Top Ten Elaborate Yet Worthy Things to Do to a Stupidly Parked Car

When people park like arseholes, you want nothing but to avenge your parking space. So may you get some ideas from this list. Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Place a Sheldon Cooper sticker saying "You're In My Spot" on the door

Ha! Or, cover it in those bumper stickers Sheldon hated in the last episode of season 4 I think it was. - IronSabbathPriest

What if it's in the middle of the car park? - Puga

That would be so funny!

Ha! How cheeky =) - keycha1n

2 Place a human dummy under the wheels of the car, covering both the dummy and the underside of the car in ketchup

Knowing how squeamish I am, I'd throw a fit and start having a seizure and call the cops and faint and basically die. - ToptenPizza

3 Tow it and leave it parked in a military camp in the way of a tank base ten miles away
4 Place a box of contraceptive pills on the front with a note telling them to always use them
5 Use a brush to spread any bird crap on it across the entire surface

Car owner : "Did someone spill some apple juice or what? Let's touch it, smell it, and see it for myself." - Kiteretsunu

That would surely get them mad! - Guitar_Solo_Freak

6 Place a bumper sticker on its rear bumper saying "How's My Parking? Pelt Me."
7 Move the car to a spot a few millimetres from a perfectly parked car, and park yours a few millimetres from it on the other side
8 Attach small blades to the wipers, ready to scratch the screen

Aw man that is vicious! - keycha1n

9 Spray a line along the car marking the line which it crosses on the parking space
10 Refill the tyres with hydrogen

The Contenders

11 Cover the window with peanut butter and write with your finger "Less expensive than getting it toed"

I would probably put the missing W in. - PositronWildhawk

12 Wait for the stupid person to step out, then say, "If you park like that again, I will say NI!" And run off screaming.

Maybe you can ask for a shrubbery, since they can drive for it. - PositronWildhawk

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