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41 UK Special Boat Squadron

Let's just say there is a reason it's not as well know than the SAS

42 Albanian RENEA V 1 Comment
43 Ireland's Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU)

Selection for the ERU is similar to special forces, only 5% pass.

Ireland's Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Irish police ("Garda Síochána") is one of the best tactical counter-terrorism special purpose units in the world. They train with the Irish ARW special forces, and have trained alongside the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, British SAS, French RAID & GIGN and German GSG9. The Garda ERU re-trained Norway's Delta Force (as known as "Emergency Response Unit") in the aftermath of the 2011 Anders Behring Breivik terrorist attacks, which left almost 80 dead. Ireland's ERU ensured that Norway's special police units will never be left wanting again. The ERU has killed 5 people since 1998, including three terrorists and hostage-takers. The ERU are a formidable armed fighting force, and have never lost a firefight, earning the nickname "Every Round Used" (ERU). You don't mess with the Irish!

44 Tunisian Brigade Nationale d'Intervention Rapide (BNIR)

The invisible squad... they are the team of the tough missions... very effective.


Rather die for their country

46 Philippines Light Reaction Unit (LRU)

Involved in several successful rescue operation but remained low profile

The best Philippine National Police Anti-Terrorist Unit

47 Tanzania People's Defence Force

But this special force deserve to be in the 30s not 41 position, because I think we consider the number of operations the force has participated and achieve success

This is one among the best special forces with well trained soldiers engaged in different operations.I.E. commoro, Congo, DR, Liberia

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48 Dutch MARSOF

Best trained and most flexible unit with a superb track record

Exists out of two units. One for special operations in an international setting (MSO C-squadron) and for counter terrorism operations within the Netherlands (BBE M-squadron).

49 Australian 2nd Commando Regiment (Tactical Assault Group - East)
50 Serbian Military Police Battalion Cobra
51 Croatian ATJ Lucko

Unit has six years of continuous experience (counter-terrorism tasks) in the war against Serbia (1990-1996), and for 18 years the most complex tasks (1996-2013) in the post war period

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52 Mexico's Policia Federal

These dudes go up against the Mexican drug cartels on a daily basis. These guys are incredible

53 Lithuanian ARAS

Small number. Superior Weaponry. One of the fastest reaction force.

Extremely strong men power, secret weapon for western armies

High quality training

These guys look like they could kick thru a solid conecrete wall with nothing but their boot.

54 1st. Regiment Gegana, Indonesia

The best counter terrorism unit police in Indonesia, specially for EOD unit.

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55 Somalia Special Forces Alpha Group
56 707 Special Mission Battalion

South Korea's counter terrorism unit.

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