Top Ten Best Elements to Control

These are the best elemtal powers to control. I put a lot of time into this list and I hope it’s a good one. Elemental powers is sa subject I recently got into after dreaming about the end of the world and people who controlled the elements, blah blah blah.

The Top Ten

1 Water Water

Water would be cool! - RadioHead03

Of course. It's the most powerful one. Just think of all the different possibilites - darthvadern

Including ice. Ice is my choice. - Cyri

I would LOVE to do that! - Firemist

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2 Fire Fire

Although I think earth is more interesting, fire is more effective. You could save an entire village from burning - darthvadern

I learned my element is fire (and earth). - Dawnheart

Well, clap-clap-clap-clap. This is a very good list of yours. Thanks! No really, I'm not being sarcastic. - Kevinsidis

Then I could burn all the low IQ people - DarkBoi-X

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3 Wind Wind

Not that big of a fan of it - darthvadern

This one would be mainly a “fun” power and not very beneficial in my mind. Of course, the stopping-tornado thing still stands. - Camaro6

4 Electricity Electricity

I sense Tesla. As the orb of electricity intensifies and won't stop continuously growing on my own palms, I shall charge it toward tyrants who dare to cross my way. I was thinking of the sound effect from Starfox64 when facing the enemy boss in Area 54. - Kevinsidis

Command the electrical powers, and you could restore power to a city with out any. You could quickly and conveniently kill your enemies, and well look cool. - Camaro6

5 Darkness Darkness

Never really thought about it as an element one could control, but I guess it does work and would be crazy awesome to use - Meg21

An invisibility cloak of darkness, the ability to snap your fingers and the light vanish. To dim the sun and the stars. An often misused power. - Camaro6

No using me. Please. - Ashes

6 Light Light

Eh this one would be kinda cool. Not as cool as the others though. - Camaro6

I want to take the darkness out of my anxiety disorder. Oh GOD, IT HURTS! - Kevinsidis

7 Weather Weather

Have power over the weather. You could stop any storm, create any storm, bring rain to a parched desert, sun to a flooded plain. You could prevent a tornado in a dangerous situation, save innocent lives in a flood... - Camaro6

8 Earth Earth

The earth element seems slightly boring to me, no offense. However, it does have some strengths like willing the trees to move and bend to your will, wrapping your enemies in vines... - Camaro6

I sense the flowing green energy upon me. I would use it as zen. - Kevinsidis

I learned my element is earth (and fire). - Dawnheart

I think the earth element is the most underrated of the bunch. You're literally controlling the planet you're living on. You could create cliffs of earth to escape your enemies. I love the earth element - darthvadern

9 Radioactivity

Imagine someone who could cause a nuclear explosion by snapping their fingers. - Camaro6

This would also be the most dangerous one - BorisRule

Hell yeah. - IceFoxPlayz

10 Divining

Yea, although I have no idea what divining means I'm just agreeing with you 2. - Dawnheart

It would be a great power if you could see the future. - Camaro6

Oh yeah. - Firemist

The Contenders

11 Telekinesis

THE BEST THING THAT I COULD EVER (not really the best though) - Dawnheart

That would be cool for me, because I'm always too lazy to get out of bed to get my PC, LOL :P. - Firemist

12 Atoms

You can control all of the above using atoms. - nonameforme

O yea I like this - Dawnheart

That would be so cool! -TheDarkOne_221b

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