Top 10 Electronic Arts Games

EA may have a bad reputition among gamers, but they truly made some amazing video games!

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1 Mass Effect 2

This games has awesome characters and storyline. It is like a movie but better because you choose how it goes and your actions have consequences on the game - JESUSISKING

This list is not finished where is the DLC at jk? - Skullkid755

2 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

Best racing game ever created

Playing still from a long time..

This is my Favorite, but it would be perfect if Crysis was ranked in top five.

Just...My god the nostalgia.

3 Dead Space
4 Mass Effect 3

Best storyline ever

5 Mass Effect
6 Battlefield 3

Great game

One of the best Battlefield games.

7 Battlefield 1

A seven nation army couldn't hold me back! - Not_A_Weeaboo

8 Titanfall 2

Titanfall 1 > Titanfall 2.
Titanfall 1 made me cry in the ONLINE CAMPAIGN. Titanfall 2, on the other hand, literally made me feel good about every kill...
Titanfall 1 also had good spectres and you could play as the IMC.

9 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Love it

This should beat Battlefield 3 easily

10 Burnout 3: Takedown

The Contenders

11 Dragon Age: Inquisition

2nd best game in Dragon age

12 Mirror's Edge

A rice niigger beating up some cops and doing parkour,this game is gay.

It uses Unreal Engine 3 unlike most EA/DICE games, use Frostbite

Should be #1 best game I've ever played lovely ending very fun

Come on, this game is probably the best EA has ever created. - Ohno

13 The Sims 2

I Really want a family game to win this and the gba version of this game rocks!

14 Star Wars: Battlefront

Fun multiplayer but not much maps

It is a very good game a game for ultimate star wars fans

I know it's not out, but I bet it will be good. - htoutlaws2012

Which one? - doodie

15 Crysis

Changed my life

I'm surprised this is on 17 and not in the top 5. This is easily the best game EA has ever made!

Honestly an underrated gem that’ll leave you asking where Crysis went.

Game changing!

16 Dragon Age II

I love this game

17 Dragon Age: Origins

Best in the Dragon Age Franchise. Just as good as mass effect

Bioware's crown jewel, and probably the best RPG of its decade. Eons above its sequels.

This game should have been higher thanDa2

18 Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
19 Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
20 Skate 3


Just awesome

21 The Sims 3

Awesome. Best game ever

In my opinion, The Sims 3 is the best life simulation and probably best open world game. Not because I play it a lot, but because of the content it has: open world, Create-A-Style, cool expansion packs, and overall, no limitations!


I love it!

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22 Need for Speed: Underground 2
23 NBA Live 10
24 The Sims 4

It’s my favorite game

It’s good

25 Monopoly
26 FIFA 11

There's an end in every game but Fifa is never ending

27 SSX Tricky
28 Burnout: Paradise
29 A Way Out
30 Skate
31 The Simpsons: Road Rage
32 Bulletstorm
33 Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

This is a great game - B1ueNew

34 SimCity 4

Amazing background music and fun building your own cities. You can even control the geography of your city region. - HoldenFanatic

Very fun! Great background music too!

And it's the perfect city-building game with mods installed! I hope there's a 3D version of this!

35 FIFA 17

The best of Electronic Arts all in this game. Not only is this fun to play but it also added a campaign which is amazing. - SelfDestruct

36 Madden NFL 09 All Play
37 Bejeweled

Wait, isn't this a Popcap game and not an EA game?

38 Left 4 Dead 2
39 Crysis 2

A Great Cinematic Shooter! Gripping action all the way

40 Crysis 3

So much nice storyline
nicest graphics coulndt believe that it runt perfectly in my potato pc
action and so many optios

41 Command & Conquer Generals
42 Battlefield 2

This is one of the best FPS's ever made.

43 FIFA 06
44 Unravel
45 Army of Two
46 Batman Begins
47 The Sims
48 Titanfall

Love this game

49 Burnout: Revenge
50 Dead Space 2
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