Ranked!: Episode 7- Spring 17 EDM Top 20

And… I’m back! See, I had a lot of fun ranking the alternative charts for the first time, but I don’t think I was really qualified. See, users like djpenquin999 (check that guy out, he’s great) are much, much more knowledgeable in an area like that. However, I’m gonna come back to my comfort zone on this one. See, I’m one of the few users on this site who are heavily knowledge with dance-pop music, the genre which fuels this chart.

A few side notes before we begin
· This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris and Let Me Love You by DJ Snake are on this chart. I have removed them because I’ve talked about both of these songs for so long, and nothing has really changed. So, I’ve replaced them with Calvin Harris’ new song Heatstroke, and rising EDM hit 1 Night by Mura Masa.
· Two songs in the top twenty are throwback Lady Gaga songs which debuted because of the super bowl, and stayed there because of… whatever reason. I’m replacing those with Alan Walker’s Alone, and I Love You by Axwell, because they are the next songs on the list that I actually knew.
· Also, Feel Good is here because I have no idea how to feel about You Don’t Know Me by JAX Jones, despite my comment on it here, and rating it on RYM.
If you would like to know what the scores would be had a certain change not occurred, comment, and I’ll give it to you.
And, as always….
The AWFUL Tier (<0/5)
20. Light My Body Up by David Guetta ft. Lil Wayne And Nicki Minaj
This… is… the… worst… drop… of… the… year. Nothing is going to top it. Guaranteeing it. It is an elementary school playground bully if he made fun of you using a voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. Saddest part is, Nicki Minaj would actually sound pretty good here, except the production kills any vibe he would have given off. Also, Lil Wayne is here. I’ll keep it at that. And to think, I have to review Guetta after this…
Huh… so that was it.
So… guess we move on
The BAD Tier (1/5)
19. Run Up by Major Lazer ft. Party Next Door And Nicki Minaj
Oh and that’s two Nicki Minaj songs on the EDM charts that I hate. See, in this one, Nicki isn’t very good. She is hyping up her next album… good sentiment, but it’s gonna be outdated in a while. She is name dropping her label (unsurprising), and Major Lazer (unsurprising, and even more unnecessary). As for PartyNextDoor, I’m too bored to try to listen to what he’s saying on the verses, and the chorus is the same line over and over again. And that noise which happens directly after each line makes me wanna hurt things.
18. Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix And Dua Lipa
Gee… talk about disappointing. I didn’t know if I was gonna hate this or like it, but I knew it was gonna be interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that right. This is some of the most bland EDM I’ve heard in a while. How many times are we gonna have to go over the same thing? Dua Lipa can’t sing! Also, In The Name Of Love was a good song with a bad drop, as are most of Garrix’s other songs. This song has a great drop, harnessing all the energy and building up into a sound of bliss. However, every other part is too boring and generic. The lyrics aren’t helping either, it’s your typical “falling apart relationship” shtick.
17. Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
… just... go… away… already

and now… the tolerable stuff
The MEH Tier (2/5)
16. The One by The Chainsmokers
This one is confusing. On one side, I like Drew’s sincere vocals, and the backing piano is really nice. I also like the backing vocals a lot. However, the lyrics… they are really bad. I appreciate the story, but the way Drew tries to sound so gangster on the 2 nd verse tells you exactly what kind of appeal their looking for. Also, there’s a random breakdown halfway through the song for no reason. Seriously what was the purpose of that?
15. Feel Good by Griffin And Illenium ft. Daya
Wow, Daya sounds terrible. Her voice cracks way too much, and she switches ranges more times than needed. I like the guitars a lot, as they create some intensity that Daya can’t match. Also, while it is similar to that of Scared To Be Lonely, the drop is not creating anything just moving on top of the same atmosphere and slowing it down. I don’t hate it, the atmosphere on the verses is too good for that, but I don’t like it either. If Daya’s gonna do EDM, she should stick to Don’t Let Me Down. Because this… really let me down.
And the stuff I like…

The DECENT Tier (3/5)
14. Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne Marie
You know it’s sad when the most fun song on pop radio right now is about the struggling of mothers. Anne Marie sounds great on here, her vocals are superb. Clean Bandit have always known good production. And you may not have known this, but the only person on this site that likes them more than me is Puga!
13. Call On Me by Starley (solo or with Ryan Riback)
On one hand, the original is the mot mediocre thing to hit the planet. On the other hand, the remix is a good tier song that I really enjoy. So I just put it in the middle of the two.
The GOOD Tier (4/5)
12. I Love You by Axwell / Ingrosso ft. Kid Ink
I like the lyrics. I like the beat. I like the chorus. But I do not like Kid Ink. This style does not suit him.
11. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers And Coldplay
Yeah it’s a rehash of Roses. But I can’t ignore how good it sounds. The verses, the chorus, the buildup, the production. Only thing wrong is the drop. Even ignoring the fact that it’s a ripoff, I can’t stand it. It’s just so bland and annoying.
10. Andromeda by Gorillaz ft. D.R.A.M
So… Gorillaz are back. And the production is fantastic. D.R.A.M sounds fantastic. The characters are awesome. And above all, it just sounds great. It’s a bit boring, but I can get behind this. And it’s not even the best of the 4.
9. 1 Night by Mura Masa ft. Charli XCX
I want to hate this, since none of the elements seem to match togheter. But it’s so catchy!!!
And the perfect stuff…
The GREAT Tier (5/5)
8. Stay by ZEDD And Alessia Cara
Last time I did one of these, he was on top. Now, he’s barely making the great tier. Not to be rude, Anton is still the best 😊. But if I’m being honest, it’s Alessia who makes this song. Her vocals are killing it. Now, I have a best list to fill out, so most of the rest will be brief.
7. Just Hold On by Steve Aoki and Louis Tomilson
I would call this the best of the solo 1D works, but Harry just released… and that wouldn’t be accurate anymore. Well, still, he sounds great, the beat is fantastic, and the lyrics are nice. And the music video is the best of the year.
6. It Ain’t Me by Kygo X Selena Gomez
How ironic I’m doing this while listening to Cloud Nine? And yeah, this is awesome. Selena’s in her best vocal performance since… Naturally I think. And Kygo’s production suits her really well too. The lyrics are nice, and the hook. DAMN. That is one the best hooks of the year. I didn’t what would come out of this, but I’m definitely satisfied.
5. Slide by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean And Migos
And, now moving onto unexpected quality, I didn’t see this coming. Catchy piano line, good lyrics, good atmosphere, and great flow from Migos, I really dig this! Also, Frank Ocean slayed it as usual.
4. Alone by Alan Walker
The same guy who made Faded and Sing Me To Sleep has a new best song. The vocals are superb, the atmoshphere is brilliant, and the production is elegant. And with a song as catchy as this, that’s all you need to be perfect.
3. Paris by The Chainsmokers
This is the song The Chainsmokers should have been doing this whole time. The great vocals, the relaxed beat, the nostalgic lyrics. And yeah I get they ripped M83 off, but I’ll be the one to say it: This>>> Midnight City. That song was good, but it had too much mixing. This on the other, flows smoothly, and is really catchy and fun.
2. Heatstroke by Calvin Harris ft. Pharell, Young Thug, and Ariana Grande
Ok Harris. We get it. You have talent. Now please stop before I end up liking you.
1. Symphony by Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson
This… Zara sounds amazing, and the lyrics are nice. However, Clean Bandit, man, that production! This might be my EDM SOTY if no one else releases anything this good. Better than Rather Be? No. Still amazing? Yes.

Final Score: 69/100

That is awesome. Like, that is one of the highest genuine scores I’ve given. Probably because I was biased in picking the replacements, but still, EDM is doing great right now and I’m glad to see it rise.


20. Closer (GO AWAY ALREADY! )
19. Paris (ANYTHING from The ChainSh**ters sucks)
18. Stay (I am NOT a Zedd fan.)
17. The One (Accept it, your stupid band is never going to impress me. EVER! )

Bad Tier

16. I Love You - Barney The Dinosaur
15. Gorillaz suck (except Harambe)

WonkeyDude98 Tier

14. Symphony

Mediocre Tier

13. Slide Into Hell
12. Just Die Already You Overrated "Song"
11. 0Nights

Decent Tier

10-1: Every other song I didn't mention up there.

Overall Rating: 34/100 - Frodomar49

Prince Charming, why are you such a Symphony fan? Makes you a possible weeaboo! - Frodomar49

Bleach Tier:
20. Closer
19. Rockabye (fizzled out...)
18. Simponey
Meh Tier:
what Tier:
9: I Love You - Barney the Weed Dinosaur
8: Humble
AlphaQ Tier:
7: Stay
Potato Tier:
6: Up Liek Trump - 2Pack
5: Cash Me Outside
Awesome Tier
4: Starbucks - The Weekdy
3: I Feel it Coming
2: iSpy
1: DNA

Overall: X/100. Find X. - AlphaQ

Holy crap I was so mean to Dua Lipa I feel so bad, she's amazing.

Just Hold On should've been my #1 in retrospect. - ProPanda