Top Ten Best Elementary Schools In the Philippines

We're building a list of the best elementary school in the Philippines. If you know a school that deserves the title "Best Elementary School" then join us and put it on the list.

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21 General Miguel Malvar Elementary School
22 Holy Trinity Academy

A great child-friendly school indeed. Best facilities and quality of education. Teaches both spiritually and academically. Builds a god-fearing and self-disciplined students.

23 Naic Elementary School
24 Piedad Central Elementary School

The best school with excellent performance

25 Luna Elementary School - Gerona, Tarlac
26 Em's Signal Village Elementary School
27 Tinajeros Elementary School

It is known as the best school in district of Malabon IV,in the field of mathematics.

28 Paniqui North Central Elementary School
29 East Rembo Elementary School
30 Sto. Angel Central Elementary School
31 Atty. T. Ayson Rosario Elementary School
32 JP Laurel Elementary School
33 Elyseum Christian School
34 St. Augustine
35 St. Alphonsus Catholic School
36 Elizabeth Seton School

This school changed my life. Ever since the time I stepped foot on this institution, I learned a bunch of wonderful things. This school changed the way how I see things. This is the best school. I'm so proud of Seton! Go Setonians!

37 San Jose Elementary School - Makati City

Its one of the smallest school in Makati it popularly known because of the great standards.

38 Pembo Elementary School

Big School

39 Our Lady of Peace School

They are advanced on math,science and much better than la salle antipolo

40 Father Luigi Caburlotto School

It's a kind,Caring, and a friendly school. Balances fun and studying at the school. Offers variety of clubs, like journalism which we have climb to the top of the nation and drum and lyre. We also offer Scouting membership and some activities 🙂

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