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21 Energy

I actually created a character for my own liking who controls energy as an element. At first he is only able to control psi energy, but he is able to convert other types of energy into psi and manipulate them that way. But when he has a near-death experience in Limbo with Nature, he gets extra divine powers: now he can tap into the universe's limitless stores of cosmic energy, so he can generate force fields, levitate my altering gravitational potential energy, use telekinesis by altering kinetic energy, suck the chi out of others to kill them...he is basically overpowered! And I love the element of energy for that: because of its limitless possibilities. You can even absorb energy into your own body and become immortal!

Energy is the best 'because energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. So while you can't create it, you can still take it from somewhere else and if you shoot an energy ball at someone, there's nothing they can do about it.

Energy is everywhere it's the every source of everything energy controls the cosmos the it can create the Big Bang once again it's all around the universe

If you shoot a energy ball 1 shot u can even blast energy and they can’t be alive and u can run so fast or not be destroyed and u can take away people’s energy they cannot use elements

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22 Poison

Poison is Great because it can make people suffer or can make people weak making the User able to rob or put Bad guys in Jail...

Poison ability is so much better than being immune. You are basically a deadly living weapon that could kill anyone. Unless you are immune to poison of course. Their are a lot of characters who have poison abilities mallegan, cobra, and coco.

You can shoot out deadly toxins at people and you are immune to poison.

23 Gravity

You can control gravity. So you can fly. So it is kind of like the force. You can raise an enemy army over 100 feet and bring them crashing down.

Gravity manipulation would be an extremely useful superpower, in both combat, and everyday life.

Gravity can be absorbed by earth because earth pulls you down do to it's gravity

If you are a expert using this abiltity you can alter the weight of an object meaning you can control all of the solid material around including human then when you fight, the result is predictable bacause gravity is the key to make heavy or light in every circumtances. Tnx

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24 Emotion

You can make people do your bidding by making them like you.

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25 Space

Telekinesis and Teleportation at once. You can create and manipulate vibrations to control earthquakes and sound. You can also change the light refraction and got invisibility and illusion powers.

Go any where in the universe just by thinking it

You could teleport!

Underrated element. with the power of space. You can create supernovas and wipe things out in a snap.

26 Blood

Blood has the ability to pop a blood vessel, control them and control your own blood to do many things,

Your can make people do things they don't want to.

Basically it's blood bending but with no manipulation of water

Ever heard og blood pacts? this isit to the extreme. I believe that control over skin and bones and stuff would also fall under this. it would be awesome

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27 Flying

An air elemental can do this and also flight isn't really an element because it is an action

This is already used in wind.

I wouldn't take flying as an element because think about it you can fly with most elements like fire, lightning,air, or wind.

Offbrand version of wind

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28 Wood/Plant Life

I think that wood and plant life would be pretty useful if you have it but all elements get out out by something

When referring to earth as an element it means dirt and rock.Wood is like making plants grow by force.

It can manipulate nature like for instance controling leaf,grass,vine and you can summon powerful plants like carnivorous plant etc that can beat anything

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29 Tachyon

All though this isn't a technical element, (although neither are light, darkness, or magic), it is powerful. With this, you can go back in time, move when no time is passing (preventing yourself from being stopped by time-stopping abilities), you can move faster than everything (including light), and you can't be stopped (tachyons have an imaginary mass so they pass through everything). Plus you get an extreme amount of force by moving at that speed and nothing would be able to hit you if you were skilled enough. So, practical invincibility (nothing can touch you), and you can wipe out all life (you go so fast that no time passes. Powerful.

What can qualify as an element is be a normal component in nature which is why light and dark are on this this plus tachyons are theoretical

Tachyon element is powerful, you could... well, go back in time, pass trough things, and even move so fast that you duplicate yourself, and you have immunity towards time-shields, or other things.

Does tachyon exist?

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30 Sound

With sound you can go supersonic speeds, create shockwaves, make a room completely quiet, or make it possible for no one to hear you. You can also make deafening screeches or high frequency that will blown someone's head. You can use echolocation and communicate with animals.

Actually sound is absorbed by wind because sound travels through air.

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31 Combat

Basically Ares the god of war in greek mythology

Yes true

32 Dreams

That is weird, if they wake up, they will turn on you.

Hypnotize anyone to fall asleep

33 Essokinesis

Warp reality at you whim

34 Magnetism

I think Magentism would be as amazing elemental power because you could control the magnetic field and control metal. It's like a mixture of Metal and Gravity.

Magneto power

35 Polonium

It is 1. a Real Element 2. Deadly (few grams of it can wipe out an entire city) - AlbertAngrySami

36 Smoke

Well that will get rid of the fire and air problems.

Can suffocate victims. Use to blind. Can be used as faster traveling

Smoke is absorbed by fire because fire produces smoke

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37 Love

Love is truly powerful because (my religion) God created love and uses it on us because he loves us as creatures of God

If someone wants to fudge you over it doesn't mean that love will magically solve all your problems

I want this and all the others. I want this so my crush will love me

My sister is love

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38 Absorption

Absorption is basically the counter for the void element since instead of deleting powers it gains powers.

With absorption you could literally become the king of elements.

You can temporarily gain powers from another elemental

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39 Speed

Go almost anywhere a human can walk! You can steal a lot of stuff if you need it.

Like Hermes/Mercury in Greek/Roman Mythology

Also like Quicksilver and flash they can run for miles


40 Heat

Although it can be used in fire this power alone allows you to make fire cold or water boil.

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