Why I Hate : Collective Punishment

Skullkid755 So my school's 8th grade isn't going on the end of year field trip. A great, probably once in a life opportunity for most of the students excluding the one's retained (if the next 8th grade group goes) in the grade right now, taken away. And why? Because a few kids brought weed. One kid watched p**n. And a few kids got into fights. Oh yeah and I got stabbed. Still, that's the minority of people who did that. And it got me thinking more about collective punishment. I've always hated it. Silent lunch because some kids talked. Not going outside because of rule breaking as well. One of my teachers threatened to take away phone privileges too if one person was doing something they shouldn't on there's. I hate it, and I'm gonna write about why.

Collective punishment is when everybody is punished for something most people didn't do. Such as most people (saying most because there are still gonna be jobs that involve guns like cops and military) can't have a gun if one person uses a gun to murder someone else. Understandable, kind of. It is a good way to make sure it doesn't happen again. Wait, what about the black market? We should be able to have guns we just gotta make sure to place many limits on who can own one. Minimum age is 21. Mental health is a factor as well. And also make sure kids can't get to your guns. I recall a YouTube video about a kid who put an ID checker on a gun. So only a registered person can use it. How about guns are only legal if they have one of those? No I don't care about your old gun collection. Wait I'm ranting about the wrong thing.

Why do I hate collective punishment? It's unfair. You could argue against me by saying "Life isn't fair and then you die", but do you like it being unfair? If not don't use that argument. The only person I've heard say that is my 7th grade ELA teacher but she may be on this site and she may argue with this post. It's not fair that you are punished because somebody else did something. Does it work? Let's see about that...

Well it kind of works and kind of doesn't. A student would be less likely to break the rules if they don't want everybody to be pissed off at them. But from my experience, it doesn't work. At all. For some reason, it just doesn't cause any change. The same actions that caused the punishment are still repeated countless times. Countless same kids messing up. Countless collective punishments. I don't know why I haven't seen it work, unless I have seen it work and I just have dementia, but the fact that I haven't tells you something, doesn't it? It should.

So that's why I hate collective punishment. It's unfair and in my experience useless. It's not the only way students are punished but it's still way to common. I see it less in middle school than elementary school, which is good I guess. This rant is over and if you don't like it I'm gonna include you and everybody you know in a future rant. Bye.


I can relate to this post so much. Great job as always, Skullkid755. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Thanks. - Skullkid755

One time when I was in 9th grade a substitute teacher tried to pull this on my class. A few kids talked a bit too loud so she wanted to keep us all in after hometime. I negotiated with her and she listened to me and let the punished kids stay and the rest leave. Two kids even thanked me and said I had nice negotiation skills. - TwilightKitsune

Cool - Skullkid755

Yeah, it's very bad. Are you okay about the stabbing? - Martinglez

Yeah it happened in November. He was a friend and acted scared right after he did it so I think he was trying to scare me and didn’t stop the pencil soon enough. I think the teacher heard me cuss after he did it but didn’t care because I just got stabbed. - Skullkid755

Oh wow - Martinglez

Yeah, I can relate to this a lot. Kids in schools are tripping nowadays, bro. Bringing weed, weapons, fighting. I mean, I know they're just kids, but adults around them need to learn better control over them and get them to not be so destructive. And now that weed is legal in my state, college kids are going to start tripping. - Mcgillacuddy