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1 Stargazer - Rainbow

Dio wrote the lyrics from the standpoint of a slave in Egyptian times. The song is about "an astronomer who becomes "obsessed with the idea of flying" and enslaves a vast army of people to build him a tower from which he can take off and fly" - wiki - Metal_Treasure

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2 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

It's about an arrogant Pharaoh in his dying hours. The album cover is also Egypt-themed.
By the way, I see a similarity in the lyrical themes of Stargazer and Powerslave (Egypt, slave) - Metal_Treasure

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3 Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles UListen to Sample
4 Egypt (The Chains are On) - Dio UListen to Sample
5 A Light in the Black - Rainbow

It's a sequel to Stargazer - the slave that narrates Stargazer is now free after his master had fallen and the former slave can't believe he's wasted so much of his life working for a false idol. - Metal_Treasure

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6 Cast Down the Heretic - Nile

The entire Nile discography can be on this list...
On a metal list I would put this song higher but this list isn't only for metal fans and the song would be too extreme to mainstream music fans. - Metal_Treasure

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7 Night Boat to Cairo - Madness UListen to Sample
8 Egypt - Mercyful Fate UListen to Sample
9 Fire In Cairo - The Cure UListen to Sample
10 Cleopatra - The Lumineers UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Egypt Egypt - Egyptian Lover UListen to Sample
12 Egypt (The Chains are On) - Doro UListen to Sample
13 Cleopatra - Weezer UListen to Sample
14 Annihilation of the Wicked - Nile UListen to Sample
15 Lashed to the Slave Stick - Nile UListen to Sample
16 In the Name of Amun - Nile UListen to Sample
17 Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who is in the Water - Nile UListen to Sample
18 Curse of the Pharaohs - Mercyful Fate UListen to Sample
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1. Stargazer - Rainbow
2. Powerslave - Iron Maiden
3. Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles


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