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1 Fourth

In 2012, I was stupid, but my life was a whole lot better. Instead of doing pounds of 6th grade homework and not having friends, I could just be on Animal Jam, making videos, playing as animal characters at recess, having lots of great friends, nice teachers, and I was actually much more positive than I am today. One thing; I said middle school was better than elementary in 2012.
It's way worse. - NoodleRidley

I loved my teacher so much, otherwise, it was really exactly like kindergarten. Except we were learning harder things. - Puppytart

That's my garde for 2013-2014 and Grades 6-8 aren't in elementary school - Jake09

I hated fourth grade...

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2 Kindergarten

Everything is simple in Kindergarten.

Only teacher that didn’t do mean stuff to me

3 First

Had the best teacher in the world. She helped every step of the way😀

4 Second

I am in 4th right now and my school I Pre-k through 6th, and of all my teachers Mrs. Pearce was by far my favorite - FrankP

5 Fifth

5th is the best because you're the oldest grade in elementary school and you're basically a senior of elementary school. Enjoy 5th grade before Middle School.

Its basically your last chance to enjoy being a kid while keeping the workload pretty light. you are learning so much new information, and if you love school, you really enjoyed learning ACTUAL history and ACTUAL math skills that are VERY essential for the rest of your life.

It's the best moment and happiest moment before the stressful and tiring moment in 6th grade - chaegopepper

Nope. My 5th grade teacher banned comic books.

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6 Third
7 Sixth

Personally, I think the grades get better as you go along. 9th was my favorite. But, I'd say 6th was great too. - emraldYE

Where I live, this is still elementary. Anyway, best of the best!

It's called living in a different area.

This is middle school! some people these days are not smart when they put names on a top ten list

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