Top Ten Egyptian Gods and Deities that Were Overthrown by the Ten Plagues of Egypt in Exodus

The Top Ten
1 Ramses

Ramses considered he himself as a god, so the death of the firstborn (AKA, his heir to the throne) would be the biggest spit in the face to him of all.

This is a unique list. I like it.

2 Hapi

Hapi was the God of the Nile, so the plague of the river turning to blood would be a huge insult to him.

3 Heqet

Heqet was the goddess of childbirth and fertility while being depicted as a frog, so the plague of frogs in this case...

4 Nut

Nut was the goddess of the sky, so the plague of the fire and hailstorm could be considered a jab at her reign.

5 Isis

Isis was the goddess of health, healing, and magic, so the plague of sores and incurable boils...

6 Geb

Geb was known as the Egyptian god of the earth, so the plague of the lice of the earth would be an insult towards his power.

7 Ra

Ra was the Egyptian god of the sun, so the plague of the thick darkness spread all over Egypt would just show him up.

8 Khepri

Khepri was described as a scarab-faced god, so the plague of files against Egypt would seem pretty ironic wouldn't you say? Maybe.

9 Hathor

Hathor was known as a cow goddess, so you could say that the plague against the cattle and livestock would be directly aimed at her.

10 Set

Set was the god of storms, disorder, and warfare, so one could say that the chaos of the plague of locusts would be pretty chaotic, disorderly, and warfare-itc...

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