Top 10 Educational Kids Show Cliches

There's a reason why educational shows like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Sesame Street were so successful. The main thing is that they didn't follow these cliches.

The Top Ten Educational Kids Show Cliches

1 Annoying Theme Song

I can at least tolerate Sesame Street for having a catchy theme. But some others have annoying repetitive theme songs that make you want to cut your ears off.

The creator of this list passed away - PatrickStar3

Except for The Backyardigans - Ilovestephanie

For example: Yo Gabba Gaba

2 Every Episode is Structured the Same

The Backyardigans but who can blame them? They are little kids who go on adventures. - Ilovestephanie

Too many preschool shows are formulaic. Dora, Super Why, Barney, and so many more follow the exact same plot line every episode.

I'm thinking of Dora here - TwilightKitsune

At Least Sesame Street And Blue's Clues Try Something New For Kids To Learn - JPK

3 Pointless Obstacles

Oh no thereā€™s a bush in our way, *proceeds to destroy it with a math problem*

Team Umizoomi and Oso.

3 words DORA THE EXPLORER same with Go Diego Go too

"Oh no, there's a [harmless object] blocking our path! What do we do? "

"I know! Lets do some crazy thing to move it out of the way instead of just going around it! " - Pieclone

4 Mary Sue/Gary-Stu Protagonists

Not The Backyardigans. - Ilovestephanie

These protagonists are the smartest, coolest, and kindest people in their worlds. They have tons of superpowers, abilities, can solve every problem, always win everything, always gets to be the hero, and everyone loves them. They also NEVER make mistakes and if they do, everyone forgets about it in 2 seconds.
Dora (Dora the Explorer)
Blaze (Blaze and the Monster Machines)
Mickey Mouse (Clubhouse/Roadster Racers)
Captain Jake (Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
Sofia (Sofia the First)
Milli, Geo, and Bot (Team Umizoomi)
Barney (Barney and Friends)

5 Cringeworthy Dialogue

Seriously, some shows (Oobi) just have the absolute worst dialogue.

If you watch Daniel Tiger, there are so many cringey and cheesy lines..

6 Repetitive Messages of Friendship

Friendship is Magic is in the Title.

Some preschool shows suck for being too campy and preachy with their messages.


7 Constant Fourth Wall Breaks

Yeah fine, I'll admit sometimes you have to grab the viewers' attention. But if a kids show does this every other scene, then the viewers will just be confused.

Sometimes breaking the fourth wall isn't bad.

The Backyardigans but Austin is so cute! - Ilovestephanie

Like SpongeBob - PatrickStar3

8 Stupid Villains

For example: the villains from Bubble Guppies, Swiper the Fox, and so many more. They get instantly reformed by having a talking to which is very unrealistic. The only preschool villain that is good is Robbie Rotten

Never have I seen an educational kid show talk about taking action when things get bad (other than Lazy Town).

I like them if they're funny - TwilightKitsune

Like I said Pj Masks!

9 Slow Pacing

At least Mister Rogers did well with its gentle slow pacing. But others are TOO slow.

Peppa Pig especially.

10 Musicals

The Backyardigans is one but THEY ARE CUTE?! - Ilovestephanie

While some shows like Wonder Pets actually managed to make this work, for the most part this is one of the most frustrating for me. We want to see what happens next and they just sit there and sing for about 5 minutes. - Rocko

I'm thinking of Wonder Pets here. There's no need to cram 20 songs into an 11 minute episode

Some shows just have maybe one or even no song in an episode. Others just keep going on with songs.

The Contenders

11 Smile With Me!

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows all day? I don't think so.

So cringeworthy...

12 Too Many Side Characters

Well, you wouldn't want your show to have 3 people in it.

Yeah to many - PatrickStar3

I regret putting this one.

13 Talking to the Audience

You mean kids 3-5 years of age have never talked to the television?
Its also been a long time since you was that age.

They CAN see and hear you through that screen. They just need to know the right time to...leave...

The Backyardigans but who cares. They NEED to talk to the audience other wise I would be SAD. - Ilovestephanie


14 Lame Villains

Pj masks for example.

Pj masks in a nutshell "I'm gonna steal all the toys in town! DUR! "
So dumb!

15 Kid Characters Without Adult Supervision

Hey a ten year old boy travels with two teens, to catch and battle. Its one of the longest running Animes if you watched, know and enjoyed the original 90s version the most you are labelled a genwunner. Not forgetting the songs. I heard kids had seizures once?

The Backyardigans but we never see their parents. - Ilovestephanie

Examples: Pj Masks
Dora The Explorer
Sofia The First

16 Weak Writing
17 Generic Themes
18 Poor Animation

*cough cough* Caillou

19 Talking to Screen for Help

Example: Dora

20 Whiny Kids

Oh no Caillou and Boots from Dora the Explorer

21 Yee-Haw!

Sheriff Callie in a nutshell

22 Learning ABCs

Because people think television should always be education not entertain.

23 What's gonna work? Teamwork!

Wonder pets reference and actual show

24 Reading Stories
25 Annoying Side Characters

Like hob Goblin!

26 Ridiculous Songs
27 That One Completely Useless Helper
28 Little to No Humor
29 Annoying Songs
30 Annoying Voices
31 Talking Vegetables

Example: The VeggieTales Show

32 Dance with me!
33 Sing with Me!

Examples: Super WHY!
Monster Clubhouse
BeatBo & Friends

For example: Wee Sing - Cinus-Findus

34 Friendly princesses

Examples: Sofia the First
Shimmer and Shine
Whisker Haven

35 Singing Mermaids
36 Talking Flowers
37 That Was Fun!

For example: Monster Clubhouse

38 Learning Colors
39 Friendly fairies
40 Talking Pets
41 Whiny Preteens

Examples: Magical DoReMi
Hello Kitty

42 Singing Butterflies
43 Hairstyles
44 Pigtails
45 Learning Numbers
46 Learning Shapes
47 Learning Opposites
48 Learning Animals
49 Singing Nursery Rhymes
50 Let's Play!

Raggs reference

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