Best Elementary School Grades

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1 Kindergarten

When I grow up I will teach a combination of Kindergarten and First Grade

Surprisingly a fairly difficult year. - happytobeherexx

Kindergarten was kinda fun I rememeber when I was able to play with toys sometimes and I remmeber 3 field trips from kindergarten - trains45

Everything is simple in Kindergarten.

2 Fourth

Nope. That year stunk. - happytobeherexx

I had the BEST teacher EVER! But this is when all the drama happened for me. But otherwise I loved it because the teacher was amazing!

In 2012, I was stupid, but my life was a whole lot better. Instead of doing pounds of 6th grade homework and not having friends, I could just be on Animal Jam, making videos, playing as animal characters at recess, having lots of great friends, nice teachers, and I was actually much more positive than I am today. One thing; I said middle school was better than elementary in 2012.
It's way worse. - NoodleRidley

I loved my teacher so much, otherwise, it was really exactly like kindergarten. Except we were learning harder things. - Puppytart

3 Fifth

5th grade doesn't seem so different but it is so different from other elementary grades - you've got more to think about, more to learn, and as an elementary role model, if you like school, you will like 5th grade. 5th grade is the best year ever, and I never regretted it. My fifth grade teacher was just absolutely amazing - and as the oldest students in the school, you could just stand up and say hey I'm a 5th grader... well, if you would like to. Fifth grade is just overall more fun and open than previous grades where the teachers act more different.

My fifth grade teacher was strict and mean. She allowed the class to have water ice and she refused to let me have any. She also wouldn't let us read comic books.

5th is the best because you're the oldest grade in elementary school and you're basically a senior of elementary school. Enjoy 5th grade before Middle School.

Its basically your last chance to enjoy being a kid while keeping the workload pretty light. you are learning so much new information, and if you love school, you really enjoyed learning ACTUAL history and ACTUAL math skills that are VERY essential for the rest of your life.

4 First

Nice teacher but not a very good year for me. - happytobeherexx

No! I HATED 1st grade! The teacher was mean to me. I had to stand on a carpet with an X on it a few times while facing the back of the classroom. It was the very first experience I ever had with public humiliation. Also I was constantly bullied by an Asian boy who was in the same grade as me.

Had the best teacher in the world. She helped every step of the way😀

5 Third

I loved all my grades but in third grade my teacher invited us to her wedding, sadly I couldn't come but it's on YouTube so I saw my friend's on YouTube!

Next best year of elementary school after second grade. Ironically I hated 3rd graders when I was in 1st and 2nd grade but after that, I was ok with it. - happytobeherexx

I'm a 3rd grade AAP student in Canterbury Woods Elementary School. I personally think that 3rd grade is the best grade out of all the grades I've been through

3 is the perfect number.

6 Second

Yes! So UNDERRATED. I had the nicest teacher and that year was simply a lot of fun with field trips and fun vacations. - happytobeherexx

I am in 4th right now and my school I Pre-k through 6th, and of all my teachers Mrs. Pearce was by far my favorite - FrankP

7 Sixth

Good year but NOT elementary school--at least with me. - happytobeherexx

Personally, I think the grades get better as you go along. 9th was my favorite. But, I'd say 6th was great too. - emraldYE

Where I live, this is still elementary. Anyway, best of the best!

This is middle school for me.

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