Girls at - David Guetta Where Them Girls at - David Guetta Cover Art

This has been my favourite song of all time, since I was 12! I still love it today! Its upbeat and like in the music video, once it starts playing. You just can't stop dancing!

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