Top Ten Elemental Superpowers and Abilities

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1 Electric

Electric is the best elemental it can shock you it's my favorite elemental

Ever seem Azula from Avatar well... That's why I voted electric.

Just see Cole McGrath.. You'll know..

Cole in Infamous 2... Epic..

2 Fire


Fire would be my favorite. A master fire manipulator could shoot fireballs, start or end wildfires, make fire swords that cut like lightsabers, make fire barriers, fly like a jet, illuminate darkness, sense nearby heat sources, and become empowered by heat.

It is important to remember that all elements are equal in importance and power. It all depends on the strength and skill of the user. So pick your favorite.

Nah. The sky or earth or air or water would reck this. Its just silly little flames. With air or sky, I'll suck in the fire with a tornado and control a fire tornado. Electricity/Lightning is better to.

But what happens if fire is connected to your emotions A.K.a angry the fire would burn anything sad the fire would be weak

3 Snow/Ice

With ice you could freeze people, shatter them when using absolute zero temperature, stop all time by stopping all molecules and atoms from moving, thus freezing time, possibly fly by freezing the water molecules in the air and moving with them, form weapons out of ice, manipulate ice and snow, you would be in complete control of the environment when it is raining, easily escape enemies by freezing the place around you, and you would not ever feel cold, no matter what the temperature is, and if you are feeling a little to hot, just cool things down a "little." Freeze vision is awesome too.

Ice should be number 1


With ice y

4 Air/Wind

Cause it is cool


Think about it. You can fly, lift objects up like telekinesis, can push things back, can prevent people from breathing, create and control tornadoes and can change the temperature. Great list by the way - Catception

This is mah favorite element is is invisible making it impossible to dodge and can mimic speed for an example tornadoes go only 318 mph but a 500 mph airplane will push wind at that speed creating a bigger limit a

5 Weather

What else we want

6 Water

Water is 7 percent of earths surface

Percy Jackson. Enough said

Water is my favorite element. So I would love to have water powers. - nintendofan126

7 Earth
8 Animal

Are we talking communicating with them or shape-shifting?

Hell yeah I could rip people to shreds wooho

Elements are way more powerful than living creatures
Strength tornadoes pick at least 80000 pounds elephant can only pick over 20000 lbs
Speed a peregrine falcon dives at 260 mph tornado spins at 318 mph
Flexibility can stretch any way while animals have limits no its oh dang I can't rip people to shreds not heck yeah I use heck ofstead of (curses) because I'm mature

You shouldn't be making people feel bad about their fave element, dude. There's probably a time when an animal destroys your stupid air/wind shrine thing.

9 Plant
10 Energy

Overpowered you can legit use antimatter to obliterate anything around you.

The Contenders

11 Rock

Kevin Levin

Rock because rock is all over the world and fire can't melt it, ice may freeze it but you can more rock to destroy the ice. Water can just be blocked by a rock wall. Electric, no effect. Metal, might be stronger, but there's less of it so you can't summon more. Rock is the most versatile.

Rock is not my favorite element but I was thinking what if you had the power to turn your hands or really any part of your body into a weapon or any type of ston.You could be almost indestructible or turn your hands into a sword.You could also snap your fingers and start a fire.i'm not saying it is everybody's opinion its not even my favorite element but it os pretty cool

12 Sky

This is electricity as lightning, air and wind as making yourself fly, making tornadoes, and hurricanes. Plus you can make or dissipate any type of storm. You can steal air from others. You would have a huge power supply. Make lightning strike down and tornadoes destroy everything.

This is best - AbduZine

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