Top Ten Best Elementary Schools In the Philippines

We're building a list of the best elementary school in the Philippines. If you know a school that deserves the title "Best Elementary School" then join us and put it on the list.

The Top Ten

1 Padre Jose Burgos Elementary School

From the 30s to the present, the school has a reputation for the highest standards in elementary education.

The school of genius

Most PUP Graduates came here.

2 Lahug Elementary School, Cebu City

The school is very enhanced and the teachers are very well in teaching.

I can attest to that when I was a regular substitute of Lahug Elementary School

It has great education and is a great free public school for all.

I graduated from this school.. And for the past years it has greatly improved.

3 Trece Martires City Elementary School
4 Colegio San Agustin-Makati
5 Southville II Elementary School

It is so very fashionable

6 Diliman Preparatory School Quezon City
7 Saavedra Saway Central Elementary School

It's so very clean and magnificent school

That schhol is a child friendly school

This school is so very hitorical about one barangay in GenSan which is the barangay Labangal.

Nice school and have great teachers like ma'am gemma hilario and more

8 Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School

Where dreams become a reality...

9 Silangan Elementary School

Hihi so smart

Ako lang yung naboto sa school nato

Hi, I am Bryan Owen Dio Calonsag I came from this chool and now I am studying at the University of the Philippines Rural HIgh School huehuehue hurhurhur

Hello. helo

10 Jose P. Laurel Elementary School

The Contenders

11 De La Salle Santiago Zobel School

Every students are friendly to each other and has a big heart of Lasallian. Builds a self-disciplined,caring,loving and God-fearing students

12 Capitol View Christian School


13 Special Education Center for the Gifted
14 Naic Elementary School
15 Romana C. Acharon Central Elementary School

Romana C. Acharon Central Elementary School is a biggest school in the General Santos City

16 Dadiangas West Central Elementary School
17 Toro Hills Elementary School

Best elementary school ever.

18 Apolinario Mabini Elementary School

The most child friendly school. One of the active in terms of Drum and Lyre Competition. A nice school and supportive teacher promise!.

19 Ladislao Diwa Elementary School

Produces good student

20 Father Luigi Caburlotto School

It's a kind,Caring, and a friendly school. Balances fun and studying at the school. Offers variety of clubs, like journalism which we have climb to the top of the nation and drum and lyre. We also offer Scouting membership and some activities 🙂

21 Dadiangas North Elementary School
22 Labangal Central Elementary School (LCES) General Santos City


23 Holy Trinity Academy

A great child-friendly school indeed. Best facilities and quality of education. Teaches both spiritually and academically. Builds a god-fearing and self-disciplined students.

24 Oquendo Elementary School
25 Sto. Angel Central Elementary School
26 Atty. T. Ayson Rosario Elementary School
27 Elizabeth Seton School

This school changed my life. Ever since the time I stepped foot on this institution, I learned a bunch of wonderful things. This school changed the way how I see things. This is the best school. I'm so proud of Seton! Go Setonians!

28 Santa Rosa Elementary School Central 1

This school is in history

29 Bangkal Elementary School Main

Bangkal is the greatest school the teachers there are great youll learns a lot

30 University of the Cordilleras
31 Tetuan Central School - Zamboanga City

One of the biggest schools in Zamboanga City. Its popular known for its great high standards and great intelligent and talented students

32 General Miguel Malvar Elementary School
33 Piedad Central Elementary School

The best school with excellent performance

34 Luna Elementary School - Gerona, Tarlac
35 Em's Signal Village Elementary School
36 Tinajeros Elementary School

It is known as the best school in district of Malabon IV,in the field of mathematics.

37 Paniqui North Central Elementary School
38 East Rembo Elementary School
39 JP Laurel Elementary School
40 Elyseum Christian School
41 St. Augustine
42 St. Alphonsus Catholic School
43 San Jose Elementary School - Makati City

Its one of the smallest school in Makati it popularly known because of the great standards.

44 Pembo Elementary School

Big School

45 Our Lady of Peace School

They are advanced on math,science and much better than la salle antipolo

46 Fr. Angelico Lipani School

Fals annex is the best school beacause its teachers and staffs are the best they are the coolest school ever so many nice people

47 General Gregorio S. Alona Sr. Memorial Elementary School
48 Saint Jude Catholic School

Best academic school

49 Mariano Marcos State University - Laoag Campus

Excellent school!

50 Southernside Montessori School Muntinlupa

Excellent School, private school preschool to grade 12. Advance teaching.

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