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21 Turkish Maroon Berets

They wont all the Special Forces Competitions that NATO used to host, after 4 consecutive years of the Turkish Maroon Berets coming in first place, NATO no longer hosts Special Forces Competitions. Not much is known about The Turkish Maroon Berets, because they are kept out of public eyes, and they don't like to show off like most other special forces units around the world. They hold the world record for fastest bomb diffusion and Lock key!

The only special force in the list which intervenes "real" terrorist attacks on monthly basis (at least) for decades. The other listed ones are just the images from video games and nations' self masturbation. When it comes to the life and death situation we all have seen how "good" were the #9 National Gendarmerie Intervention Group.

Professionals of the highest quality.

Worlds strongest special and anti gerilla forces Maroon Berets, Remove pkk and slavak

22 Polish GROM

... Considering the age of the unit - 22 years old - I'd say the progress is amazing and puts it 10 positions higher than what's ranked here

I know that GROM was made in 1990 and I am Polish...

These guys were first in Iraq... Does anybody know?
They Picked up American hostiles with no single shoot... Does anybody know?
Silent and mysterious.

They are always quick and silent in their missions

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23 MI6 Special Intelligence Service
24 Denmark Huntsmen Corps

Among the most and best trained special unit in the world, few in numbers but when it comes to objectives and tasks handled, they rival, if not surpas the US Green Berets.

25 Egyptian Unit 777

One of the best Counter-Terrorism Special forces in the Middle East and the World. It's a branch of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

You think we low in wepans I don't think so we one of the best in the world and most fairness because as other nation loves life we love death for our god and his prophets and county

I think that they do too many things to the world against the international terrisom

Most man power in the world

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26 Iraqi Special Operations Forces

Not intending to be biased but Iraq Special forces should be ranked at the top as it continuously achieving the highest confirm kills of terrorist in northern and western Iraq.

This Ranking is not fare, The Iraqi Anti terrorism Forces has proven to be the best Trained, Equipped and skilled forces in the world.

This force should be in the top because it destroyed terrorism in Iraq.

Proven result. the only troupes that are in actual continuous, victorious encounters with terrorism

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27 Pakistan's Anti Terrorist Unit of SSG

Pakistan's SSG is probably the most well trained and nicely equiped unit and it stands among the top 5 anti terrorist units of the world. There training is so hard that more than 60 per cent guys die during the training period. Recently SSG won the CAMBRIAN PATROL by defeating the indian and american teams. SSG can carry out any sort of operation in any part of the entire planet. Ssg is THE BEST.

Have counter operations to their credit since its inception in 1982

They are actually 3rd place in the world - ak103

SSG (Special Service Group) from Pakistan is the best counterterrorism squad.
They are trained to fight in every condition exists on planet...!
They are on front of any operation conducted against terrorism & with the help of Allah Almighty the operations are successful...

28 Italian GIS

Dude the GIS have such a high success rate, and they are incredibly exclusive and difficult to join like seriously there are around 200 at a time they just don't have many chances to be used.

GIS is the one of most important italian antiterroritism units and for him importatn role in the european organization of police force

29 Danish Frogman Corps

The Danish Frogman Corps, along with Denmark Huntsmen Corps, is constantly placed takes first place, 2nd place and 3rd place in all contests between special forces all around the world.

Highly trained special corps, who can rival, if not surpass the US SEALs when it comes to training and specialization. Their tasks involve going through artic-terrain and extreme pressure from the nature.

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30 FBI Hostage Rescue Team
31 Irish Army Rangers

A combination of Rangers/Spec ops and Delta to have them at number 29 is quite funny really :-)

The Irish Army Ranger Wing has carried out successful counter-terrorism operations in Ireland against the Provisional IRA terrorism organisation, and has been deployed on every continent in the world for the United Nations, European Union and NATO (Partnership for Peace) since 1980. They were deployed in Baghdad, Iraq in 2005 to rescue an abducted Irish citizen (by al-Qaeda terrorists), secured his release and saved his life. They (as of 2015) are currently deployed in Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Balkans and training African forces to counter the Islamic extremist threat. They are among the premier hostage rescue teams in the world, and train the Irish police tactical intervention team the Garda ERU.

Irish ARW in their "black role" (ie. urban CT warfare) are the best on the planet. Six months selection process and 3/4 years training.

32 Sri Lanka's SF

Sri Lanka's SF (Special Forces) the only army who won the 30 year old war against the most advanced and dangerous terrorist group Tamil Tigers.

Proven, battle hardened and pure dedication. Must be among the bests. Yet its true that the West will not accept this since their forces continues to fail in this domain.

Excellent Counter terrorist force

Only finish & completed Counter terrarium units are Sri Lanka Sf & Commondos.. not a USA or Other country..

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33 Serbian Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ)
34 Greek Underwater Demolition Command

OYK was deployed during the first Gulf War in 1991, providing assistance for the naval embargo against Saddam Hussein, boarding 217 suspect vessels.

Many members of the "OYK" teams have graduated successfully from the SEAL school in the US. I think that this fact alone ranks them among the best in the world.

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35 Indian MARCOS

Indian MARCOS should be in the top 10 list with the seals and SAS. They're armed even better than the NSG and can perform HALO/HAHO jumps with combat load

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36 Philippine PNP Special Action Force
37 Swedish SOG

Europe's best elite speical forces

Best group 100%



The gign is one of the best,being part of the french military.

39 Mexico's Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales del Alto Mando

One of the toughest guys in the world. Because they had a rude life on the streets and could succeed where others could hesitate to take part of the event.

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40 Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando

The SAS operating out of the UK has called their TRAINING a suicide mission. They are extremely well trained and very deadly.

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