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1 Umbreon Umbreon

Honestly, both umbreon and espeon are amazing. There both beautiful, they're both really useful, and they're both badass. I just chose umbreon because it's shiny is amazing. Espeon's shiny is just sad and for my 2nd favorite Pokemon to have that, it's just... Sad... But that doesn't stop me from liking it. Umbreon's shiny is amazing with that amazing blue rings

My favorite eeveelution and favorite Pokemon. It's the BEST!. Its one of the best designed Pokemon and I LOVE it's shiny. I was using it in my battle and it wrecked EVERYTHING! Dark is my favorite type. In my opinion I think umbreon is the best Pokemon EVER!

I like Umbreon but for my whole school they would think this was a horrible mistake. I really like the cool rings but, my schools opinion would: The eyes are just creepy. But that's their opinion, not mine.

Umbreon is the cutest Pokémon I have EVER seen like, it's SO gorgeous

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2 Espeon

When I first started Pokemon I caught an eevee. It turn into a Espeon. It is very meaningful to me. I love Espeon SO CUTE! I love it's design! (Can't say the same about it's shiny.)I still love this Pokemon today!

I love espeon, not only design wise, but it is an amazing in special attack and speed, depending on the level, it will take down opponents before they even touch you.

I keep changing my favorite eve evolution first umbreon then vaporeon then jolts on then flareon but I gotta say espeon feels like a keeper

Espeon is sleek and magical-looking, with pale violet fur and a ruby-red gem on its forehead.

- The Pokémon Expert

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3 Sylveon Sylveon Sylveon is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Fairy type Pokemon, and one of the many evolved forms of Eevee. It was one of the first Fairy Pokemons revealed, although its typing was not shown till later. Classified as the Intertwining Pokemon, Sylveon has ribbon-like more.

Sylveon is by far the best eevee. It's powerful special attack allows it to crush opponents, and it is super effective against some of the most popular types, dragon, dark, and fighting. Not to mention it is adorable.

Sylveon is my absolute favorite! Cute but deadly! Trolling at best. They can crush your Dragonite with a kiss, and they laugh at you for having it. REAL MEN WEAR PINK!

Sylveon is the best because people laugh at you for having him/her on your team, and you get to see the look on their face when you crush their dragonite.

I think that sylveon should be first because one time I played a game with my friend [not pokemon cards] and he had sylveon and I had rayquaza and he won. sylveon can beat a ray. so who ever made this you should redo this and have sylveon first.[The game I was playing was project pokemon on ROBLOX]

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4 Vaporeon Vaporeon

Ahh Vaporeon how I love you so, I how the is so very powerful yet beautiful and such. How the can learn surf and take me to places that have not seen before. I will always love the forever Vaporeon - Scream11

I love Vaporeon! Me and my friend pretend to be one! It's so cute and powerful and I'm a Pisces which means water the fish.! Vaporeon is a fish fox!

Because water it's a great HM pokemon and it is the best for competitor battling. It has wish and a good move pool. For water type it is fast and has good defense. I really enjoy this pokemon

I love this Pokemon it is so beautiful and strong!

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5 Glaceon

Guys glaceon is beautiful I was thinking who to choose between glaceon espeon and umbreon but I liked glaceon better some people just don't like her just because of her eyes but they're beautiful

One of my favorite four eeveelutions (glaceon, umbreon, espeon, vaporeon) but in my opinion glaceon and espeon are tied and umbreon and vaporeon are tied second

Rick is okay, but he should be higher than sylveon. Rick still deserves more than sylveon, Umbreon and Espeon because Rick is one cute polar thing I don't know

Glaceon is hands down the most beautiful and elegant of all of the eeveeloutions and can both take a hit and give a hit.

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6 Jolteon Jolteon

Jolteon's got Thunder, for which some reason has good accuracy and hits almost all of the time. Super speedy, which I love in a Pokemon, and looks epic. I mean, it's got spikes! Like static electricity stuck up it's fur! If you have to choose between the 3 original Eeveelutions, choose Jolteon.

Honestly Jolteon is pretty cool. Its speed is really high and so is it's special defense. Added to this is it's ability volt absorb, which increases its health whenever the foe uses an electric move on it.

Jolteon is fast, powerful, and great against most types, being able to use thunder, volt switch, and discharge come in handy. But that's just what I think. Glaceon is also great.

The first eevee I got evolved into espeon. I didn't know what I was doing and I got the ugliest one. Later in life, I looked up all of the evolutions and found Jolteon. It is now my favorite Pokemon ever

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7 Flareon

It's cute, but really not all that strong. Sorry Flareon, I still love you though. There are so many "Flareon no moves" jokes on the Internet, it's not even funny.

Flareon is an amazing Pokemon with it's blazing fire type moves it is also very adorable!

Flareon is powerful even though people say it's weak and also It's SO FLUFFY!

Flareon is the best Pokémon

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8 Leafeon

I love how grass types can "blend" with Pokemon in battle, so to speak. By "blend", I mean they can work with any other types, even fire. Leafeon, with its hidden ability, can work alongside any Pokemon with Drought, and alongside Primal Groudon... you're dead.

I had a hard time picking from leafeon and glaceon but the only reason was because leafeon was 8th and flareon was 7th

High attack, high speed, high defense, and it can learn a wide variety of moves. A swords dance Leafeon can't be beat.

Leafeon is a great all around Pokémon. Great stats and can learn so many moves. I'd probably say Umbreon is best honestly. But I voted Leafeon because it's definitely better than all others except Umbreon, Espeon, and maybe Sylveon.

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9 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Eevee is the key to eeveelutions put eevee at the top. I am not saying Umbreon is weak but no eevee no eeveelutions.

Even though it's just a normal type pokemon, it still good enough to battle with gym leaders. I don't like to evolve my eevee!

It's just the best I mean, It's SO CUTE! I mean, why is it 9? It's THE BEST ONE!


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10 Draceon

We need draceon to be in Pokemon sun and moon game freak please do this for me

Imagine if Dragon Eevee existed, it would be a speedy boss. - BlastZER0

Draceon would be my #1 because ALL DRAGONS ARE BEASTS!


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? Obliveon

Its awesome ghost type eevee please good attack make it good don't make it a dum flareon

? Acideon

Poison type eevee this id name should have good D like leafeon

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11 Venomeon

It would be cool,not the best but a cool/annoying to battle Pokemon

O-o who even posted this thing here they know nothing about Pokemon

I would love a poison type eeveelution, that would be so cool! but I think it should be called Toxeon instead of Venomeon.

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12 Drageon V 4 Comments
13 Spookeon

There isn't a spookeon! Sun and Moon already came out!

I love ghost types how cool would ghost eevee be!

This is TOP 10! Why there is 11 and 12?

Ghost type would be sick!

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14 Soareon V 3 Comments
15 Macheon V 2 Comments
16 Arachneon V 3 Comments
17 Eeveeon V 1 Comment
18 Terreon

Ground type eevee. Eh? Eh?

Muddy eevee. I like mud

I'm assuming this is a ground type and that would be interesting...but cool

Not real

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19 Aceon

Does it play cards or something

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20 Lighteon

We have Jolteon already, no more electric type pokes!

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