The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #9 The Straight Shooter, The Decline, and The Blind

htoutlaws2012 Well in the 21st century originality was at its peak, than it started to slowly die down a bit, and now we enter the 8th gen which to me feels like maybe its just me that it almost feels like the ultimate decline in terms of what console gamers would side with. Could Nintendo keep its little streak alive, or will Microsoft, and Sony take the title away somehow let's take a look at the almost wrapped up 8th gen consoles, and the final of the video game consoles I will discuss for now.

Nintendo Wii U
Released: 2012
Discontinued: 2018 (the new year)
Generation: 8th
Units Sold: 13.56 M (21st)
Initial Price: $300

We start our journey with a console I think could of been treated better if they really tried pushing it harder, and that's the Wii U. Having only 5 years, and finding little success man, and even worse to come in third after having a major step up from the Wii than transcend the new gen in the form of U the amount of draw back earned hurt Nintendo significantly. Like for instance why is it I can't play any retro Gamecube games on the Wii U just weird to me. What I do love of the successor though is the pro controller was much better by far than its predecessor responding much quicker than before i'll give them that now that two player was much more fun, and not frustrating like the Wii would be personally. The launch was least effective as well you had pretty much the Mario platformer, but what else? Sometimes coming out first does not mean you'll end up being the victor ask Sega, or Microsoft. One thing this system struggled with the most is keeping third party content and what we got was games like Meme Run, The Letter, Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade stuff like that that were just plain bad, and I can see why the sales really took a plummet hard. Even with everything I have said the system does feel very underappreciated well to me they gave up on that so soon to the point even coming into the release the had behind the scenes struggle with revenue of how the U could go which unfortunately went no where, and underperformed sadly. Does it make it a failure no disappointing sales okay, but for me it was not a bad alternative choice, but if you want a console you'll regret heh than you know how much I despise the next system coming up, however The Wii U I have a soft side for the controller I felt was really good, and the Nintendo titles for the most part were good, but to be fair there are maybe like 8 or 7 games worth looking back with great replay value where as with its library my goodness it does look pretty awful. 7/10

Xbox One
Released: 2013
Discontinued: present
Generation: 8th
Units Sold: Around 25-30 M (17th) (in other words estimated guess)
Initial Price: $500

URGH! Without trying to unleash my super sayian rage on this thing for the 9000 time the Xbox One to me is a crime against the video game industry while the sounds like a fanboy perspective initially it really is not. Like the previous episode you saw how much I loved the 360, and now we go the complete opposite I loath everything about the ''One'', and I still have not backed off since it debuted. I mean look at that price that's taking a step backwards that's too much to afford, and at launch none of the games they had were of interest to me. When it first came out it seemed like everyone was skeptical of what this system could look like we all believed that it wold be the 720 correct, but no instead its called Xbox One easily the worst video game console name in history I mean wow what a screw up. Next your promoting TV entertainment why? This turned me off immediately I was into a system that will bring me the best amount games you can offer me, and these guys were more less going into the TV target in other words the casual audience. Enough with that embarrassing E3 conference, and move away since I talked about that way too much. Enter year two they announce the plan to have backwards compatibility, every single game known to man they actually delivered. Most of their exclusives at the time were below the standards I was expecting however to the point I was so right in sided with the next console that blew the ''one away'' by nearly 30 million difference. Things really look worse for Microsoft as now they try to cover up how terrible the name is by adding an s, or even more sucker punch X which is showing off its early 4K look advertised as the most powerful console out there. It has some good things, but not enough in my humble view to be considered above average at the least console yes its a bold statement, but seeing I was 16 at the time this was just coming out how do I not rip them for the whole plan coming in backfire they way it has 5 years later. Knowing Microsoft they always try to cover all the bad press kind like our own president, but that's a completely different story, but this system is gonna go down in history at least to me as a infamous least favorites from me, and some gamers to come. 4/10

PlayStation 4
Released: 2013
Discontinued: present
Generation: 8th
Units Sold: 79 M (10th)
Initial Price: $400

Well at least there is a console that stays the fluent in this right approach as it did, and Sony does it again after going last place with the PS3, they not only took home first place, but they did by blowing away both companies as big as they were Sony is going rebounding strong. There was the Nintendo dynasty of the 90's, and now I think Sony now gets its own dynasty right now honestly who can take them down from there pedestal in terms of sales? mean they didn't go too dumb with making minor changes well expect the PlayStation VR which why 3D is making a comeback is beyond me, but anyways. The fourth system did a lot right in terms or the look, and the new innovative features such as putting the system in rest mode while charging that's a good useful idea, and for 400 bucks it does make sense. The exclusives are very strong, and improved mic use I'd say this is a definite win deserved by Sony without question lots of great things to say here there are some minor cons, but there not glaring like the other two are. Well I don't like the fact the PlayStation selection of library is only like around 20 games while I love Primal, the Old Grand Theft Auto games, and some of those older Sony made titles I want more of my games I have played that can work, and unfortunately being one of the first models I own its sad that's most likely not going to happen. Even worse we have to but them, why not get a discount for those with plus, and have it free i'd say that's fair enough right? Although I'd say maybe year three I wanna say they focused to more of a internet guided system which is not a bad route, but I have played it less since which says a lot moving forward of my decline for consoles strangely enough as much as I love to game out have I reached my end? 8/10

Nintendo Switch
Released: 2017
Discontinued: present
Generation: 8th?
Units Sold: 17.79 M (20th)
Initial Price: $300

Lastly we get to a very debatable one if it really qualifiers as a late gen 8th console at all, and that is the most recent one to come out last year the Switch Nintendo's first hybrid attempted console, and in just a year outsold the Wii U where does it go from here no idea, but not enough to out best the PlayStation 4 i'll guarantee that safe bet, but it could beat the Xbox One maybe. I just got this towards the end of 2017, and might be the last console I may ever purchase seeing that this concept felt interesting to me. To give you an idea of its dual like complex well its basically you mix what the Wii was with better color, and A much bigger version of what a 3DS looks like and that's the Switch in a nutshell. Comparing the Wii U it does have a fairly good launch set, and overtime. In the fall of 2018 the Switch will launch its online service for gamers to browse through, and this that is all I got to say while too early to rate itself it is along the same lines as the Wii U for me, but in terms of concept I'd put it slightly above it overtime if the library lineup is stronger than yeah the Switch is vastly better. Rating: N/A

Finally we have come to the end of our console history we have had our early pioneers to eventually an unknown developer in Famicom (Nintendo) change the way we all play now to pass on the torch to Sony, and its dominant reign, and than here and there not too shabby companies such as Sega, and Microsoft in the mix. Unless a new company takes their hat with the heavyweights i'm all for it, but for now if I see a ninth gen, and its the three same console I'd retire from gaming all together, and enjoy what I have now. Sometimes something you love that much is worth selling if your that dedicated to that with a passion that is the question. Furthermore the same is said for Handhelds.


PlayStation has kind of always been in the top with all their systems, except for PS3. They know what their audience wants (for the most part) and they don't try to push for new gimmicks, or at least make them the main focus (Move and VR aren't nearly as annoyingly pushed as say Nintendo and their motion controls or Microsoft and their streaming). They stay safe with what they are good at and it works for them. - cjWriter1997

I thought it said Consuela instead of consoles - PeeledBanana