Top Ten Electrifyingly Exciting Experiences of All Time

The Top Ten Electrifyingly Exciting Experiences of All Time

1 It's midnight. Three men with loaded guns are running after you, shooting but luckily missing. You race into an empty five-star hotel, terrified, and jump into the elevator. The men are in the dark hotel lobby, getting closer, but the doors are close.

The terror changes to euphoria! - HezarioSeth

2 Twenty tigers are chasing you. They're at a distance of a 100 meters, but it becomes 90... And 80... And 50... And 20... But all of a sudden you find a jetpack, you wear it, and you get the heck out of the place.

Ah. But what if the jetpack malfunctions? The tigers are in for a treat. - HezarioSeth

3 You are accidentally locked up in a large library for the entire night. You read to your heart's content. Also, the staff had forgot to lock up the food room, so you get free access to 50 cartons of pizza, and tons of food. Yes, the whole night.

Any sane person would transmogrify into a bookworm at such favourable conditions. - HezarioSeth

4 You go to eat at PizzaHut. The staff say they're closed. Your heart breaks and you start crying. Staff member leads you to the bathroom. The staff forgot about you and leave. You're all alone till dawn - except for 75 boxes of pizza...

Might be unlikely. But don't be decieved. It hasn't happened to me before. - HezarioSeth

5 A sniper locks you in a room and is about to shoot you... He shoots - and realizes that the gun's unloaded. You junp forward, punch the naughty gunman, and escape to liberty.

You have saved the day! Well, your day anyway. - HezarioSeth

6 Due to technical problems you suddenly become invisible. You go to a burger shop and have a smashing time.

The chances of that happening are... Okay, there are no chances of that happening. - HezarioSeth

Technical Problems! If technical PROBLEMS can make me invisible, I would love that! - Kiteretsunu

7 Five hefty men kidnap you, take you to a building, and leave you there. Later you realize that the building is the hideout of the Mafia king HezarioSeth and that the aforementioned 'Mafia king' is playing Bingo instead of guarding you. You steal & leave.

Give a few billion dough to the charities, will ye? - HezarioSeth

8 You and your best friend find yourselves all alone in a grocery shop and the shop manager won't open the shop for a week due to financial problems.
9 The world malfunctions and time stands still. Only you can move around. You wreck glorious chaos on the face of the earth for months.

I've done that before... Due you remember the recession problems and all? Well, that was because of me. Yahoo! - HezarioSeth

10 You are expelled by your school for farting during the national anthem, and the principal commands that you must wander the world like a sorrowful ghost that haunts for five years. Mr.Principal then gives you an envelope pf a trillion bucks.

Will the world advance to such a stage where principals become this magnanimous? [Sigh. ] - HezarioSeth

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