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1 Ich Bin Jung Und Brauche Das Geld

Young, fun, refreshing, poppy but still pure hip hop, no gangsta gimmick, no feuds, light hearted, talented, energetic yet still kind of laid back - Eko Fresh's debut album was pure joy in rap music. Even though it was commercially successful, it was initially dismissed because in 2002 when it was released, hardcore rap and gangsta rap just started in Germany and was regarded as a new level of quality compared to 90s pop rap music.
Retrospectively, one should appreciate such a fun album by a talented MC (Eko was one of the first to use the multisyllabic rhyme structure that is now obligatory in German rap) and it should become a classic. Nowadays, we know Eko Fresh is a good rapper, so his debut should be essential. - Martin_Canine

2 Freezy
3 Hart (Z) IV
4 Ekaveli

In 2005, former friends Eko Fresh and Kool Savas had a feud that was observed by German hip hop fans aw if it was a historical event. Both parties claimed the other one had exploited and mistreated them. Kool Savas won the feud with the song "Das Urteil", which is considered one of the greatest German hip hop songs of all time and the greatest diss track. It resulted in a massive loss of support from fans and fellow rappers for Eko Fresh (unjustified if you ask me, Eko seems like one of the nicest celebrities out there. I believe him.). Eko signed to Bushido's label ersguterjunge. Bushido is the most successful German rapper of all time, but back then his label only released gangsta rap (nowadays it's more varied). So Eko released this obscure thug style album despite being the most un-thug rapper imaginable (he is a bit like Missy Elliott in the US, laid back, pure joy in oldschool rap and open minded). Even though it could be considered a slip, it actually isn't. Eko is a talented ...more - Martin_Canine

5 Ek to the Roots
6 Eksodus
7 Ekrem
8 Was Kostet Die Welt?
9 Dünya Dönüyor [die Welt Dreht Sich] (With Azra)
10 Life of Valezka & Eko (With Valezka)

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11 Freezy Bumaye 2.0: Es War Alles Meine Idee Freezy Bumaye 2.0: Es War Alles Meine Idee

According to Wikipedia there is also an album called "Freezy Bumaye 1.0: Es kann nur einen geben". I have never heard of that record before and can't find it anywhere, neither as download nor as physical release. It's as if only volume 2 exists.

PS: Okay, due to my best friend being an Eko Fresh expert and huge fan, I now know that the 1.0 album was only a limited and rare release available in a special shop. The 2.0 album was widely released. - Martin_Canine

12 Deutscher Traum
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