Top Ten Elements That Should Be In Monster Legends

The Top Ten

1 Air/Wind

They must release air monsters!

Lol breezenado, I like it!

It needs to exist.

These monsters would be about the sky and breezes.


Breeznado is the cousin of Vapwhirl. Even though he is much weaker than his relative, with him a new age of monsters arrives! AIR!

2 Ice

Ice is cool ( pun intended)

It fits better than White Walker and Lord Mammoth being both Legendary and Water.

These guys love freezing stuff, that's their thing.


The frosty gremlin of the north, the Reivo leads the tribe of ICE!

3 Psychic

There is magic element though - Johnalove

You know, the MIND!

These ones often use their mind, and always got 100% on tests.


As a kid, he got 100% on everything. In 4th grade, he learned 8th grade stuff. He's the nerd inspiration, and he's also PSYCHIC!

Yah! The mind rules

4 Fauna

Since a lot of monsters look like animals, fauna monsters should be like with features of multiple animals.

These guys do stuff animals do to kill.


He might be small, but Shrewneer is a tough cookie. Chimeras have entered our world as we know it, the FAUNA!

5 Physical

It's a move but not an element. Maybe Dolphchamp and Octocrush could be Water,physical instead?

What Norris does.


The ultimate bragalot! Smakowak actually deserves it, because he's good at what he does, beating the daylights out of his enemies! He's PHYSICAL!

6 Toxic

Maybe like poison.

These monsters either produce venom, or they are made of pollution. Crossbreeds of nature and this type would be like poisonous plants.


This mutant trash beast is forced to eat waste out of rubbish steals. Waste is its only source of energy, and it's lucky to find some thrown out food scraps. The waste makes it TOXIC!

7 Explosion


Bombs, dynamite, nukes, and any explosive. These guys could naturally do stuff like mouldy dynamite and dynamite stick.


When he played the indie hit Minecraft, creepers inspired him to become a bomber. But he overdone stuff, and now he's fused out of fuses. EXPLOSIVE, huh?

8 Zombie

Well,i like the idea but you gotta think outside the box like I can only think of 1 attack like making the opponents monster turn to your side for 3 rounds, that would be a cool attack.

Makes more sense for Zomdalf.

They chomp and slap to spread the plague.


He wants the rest of monsters to become flesh-eating corpses, but since he's only a common, it's not happening. He's just a zombie.

9 Space
10 Web

The webs!

These monsters would be like spiders.


She loves webs, and spindo is an all female super species.

The Contenders

11 Blood

Think about it, wouldn't be awesome looking?!

12 Slime

It Would Be An OP Element! It Would Slow And Stun Targets!
Works For Sludger!
This Is The Birth Of SlopFudge!
He Can REK!

13 Yikes

Please vote

14 Festive

Just imagine Panda Claus, Sir Slumberly, Roastie and Raccorn...



Specio is an all male species, in contrast to spindo. They always come around at holidays in a different form to reward the good and punish the evil.

15 Plasma

It would be amazing! Think about it!

Just purerly AWESOME

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