Top 10 Elite Four Pokemon Trainers


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1 Lance

He's just mean and hard and tough and frustrating! - Curti2594

Dragon type master. Oh you want more, ok. Koga a ninja went from gym leader to elite four member. Lance went from toughest gym leader from gen one to the gen 2 champion. And his Pokemon. 3 Dragonites, two dragonairs and charizard. don't have to mention the others. Plus the cape

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2 Caitlin
3 Drake

Even though I have bet drake before he should be number one because he has that mega evolving salamence

4 Lorelei

She is a very cool character and actually a very nice elite. You can't sweep her with fire types and her lapras is very hard

5 Karen

She is cool! She's the only female elite four member in johto, and is incredibly strong!

For a fictional character, shes pretty hot - fullymetal

6 Koga
7 Siebold
8 Will

He has a cool mask, and he is my favorite type.

9 Malva

Malva is most BAMF in all of Pokemon she is so cool and plays an interesting role in the story to boot.

10 Grimsley

The Contenders

11 Drasna
12 Shauntal Shauntal
13 Agatha
14 Wikstrom
15 Phoebe
16 Glacia
17 Aaron
18 Bruno
19 Sidney
20 Bertha
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