Top Ten French Electronic Music Artists

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1 Daft Punk Daft Punk was a French electronic music duo consisting of producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.
2 Jean Michel Jarre Jean-Michel André Jarre is a French composer, performer and record producer. He is a pioneer in the electronic, ambient and new-age genres, and known for organising outdoor spectacles featuring his music, vast laser displays and fireworks.
3 Madeon
4 Dirtyphonics
5 Matt Fax
6 Samplifire

Misery, Infection and Mancubus are all epic extended plays. And then there's his After Dark remix boiii!

7 Total Eclipse
8 Alex Gopher
9 Vitalic
10 Air
The Contenders
11 Duumu
12 Mr. Oizo

Why is he not a bird?

13 Ivory
14 Caravan Palace
15 C2C
16 Alan Braxe
17 David Guetta Pierre David Guetta is a French DJ, songwriter, record producer and remixer who has sold over nine million albums and thirty million singles worldwide. In 2011, Guetta was voted as the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll.
18 Amanda Lear
19 Cerrone
20 Francis Cabrel
21 Amélie-Julie Candeille
22 Camille
23 Cali
24 Maurice
25 Karen Cheryl
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