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141 Safe from Harm - Massive Attack
142 Penguin - Avicii
143 Sunshine - David Guetta

To vary a little bit, I decided to include a piece by 2011's #1 DJ in DJ Mag, David Guetta. Now, the numbers don't matter a single bit to me. It's the quality of the music. This is by far the best track I've heard by David Guetta, and it sounds incredible. Also has Avicii, another fantastic producer which has been mentioned in the list before. - ignaciogonzu00e1lez

144 Scatta - Skrillex
145 Glasgow - David Guetta
146 Bangarang - Skrillex

This song really deserves a place in top 10. Listen it once at least.

No other dubstep song can get me as riled up as this one

Should definitely be in top 10.. One of the best dubstep ever..!

Yo, this song is amazing.

When I saw what place it was I'm like, dude what the hell

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147 In This World - Moby

Such a sad music video, but it is an absolute neccessity to see. Very good song, this.

148 The Hardest Mistakes - I See Stars
149 Cthulhu Sleeps - Deadmau5

Really. Just... Really?!?!? If your looking for a track to blow your mind, this one is it for sure. Go right now and listen to it.

150 Out of Space - The Prodigy
151 Eyes - Kaskade
152 Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
153 Active Melody-M4SONIC - Weapon

It is the best

154 Closer - Nine Inch Nails
155 Human - The Killers
156 South Side - Moby
157 Hold Tight London - Chemical Brothers
158 Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

Owl city makes great music. It's full of emotion but also great to listen to.

159 Alligator Sky - Owl City
160 Daybreak - Overwerk

Used in the GoPro3 trailer, this song is just a masterpeice. Every detail is perfect, one of the best electro songs I've ever heard

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