Best Elite Heroes In Castle Clash

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1 Executioner

Such an awesome hero! The best of the glaciers in the world!

Awesome so strong in all aspects of the game arena/raids/defense

He too cool to wear pants

Surely best elite hero in game

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2 Serpent Queen

Best ability for elite hero - deals massive damage when skill level is upgraded

Her ability makes her really good. The Toxic Mist can kill a lot of the minor troops like Pyromancers, and damages walls. And the effect lasts for 6 seconds, allowing her to damage enemies multiple times!

Awesome hero on a smurf account to take out multiple targets. Her ability is very useful in raids.

It sucks

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3 Ice Demon

He is really good especially in the arena.

Very strong, a lot of health and an excellent starter hero

He is because he attack fast and also he has cool down

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4 Assassin

Her critical damage is amazing. And simply too fast. Would have been great thou if she was a ranged attacker.

She is second fastest Hero in the game, and she is good at picking off important targets.

I found her much more useful than Ninja.

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5 Shaman

He's a little useful in Storm Mesa I'm only voting because he's better than triton

Shaman is good because it's long ranged and I think it's suppose to be the 4th

I found at level 60 he worked really well with same level druid

I find it useful in raids

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6 Crystal Ooze

Best by far of the elites. Using the unique consume ability of all other heroes, it adds experience to another's skill while freeing up a critical inventory spot. I haven't received 1 crystal ooze I haven't used. Awesome!

He is the best elite hero because everybody use only legendary heroes. Elite heroes are always sacrificed and this guy gives you most skill exp of all elite heroes.

There are only 9 Elite Heros in this game so far, so put this guy in, because it is technically an Elite Hero. Gives your hero 600 Skill Exp when sacrificed!

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7 Triton

Triton is just the best. When I first had him I levelled him up, used him in the dungeon and he killed every single one of the troops

Works well at level 60(7000 might accounts) with paladin

Best support hero for raiding and expeditions. Skill removes ALL troops in the map, may take 2-3 procs for tier 3 troops. Not suitable for other game modes as attack is too slow.


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8 Werewolf

Amazing elite starter! It's so easy to get him rankued up that I have him level 72 before town hall 7!

Werewolf can increase DMG by 170% Shaman can Reduce DMG so I think werewolf must be 6

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9 Cyclops

He is similar to Pain-the, but he hits the enemies in an ark, letting him hit many enemies at once.

I just got my Cyclops and he is already level 40

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10 Pain-da

His Lightning ability is good, it deals 120% damage to all enemies surrounding him.

Best splash damage elite hero, making it better than Executioner when against troops

I know why they named him Pain-the because he's a pain in the butt to make useful.

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The Contenders

11 Minotaur Chieftain

This hero is underrated. He should be in top 5

Idiots this is a legendary

Good elite, nearmy as good as triton but serves well til 10k might

He isn't even an elite hero...-.-

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12 Slime

The slime is the best hero in the world, his abilities dealing at least 3902230230293 Damage. His slime punch ability is just the best. I have double evolved him just because of that ability. Definitely should vote for this one amazing hero!

13 Spirit Mage
14 Demogorgon

He works well in early game till 5k maight. A bit under rated. Should be at least in top 5.


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15 Mino V 1 Comment
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