Top Ten Electronic and Electrical Circuit Elements You Cannot Do Without

These circuit elements are the most basic parts of any electronic device.
The Top Ten
1 Inductor

What could have happened if there were no inductors?
Your ac power supply would have become a nightmare!
Alternating current changes its magnitude so frequently, that a device like an inductor (choke coil) is very necessary, to maintain a steady flow out of it. Without this, no appliance on ac input would ever work ( just because of one simple coil). An inductor is nothing, but a simple coil of conducting wire.

2 Capacitor

A capacitor is yet another, simple, but ingenious electrical circuit element, used in almost every electronic and electrical device you can find.
So what does a capacitor look like?
Actually it comes in various shapes, but the most common one used is the cylindrical capacitor. A capacitor traps electrical energy in the form of electric field, in the space between two conducting metallic plates. The space is generally filled with a material of high dielectric constant to increase its capacitance (I.E. to improve its performance and ability).
A capacitor collects charge, when current flows through a circuit, and stores it. Its like a bank, which stores charge, instead of money, slowly and gradually, to release all of them at once when needed.
It is used for the start up of many appliances like fans and in almost every electronic gadget we use today like computers.

3 Transistor

Transitors brought a revolution in the electronic industry when it first came out. Earlier, triode valves used to do the jobs which today's transistor does at present. Because of that, computers made then were as big as today's city block. But transistors changed everything of that when it first came. All the logic operations done by our electronic devices are the result of the vast computing done by the IC. But the transistor is what led to the development of the IC. Transistors are used in signal amplification, as a switch, and in wireless communication systems.

Transistors are amazing things. Simple but amazing.

4 Semiconductor Diode

It is often used as a rectifier for alternating current signal (both half wave rectification and full wave rectification). It is also used as photo diode, as Zener diode for tackling a power source with an erratic voltage supply, in solar cells, and in LEDs.

5 Fuse

Safety is important, of course!

Sans this explosion's sure! Cool list, Ksunu!

6 ADC (analog - to - digital converter)

I don't think computers would ever work without this.

7 DAC (digital - to - analog converter)
8 Crystal Oscillator

Thank this for your working watches!

9 Transformer
10 Transducer

Piezo transducer and LDR are some of the examples.

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