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41 Gender changing

I think gender changing is really good because you can just turn into a boy and girl it is really good in a situation when people are trying to hunt you down and you can become any species you want.

42 Copper

ITs elastic conducts electricity copper dust if you breathe it in kills you can turn the copper to liquid and the liquid is hot copper liquid. Turn your skin as hard as copper and no knife or gun can hurt you no fists can hurt you that's an awesome power to me

You can also turn yourself into hot, liquid copper so you can not be hit, and you can be invincible when you create weapons out of copper, it will hurt pretty bad.

43 Weather

Combining earth, air, fire, and water for amazing power over the earth's atomosphere

44 Combustion

Make stuff explode at will but your not explosion proof

It is most likely you can regenerate from the explosion

45 Form

Take the shape of anyone in the world and gain all their thoughts along with memories.But you do not get any powers.

46 Gold/Wealth

Gold is cool because you could be rich with it. I'm not saying gold is the strongest or most powerful but the hardest. Gold is a very hard thing.

Get all the money you want with this power. You can be rich!

But would it be like your minds or Pluto God of wealth

Can I have this power. My name is Tiffany Glaze B. Aviles

47 Land

Land is earth which in turn is an element

This is basically earth

Where do you think we get quakes from?

... already covered in earth

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