Best Eighth Generation Video Game Consoles

Beginning in 2011, and going into full swing in 2013, the 8th generation of video gaming has become the most talked about generation of video games ever!

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1 PlayStation 4

Wait what people actually voted for XboxOne laugh out loud - htoutlaws2012

Playstation 4 better than Xbox one

I want it now. - Johnthecat

I've been a PlayStation guy since I was a little kid back when my older cousin let me play on her PS1 at her house during family reunions. That was probably back as early as 1998 so I've been a loyal PS fan for 20 years and counting. - BKAllmighty

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2 Wii U

Wii you is awesome. It just gives awesome games especially for we people who's parents won't let us play violent games! Who cares about the controller, it is only not good for gamers who play a lot! LONG LIVE Wii U, LONG LIVE NINTENDO!

At the end of the day, it is the library of games that matters the most to me. While the Wii U had a rough start in the games selection at first, things are looking far better now. I'll admit that each console has great exclusives; but Nintendo always innovates and has more exclusives to offer, thus securing it's winning place in this generations console wars. I do have some problems with Nintendo, but as long as their consoles are about decent games and couch co op is still embraced, Nintendo will always win for not losing sight of what good, fun gaming truly is.

Although this console surprised me with it's lackluster power, I felt that this console went more for the game quality and smooth gameplay along with a great resolution with very good pixel quality. The games are also a huge area where the Wii U exceeds at, delivering the most beautiful titles. Although it has great achievements, the lackluster quality of games and very poor power, equipped with a staggering $300 price tag (which most can afford, but hey, that's what most kids say! ), and a very poor interface (the gamepad probably was the main thing that killed the Wii U) made the Wii U fall at #2. (But, I still voted for Nintendo's way of beauty! ) - InTuRmIsHuN

mm tasty

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3 Nintendo 3DS

Best games ever! Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 for the win!

It has the most games out of every console basically. It also is the first Three-dimensional video game system that actually caught on.

It has so many games. I bet more than a thousand

4 words: Pokemon X and Y. - RiverClanRocks

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4 Xbox One

Snoop Dogg made a video about this crap Xbox live servers breaking.

Awesome the only thing the play station has that Xbox doesn't crash but that cost 300 dollars but Xbox is awesome graphics

Awesome controller, dead rising 3, best online service, and it's an all in one entertainment system. - bilbro29

For score years ago

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5 PlayStation Vita
6 Steam Box

I still have no idea wht this is. - RobertWisdom

7 Nintendo Switch

For being the first hybrid console in the market, the switch is everything I could have wanted. Best console of the current generation.

Actually a 9th gen console but still good

Get this console on number one spot

Advantages of this console are much more than the consoles of the eighth generation

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8 Oculus Rift
9 PC

LETS GO PC Upgradability Superior etc - XxMontrealxXRBLX

PC isn't any generation as people can just upgrade as they please. But it is great if you know what your doing

PC is god and deserves #1. - InTuRmIsHuN

Pc is best with steam

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10 Playstation Portable

This was a 7th-gen console. - noo7na7

This console is old

Isn't this seventh gen?

It's still awesome

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The Contenders

11 Ouya

What the hell is an ouya - ikerevievs

Lol why is the Ouya on this list? It was okayish, but the game library was hit or miss. You had some great games and then a sea of bad games.

Yu don't wanna know

12 Nivida Shield
13 PlayStation 4 Pro

─░ts more powerful than original PS4 and PS4 Slim! Why it is not in the top

14 Playstation TV
15 Nintendo 2ds

It sucks! Git the 3ds instead!

Hey where was 2ds cheaper than vita and 3ds good console you can do everything on it which you do on 3ds just not 3d

Guys. The 3D is reeeally bad on the 3ds(XL)
They're like non identical twins. I know, 2DSes are weak, but you have to take care of this sort of thing! And also, 3DSes get a creaky sound when you open and close them after a bit. - FennikenFan9

The console is still better than the N3DS, while it's design look cheap,
it was sold in different colors, and doesn't have the 3D fonction, and the prize was reasonnable compared to the N3DS.

quite ironic that people hated on the 2DS, yet, it sold quite well, while the N3DS failed due to the lack of "new" things, only two exclusives games: Xenoblade and Isaac, Minecraft isn't exclusive, this is a port of a game that has a lot of ports, even on portable consoles..

16 Gamestick
17 New Nintendo 3DS

This is what the 3DS should've have been... This 3DS now has a built-in CirclePad-Pro, and is much better for Smash Bros. 3DS. - noo7na7

18 New Nintendo 3DS XL
19 Xbox One X
20 Nintendo 3ds XL
21 Xbox One S
22 Power Kracker 2013
23 PlayStation 4 Slim
24 New Nintendo 2DS XL
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