Best Educational Video Games

Have you ever been told that you're not allowed to bring video games to school? Maybe, you should tell them that these can make you smarter & improve your grades. Here are some video games that they could let you take to school, but before we can go over the list, I must address a problem. I've only thought of two games because I was too lazy & I wasn't able to find anything else, so if there's anyone who's thought of a video game they can bring to school, go ahead & add it to the list. Thanks!

The Top Ten

1 Blue's Clues: Blue's Alphabet Book
2 Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

This Should Be Number 1 Plus I don't No what Is Blue's Clues: Blue's Alphabet Book - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

3 Granny's Garden

Big yellow eyes with black pupils on the black screen underneath it said "I am watching you! "

Ha ha! Now I've got you! I will send you home at once.

Granny's Garden reason to play 80s educational video games.

80s computers. But I played it in 90s.
The game could freak you out? The old black screen and pixels.
The witch saying Ha ha! Now I've Got you! I will send you home at once.

4 Minecraft

Fall for it. It isn't educational, I just put it because I needed to show this message. How on Earth is Minecraft educational? It is a stupid joke. I seen the commercials of it, and it is using it to educate. It doesn't educate, they use it to. I had to do it in school, and people were like YESSS! I was like, "how can it? " Next thing I knew, the horrible kid cycle went on again.

It needs moved up to #1

5 The Oregon Trail
6 Portal

Technically, yes it is educational. Great game. This one Is an actual fame also, without asking questions. - Ilikegames

A college professor calls it educational, so it counts.

7 Boohbah

A dumbed down Teletubbies they just float around saying "Boohbah"

They aren't scary their just fluff balls.

8 Typing of the Dead
9 Math Blaster

Please put an "S" after the "H" thank you.
I liked this game but I thought it was called Maths Blaster

10 Play with the Teletubbies

The Contenders

11 Zoombinis

Tell me when you can spell maths properly.

12 My World

Its not Justin Bieber by the way it is a educational game.

13 Mario Teaches Typing

Make a video game with Mario's head from this!

14 Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet

Who said all aliens are ugly.

15 Zayzoo: My Alien Classmate
16 Elmo's Letter Adventure
17 Endless Ocean
18 Reader Rabbit
19 Brain Age: Concentration Training
20 I.M.Meen

Such a cool and funny game.

Such a funny game

Oh look what clever children. Hating on my great educational game. How I hate those goodie-goodies! How theyr'e opinions make my stomach churn.

I have to agree with everything that other guy said. The only thing I have to add is the 3-d fps style of moving around in the game.

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21 Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
22 Where In the World is Carmen San Diego?
23 Gizmos & Gadgets!
24 Museum Madness
25 Number Munchers
26 Spellevator
27 Treasure Mathstorm!
28 Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside
29 Bill Nye the Science Guy: Stop the Rock
30 Colour Magic
31 Encarta
32 Playdays
33 Playdays Paint
34 S Club 7 on the Road
35 Mario is Missing!
36 Sonic's Schoolhouse
37 Sonic's Schoolhouse
38 Donkey Kong Jr. Math
39 Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters
40 Hotel Mario
41 Mario's Time Machine
42 Prodigy
43 Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch
44 Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
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