Top Ten Egyptian Gods


The Top Ten

1 Anubis

Very cute for the god of the dead

He is so cool & mysterious

Because he's kind of cool, and mysterious

Death feath death

2 Ra

He is literally said to be by far the most powerful God

Ra should be the number 1 rank he's falcon head looks awesome everything about him is awesome.

He should be the top 1 cause he is the creator of everything on earth

Hello, today our lesson is about... Pizza! No, just kidding its about Ra. HE IS THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME GOD IN EgyptIAN MYTHOLOGY!

3 Isis

I remember being so young I used to be in love with Egyptian mythology. I've even thought I had some Egyptian pharaohs blood, but I had blood from west Africa. Lol. I even like the book series the Kane Chronicles and my favorite show was tutenstien. Anyways, Isis has to be my favorite Egyptian Goddess. She bring osiris back to life when her brother set killed him. Isis is my Egyptian Goddess.

! How is Isis so high ranked? She should be past number 10! I know she can use trickery but here: Put her and some random god like Horus into an arena. Next thing you know Isis is in 100 pieces. Why do you guys think she is so powerful?

Why is isis here she should first ON THE WORST LIST! She poisoned Ra with a snake and he forced to leave. Then Osiris took the throne and Seth got jealous and all that happened. SO THERE! THE BUG THAT HAD STARTED THIS IS STARTED THIS. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ISIS ENDED UP IN FIRST PLACE!

Isis is most powerful and best.

4 Set

He is the god of chaos hello he is da best

AWESOME CHAOS POWERS! I love how he controls the elements of sand, wind, lightning, and other stuff. He is one wicked god! - sanosprint88

Set got his butt kicked by Horus... He got revenge on set BIG time

Why does everyone call his Seth?

5 Osiris

He is the best he like controls the dead ish

There are different stories about all these gods. In some Isis was his wife, in others, his sister. Osirus can be mean and strict but think about how important he is, he has to judge thousands of spirits each day! Without him, people would live forever...

Osiris is amazing he was just worshiped he should be first

He is the best!

6 Horus

he is good

Horus kicks ass like come on have you seen what power he has as a god revenge he's the best

Horus is BADA$$ in the Kane Chronicles.

This god can whoop ass he stronger his uncle set who he beat out

7 Thoth

He is a god of wisdom, magic, writing, philosophy, and art. He gave much wisdom to humanity according to Egyptian lore.

He's the most wise and intelligent of the gods.

Magic is pretty cool

I am Egyptian and Thoth gave me the power to learn :D

8 Sehkmet

Is the best

9 Bast

Cats were precious in egypt. If you hurt one you could be sentenced to death.Bast is nimble and quick

Cats were considered the most sacred animal of all in Egypt. Plus, given their cuteness, we should be worshipping them still!

Meow, she reminds me of my cat.

Cats are cool done

10 Sobek

Guys! He's a crocodile. No more needs to be said really. Don't we all agree? You just can't beat crocodiles

He should be the best really because he made the nile river. Egyptians wouldn't be alive without him. Plus he makes crops grow fertile and he is a crocodile


The Contenders

11 Nephthys

I'd die for my girl Nephthys

Nephthys is so awesome! She is so nice and helpful, and controls rivers and water. So EPIC right?!?!?!

He is so cool and exotic

She is isis's sister

12 Nut

She is the sky litteraly

Nut is a nut.

13 Amun

Actually I like that Amun is 16th as his name means hidden. So he's hidden from people but for sure he's the most powerful and important on all lists posible. He was the first god that became close to monoteistic God or Allah. He inspired greek mythology which inspired roman one. Amun is the GOD. Although he just started as god of the unknown and air. - AmonTheFallen

Okay guys like he is the king of aal gods

Amun is pretty much ra-- Amun ra

Amun-Ra is the equivalent of Zeus in Greek mythology. He is the Top Dog, the Big Cheese, the Main Man, the God of Gods.

14 Geb

Geb is the god of earth and livestock... need I say more? Also, ruler of earth

Geb farted on the Nile

He is the best he can also controlled everything except thesun

15 Bastet

Bastet was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, worshiped as early as the 2nd Dynasty (2890 because). As Bast, she was the goddess of warfare in Lower Egypt, the Nile River delta region, before the unification of the cultures of ancient Egypt. Her name is also translated as Baast, Ubaste, and Baset.

16 Ptah

Chief god of Memphis. In the form of a green mummy.

17 Maat

This god should be #1 no seriously I would die to be dis god

Maat is the goddess of truth, order, and justice.

Seriously she is awesome.

Ma'at is the goddess of order and justice, plus the pharaohs worship her most, so why only the rank of 9?

18 Hathor

She is amazing!

19 Apophis

He existed before even Ra and is the embodiment of total chaos

The god of chaos a giant snake

He coo

How this guy be NOT in no. 1 or at least in no. 10. I mean He's LITERALLY THE INCARNATION OF ISFET(CHAOS). I know Ra and Anubis are like the most popular but THIS GUY IS THE ENEMY OF ALL THE GODS I mean Ra is the strongest god that is put up against him and even Ra needs assistance. - Primodialchaos

20 Bes

Dwarfs were sacred in Egypt give the ugly god a chance

Bes looks weird

Sobek is horrible compared to Bes

Why is he last? Bes is so much better than Sobek or Khonsu. Please, read the Kane Chronicles.

21 Khonsu

The moon is awesome!

This is a good god

22 Amun-Ra

Amun-Ra should be best because it's the King of ALL GODS mixed with the god of the Sun, so he kicks ASS

23 Montu

Montu was the God of war and h pwned half of Egypt

24 Nefertem

Because of the water-lily flower opens at sunrise, Nefertem was associated with the rising sun. Nefertem was believed to help Ra by passing him the sun.In one myth, he was shown healing Ra's wounds as he aged with a water-lily. The lotus later became a sacred symbol of Egypt. He was sometimes shown as a lion-headed god because of his mother Sekhmet. That gave him the role of a war god. He later received the role of protector/guardian of Upper and Lower Egypt. He was later known as the "Restrainer of the Two Lands."

25 Heqet
26 Atum

He is the God of creation and destruction

27 Khepri

A giant beetle that carries the sun what more is there to say

28 Nemty
29 Tefnut

She is amazing because she controls the moon and other cool things.

30 Heka
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