Best El Chavo del Ocho Characters


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1 El Chavo de 8
2 Don Ramon

He's become a character of cult. He is legend. - keyson

He always gets the blame for everything. Poor Don Ramón. He is fun in some episodes, though.

3 La Chilindrina

The Chilindrina is the best because it's funny, I'm Puerto Rican and also did not know that was Mexican JollyRancher

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4 Quico
5 El senor bariga
6 Dona Florinda

Ha! She is the worst character in the series, but not as worst than Serena (Pokémon), she always slaps Don Ramón without asking him what happened after Quico says that "*This one person* was going to hit me! ". She always slaps Don Ramón because Quico is not being very specific on which person is going to hit Quico. She takes it the wrong way and slaps him. UNBELIEVEABLE!

7 La Bruja de 71
8 La Malicha
9 El Profesor Jirafales

The hit many of his sentences

10 Godines

Not a main character but from the beginning it makes you sigh

The Contenders

11 La Popies
12 Ñoño

I can not believe that this is so awesome Ñoño

13 Sr. Calvillo
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