Top 10 Best Elite Nerf Guns

The New N-Strike Elite Line came in 2012 and rolled over N-strike. So which of these new guns are the best?

The Top Ten

1 Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18

Its obviously the best because it shoots 4 darts a second! Not only that it has a built in scope and it can take ammo clips making it easy to reload plus it has great range and yes it is the best nerf gun EVER!

My son loves this gun.

This is the best gun

This gun is amazing, it's extremely reliable, great range, only problem would be the batteries shorting out in the middle of a nerf war, but if you replace it before the war, it's not a problem, and the other problem is the jamming. This gun is so reliable that, in a 5v5 I took out 3 of them the first time, and I took out 4 of them the second.

2 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

It has a high rate of fire when slam fired, and is really versatile in the hands of a operator.

The legends are true about this tactical shotgun style nerf gun. Jam rate is extremely low. Weight is balanced. Holds more than enough ammo. Accuracy is ranked one of the highest in the elite series. Slam fire adds great option for close combat panic situations. Lastly the range is more than enough to hang as a long range primary. This is an overall beast without batteries.

Best Nerf Gun ever! It has never jammed even once. Highly recommended

I just like the name...:I

3 Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

I love this gun but my one is jammed and I can not fix it. I is also my personal favourite and my dad’s. still a very good gun in a nerf war!

This gun is amazing. it is my first N-strike elite gun and it is worth it. It never jams and can be reassembled very easily. the detachable stock and barrel means you can increase or decrease wight, power and accuracy. It is easy to modify so it can be even better. Overall an amazing buy that I recommend.

Great gun. If it was in your stocking at Christmas you could get it out and just start using it and great place to store in a nerf war because it's so small disassembled but can also be assembled very quickly.

I have no idea why this gun isn't number one. It's easy to modify, can shoot really quickly, doesn't need batteries, jam rate is extremely low, and extremely reliable. It's the best nerf gun in the world in my opinion. If your hesitating about if you should get this gun or not, just get it already. It's just the best.

4 Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

Brilliant gun over all. I don't know why people prefer the Rampage as this has better range, looks and the mag isn't in an awkward position. With slam fire this gun rules and can fire faster than any other gun in good hands. It is easy to mod with simple internals and kits readily available. The Elite Alpha Trooper is a light weight, simple killing machine.

I've had this gun for a while. It has reliable slam fire, which allows it to fire as fast as an unmodded machine gun, and doesn't require spinning up any flywheels. It's also accurate, has good range, and never jams, and the 12-dart clip has plenty enough capacity for spraying opponents. A shame that you never really see these online or in stores anymore.

Easily the best for sale number of reasons. Range and accuracy first and foremost. Second, is volume of fire. With extended mags and easy magazine changes you can put out more darts, more accurately than anyone in the room. This gun is actually less likely to jam when using slam fire. Nothing fancy, simple and effective.

Slam fire check single fire check clip system check good range check good accuracy check fast speed check stock attachment point check front barrel attachment no tactical rail check may I say more

5 Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire

This is a good gun

Awesome very good the bad things are you get tired easily and it jams a lot

If you have new darts and batteries with full ammo then this is the best gun. It's a shame they only get sold with 24 darts but at least you can use other clips that can hold 10 or 12 darts. (I removed the disc thing around the clips because they are not needed and they make the gun much bigger and a little heavier.)

Effectiveness of a semi auto rifle plus the huge capacity of a machine gun equals an awesome nerf gun for nerf wars! Right out of the box, not that good, but give it 8 12/18 dart magazines and it should be 3rd place on this list. If you like to use your gun as a shield, keep that plastic disc on. If you like to be mobile just take it off it doesn’t need it to work or dominate nerf wars

6 Nerf N-strike Rhino Fire

Very amazing gun! We had a very LARGE Nerf Gun "war" at our church and this thing didn't JAM ONCE! I loved it! Now, to the bad stuff...It is not very accurate. For instance, If you were aiming for single people like a "Nerf Sniper" would this gun would not make a pleasing experience! It is also VERY BULKY! You would need a table or something to hold it up. Now the gun having NO ACCURACY WHATSOEVER does have a SLIGHT advantage...If a large group of people came in you could just keep firing your gun! It IS an AUTOMATIC so it MAY JAM! Overall I had a GREAT experience with this gun and WOULD recommend it to a friend! I would have to tell them about the Bulkiness, No Accuracy, Etc. Overall a 8/10! Very good Gun!

This gun is amazing, makes for epic battles. Sit at the entrance to your base with the tripod on and wait for the enemy to come. Epic highly recommend

This is awesome!

Amazing gun holds 50 bullets crazy range and rapid fire you don't get much of those guns. Nice that they have a tripod for a big gun useful for sniping

7 Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Basically Maverick on steroids bro, Strongarm is way more powerful, and it doesn't jam like every time you shoot, unlike the Maverick, where the sucker darts keep on popping up. Love the slam fire as well. Dual wielding with Strongarm is easy, as all you have to do is attach a string to the slides of each gun, and when you need to cock them, just pull the guns away from each other and boom! I use this combo along with a triad when playing CTF

As with most all Nerf Guns, the accuracy is not great, due to the holes on the side of the darts, but ver powerful, and small enough to carry around without getting in your way, and slam fire! Very good gun all around, and easy to mod, which is a bonus!

I don't recommend this as a primary but as a secondary, this thing is the beast. You easily pull back the gray primer to prime the gun. You can also slam fire which is great if you need to use your secondary in a nerf war. It holds 6 darts at a time (great for a pistol) and there's a cool button for the barrel to fall out allowing you to reload. While reloading, if you spin the barrel it makes an awesome clicking noise which I thought was really cool. When ever I shoot it at someone up to 15 feet away, it hurts, a lot. Great secondary gun.

Best secondary to have

8 Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe

The stryfe is the best nerf gun ever made. I recommend buying a larger clip for it, but this gun's modifications and capacity for duel weild make it unsurpassed(not to mention great firepower) The reason why it's better than rapidstrike is also it's light weight. This is probably the best nerf gun ever made, especially with a grip.

This gun is just spewing op all over the battle field

This should be on top of the rapidstrike!

This gun should be in the top two for the range

9 Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher Two-in-One

Got this for my nephew's bday. I wish nerf guns in my day looked this kool and was a semi automatic. All I had was ballzooka. Yeah, wow, fun. Anyways, it's a semi shooting above elite ranges with a grenade launcher when you're clipped out of darts. Battery consumption is reasonable for this big fly wheel spitting out darts from the kool banana clip. So what else can you ask for. Oh yea, that giant sized bullet can hurt if you get one really good pump. Definitely don't aim that to the face!

This is an awesome nerf gun the rapid strike is better for a nerf war but I like this better it has the most power in the entire nerf history and if you shoot it on some guy in a nerf war that guy will get hurt and hesitate so that's why I would prefer this nerf n strike elite demolished 2in 1 blaster

I have this gun, and all I have to do to win a war is rev the loud engine. And when I shoot, the bullet flies fast and accurate. The only problem is that the missiles break to easily. Still, it beats out every other gun on the market!

Pretty great blaster. semi auto functions are great. but of course since the grenade isn't actually explosive (obviously not like literally explosive with gunpowder or whatever but maybe of they had a thing that when fired, shoots a spray of three of four darts, all in different locations or something), it probably would earn a place around here on the ranking. it's like a strife with a stock but with a handy foam rocket that you can shoot at people. it isn't the best for actually hitting people but you can shoot it at your opponent as a brief distraction before you send a hail of darts at them.

10 Nerf N-Strike Elite Roughcut

What do you meeaaen this thang is amazing chief!

This is probably my favorite Nerf blaster ever! I have the one with the blue and white paint job and it looks amazing! It is kinda annoying when the darts keep popping out of the front, and not the best for dual wielding. However, the pump action is so satisfying! Also, the Roughcut is very small and light, so it's easier to use.

Not my favorite primary, but definitely my favorite side arm. never had problems with gun handling, and it is great for close quarter fighting where larger blasters are unwieldy and don't get the spray effect this does. Best sidearm I have ever owned

I just recently got it and agree with the people that suggest it being a secondary weapon. This gun is unpredictable and often has rough jams. The range and accuracy will vary every shot itch does give you an advantage because the enemy will have to guess where the two bullets will go as they fly at them at different speeds and patterns. This gun in my opinion is worth it!


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? Delta Trooper

Cool gun

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11 Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad

Don't judge by it's looks. This little side arm is very very misleading with it's size to power ratio. If you think this is a pee wee blaster with no kick, you'll be surprised when the person who is shot by this is left with a mark. Smart ar, compact, and can hang with or destroy some of the other elite guns in comparison. And lastly, dirt cheap.

This tiny pistol has a lot more power than its looks suggest. It is easily the best sidearm choice out there, since it can shoot powerfully and accurately and with a decent range. Dual wielding with a sword in one hand and this pistol in the other, I ruin the battle field! With just the pistol, as long as you're a little athletic, you can out pace even the rapid fire, due to its ability to shoot so well!

When I got this for Christmas I thought it was going to shoot a couple of feet and then I shot it at my brother and it packs a punch. Really cheap and quick and easy to reload. Perfect gun for me

Of all of my Nerf experience, this gun turned out to be the best. Although it's small, it has probably massive amounts of power compared to many other guns. This includes large guns, small guns, fancy guns, and many more. So in my opinion, this probably turned out to be one of the best Nerf guns of all time.

12 Nerf Elite Mega Centurion

The blaster is not that great. It's not a direct plunger system which is what elite guns use. The only use is probably cosplay, but out of the box its just a huge longstrike.

This Nerf blaster is very cool, but honestly it's impractical. First of all it's overpriced, it's bulky, it's way too big, it doesn't actually fire 100 feet :/ and its capacity is limited. - VintagePetRaptor

I have this gun and when ever I fire it it leaves a mark and it has a lot of power.

I think that there is A LOT of HATE for this gun! Although it may sting A LITTLE it DOES NOT HURT! I think that this is a VERY FUN "Sniper" gun! Overall a 7/10 Review.

13 Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

It's my first nerf gun and the laser beam is preety cool but slow reload so 8/10

It's my first gun I use it as a main gun and the laser is really good

My first gun ever, it shoots really really really far & is great for a secondary ( or main gun if you think its that good.) The loading of this gun is slightly harder than average, however I have no problem with loading it. This gun has a laser that is really nice and much much better than the glowshot. Overall this is one of the best guns... EVER!

My first gun and its great when it comes to accuracy and weight but it has a very long reload time and small dart capacity I'm talking five seconds per dart. A good secondary side arm.

14 Nerf N-Strike Magstrike

Great can shoot ten bullets in a sec great for spraying at big amount of people!

Of course not you ass!

Don't swear boy

Is this elite?

15 Nerf Lightning Bow

Amazing bow it has long range and hard shots when I did nerd gun game I put this gun in for a reason

Great if you ad your friends are playing the hunger games

So cool! Best primary you will ever have, and the darts pack a punch! it is super accurate, and it with the thunder bow and lightning bow sounds cool! Thunder and lightning!

it sucks!

16 Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster

I have this gun it’s the best

Very inaccurate and rather pointless. Could be used as a cover gun but the capacity is pretty low.

Good fun and easy to use against anyone in a nerf gun war. Has good fire power too. Shot my brother a few times and he had red dots on his arms for weeks.

Very useful just time worthy to reload.

17 Hail Fire EX

It sucks duh you people

It is so powerful and holds a lot of ammo

Shoots really fast has has the most ammo of any nerf blaster

They are good

18 Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster

It’s great but the price is ridiculous
The cam should be $50 or less


Nerf Cam Sucks here in 80 dollars buy a nerf gun that's better than this nerf cam like the rampage rapidstrike.3 mega pixel in 2015 this is not acceptable it would be kay if it records like my iPhone 5s

I work for nerf they do terrible things. All they want is dough.

19 Nerf Crossbolt

What u people talking about this is the strongest but least accurate gun ever seriously maverick is better than this so called crossbolt I hate it

It shoots far and is super accurate. It has loads of power and it is very fun to play with.

This is the best Nerf gun I ever got it's so awesome it like never jams it shoots more powerfully than some guns.

It is really accurate I don't know how it is not hits hard and super plain out awesome

20 Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt

I have the Jolt and personally experience the the power, range, and accuracy. In a Nerf battle the Jolt would be my best friend's, my brother's, and my choice.

A classic example of being simultaneously the best gun and the worst gun it is invaluable for any elite and can outmaneuver any other gun in a close couters skirmish however it is neither a primary nor secondary gun but rather a situational gun that can decide a battle depending on how it is used in the hands of an expert a completely overpowered tool that can easily take out single enemies however a beginner has no business using it in a war except in case you run out of ammo it the chance of it jamming is astronomically low even when most guns eventually become less reliable and it has very little disadvantage to keeping in your inventory at any time and the only one of its kind and even though the triad ex-3 can shoot 3 times without reload its reliability decreases over time and can be outmaneuvered or get stuck in your pocket at the very worst of times all and all a gun truly in its own league and given the cost and size no real downside to getting and yes I actually do put ...more

This gun got awesome range with amazing accuracy, and it is best when you are running out of ammo and want a gun that you can fire single handed. I love this gun, but still Triad is just too awesome.

Best backup weapon ever, very concealable and compact it may be small but it still shoots as hard as any other nerf gun. It is also quick and easy to load. Great nerf gun and one of my favorites

21 Hyper Fire

I personally think its in the top ten nerf guns of all time

Should be one what is this stupid site

I have never had it, but from the guide books on kindle, it sounds amazing! like seriously,
144 darts!?

It's the worlds fastest shooting nerf gun and you can put two together. Isn't that awesome everyone.

22 Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre

It's a good gun but I only had it for 2yrs before it broke
It shoots very far and it does not hurt at all.

It can break after a while. SORT IT OUT HASBRO! :/

This gun honestly sucks, but I think its only the one I got.

I like the spectre it shots far and it comes with cool nerf attachments I Love it

23 N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Larger anf better stryfe

Really good would use in nerf battle

It’s a modulus blaster

Great gun my best primary, goes great with the tried ex-3.You can put as many attachments as you want and as many combinations as you want.There is special kits for it there are special stock, sights, barrels, grips, mags, and laser attachments that say "modulus" so must of the white and orange attachment are for this.If you like customizing then this is your gun.(Fair warning if you get the modulus and get the starter attachments the stock is very wobbly you can put another mag in there but the stock is very wobbly so you may need to get a better one or just reinforce the stock with pbc pipe I just got a new one, also the stock is not very comfortable so just get a new one.)

24 Nerf N-Strke Elite Berzerker

If you guys are asking what is this gun never heard of it I have but apparently it doesn't exsist did hasbro stop making this gun and take all pics off the internet tell me hasbro tell me

Never heard of this gun...

Its not elite idiot

Ins't even real... wow guys wow

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25 Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

Best gun ever

I'm surprised this one hasn't made the list yet. It is small, and easy to use one-handed. Basically a single action five shot revolver. At close range it is incredibly precise, with the darts only starting to wobble once they begin to really slow down. elite darts give moderately better Don't ask to get shot anywhere tender either.

Best secondary, and lots of modding kits available like an 8 drum barrel extension, silenced barrel extensions,all in such a small blaster. Also,it is hammer action, so you can dual wield it if you have mastered that

This is the best secondary gun Nerf has made. You can operate with one hand and has great range and accuracy. It is also extremely easy to reload.

26 Nerf Longstrike Cs-6

This is a great sniper blaster it has a great consistent shooting distance. This gun has the best accuracy in all the nerf elite blaster line!

It is a good sniper blaster and shoots very far distance and also very very very very quiet in shooting things and easy to reload

This used to be my favorite gun. If you put a stronger spring in it it probably would be a good sniper rifle.

This has always been my favorite. It never jams and I always know I'm well off taking this into battle

27 Nerf Rough Cut 2x4


yes if it gets stuck you just have hit it on the upside and it might get smooth again

It is a bit good for nerf wars hvz and its kinda fun to have around though

This gun is awesome! Practically a nerf shotgun gun with two barrels, however, if you pull the trigger very lightly, only one dart will shot

This gun in a Nerf war can do serious damage at close range. Not very accurate, and only holds 8 shots. 2 darts per second, and serious punch. I'm talking knock over Masonite and wood boxes punch. Worth it if you are in close range.

28 Modulus Recon MKII

Great gun this should be in the top ten

Sometime jam a lot but a good gun.

If you get at walmart its likely that 18 mags will work. should be in the top ten great sidearm

"It is a great blaster the things I like about the Recon MKII is that it is a great spin on an old favorite. Yes I know it can't take banana mags but if you have a 25 drum (which I do) It works fine. It's compact and it has a side rail. Side rails are the best! Either for the gangster shot the mlg sniper $tatus torches or the close quarters kit which use. when I run this I have the storage stock that can hold 10 darts with the flip kit upgrade and the close quarteers. great blaster

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29 Nerf Rival Apollo

The NERF Rival Apollo is definitely one of the best nerf guns out there, if not the best.

It fires at 70MPH/100FPS
Extremely accurate
Fires the new rival balls which are better than the darts because it is more accurate and can bounce off walls (I know this isn't particularly about the blaster but I still think this is useful)

Quite irritating priming mechanism which also blocks out scopes

Finally I have to add that it can fire cheese balls, not than useful but still a funny extra thing,

Love the new ammo, but might wan to get a pump action kit

Cool gun shoots fast

This beast can fire 100 fps! It is also said to be the most powerful nerf gun. I love this beast!

30 Nerf N-Strike Longshot Cs-6 Blaster

Only the worst darts on earth will jam this blaster I know I can trust it more than any other blaster

Best gun forever and ever

The CS-6 is my most valuable nerf gun. It's even better than my ECS-10 Modulus

It's amazing

31 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven

Good gun. Jams frequently with old over-used darts casuing the spring to move slightly pushing the bullet against the gun near the back folding or wrecking the bullet which causes the jam. What that means that the spring will sometimes move pushing the bullet to the side out of the actual shooting hole decreasing accuracy.

This gun is epic because it fires so rapidly. You can also single fire it. All round cool and best nerf gun

Needs a bigger clip and gets jammed a lot in battle but overall is really good

I gave this gun to my friend today so he could modify it but it is pretty good

32 Sling Fire

The gun is the best how it is but to make it better put a stronger spring in it and put a hard top dart in it it will give a purple bruse for 2 weeks.

Amazing gun. Hits hard and goes long range, only downside is comes with small clip, but just buy 10 round clip.

By far my favorite, can hold a clip an is lever action an feels good

Best gun I own ( and I have like 36 guns )

33 Alpha Trooper CS-6

I have one and live it use it as my primary in almost every game

Absolutely love it!

It is a great gun. Comes with six dart

Very good

34 N-Strike Stampede ECS

This gun is awesome because when I have nerd wars with friends I sit this up on my dads bar and when my friend comes out I hammer him and I felt the pain to because my friend had it and I tried hiding behind my couch and the dang bullets still got me my friend had such a good aim with that gun that he aimed at my gun and shot and the bullet bounced of my gun and got me in the eye!

Super accurate and fires fast comes with 3 18 dart clips has 7 places to put on attachments and the sight that is part of the gun is better than any scope you will want to put on it what else do you want from a gun?

Great gun I had since I was a kid and it has good accuracy and it fires so fast with a SHIELD. It come with 18 darts

It looks awesome so I want it for Christmas

35 Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

I have it it's a good blaster and I recommend the Nerf zombie strike clear shot

This is a bad gun the fly wheel is horrible its slow and not much power

The modulus has more darts

Good range. Awesome firepower with lots of different kits to! This gun should obvsly. Be the top most gun.

36 Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot

I love this gun

So bad!

37 Nerf Rival Zeus Mxv-1200

I like the little foam balls that it shoots

Best gun ever so powerful and amazing in accuracy this surf gun is 1st for me

It is awesome

Best nerf gun ever made! Super accurate and powerful should be 1st

38 Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster


39 Mega Thunderbow

Good gun, powerful gun great range

I love shooting my friends with it. it is my favorite nerf gun

Very strong and long range bad for close combat

It is powerful it is cool

40 Nerf Blazin' Bow

Best bow Nerf has made works like a real bow and is MUCH better than that mega bow that shoots darts instead of arrows.

This is the best bow ever

Geting it

41 NERF Vortex Diatron

It is so awesome. It has great aim
and shoots two discs at once. Also it fits up to 12 discs while its cocked.

Isn't Elite! moving on.

EPIC GUN I mean it is sweet it is like a sniper first vortex gun I got.


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42 Nerf Modulus IonFire Blaster

It's a modulus and its cheap worth buying

It is an awesome gun and its cheap

This is a cheep sharp fire far better and very easy to mod

Best single shot nerf gun

43 Nerf N-Strike Vulcan

Ok blaster. It has a capacity of 25 darts and fully automatic. However, it does have problems: It's huge and heavy, very hard to move. In fact, it's tripod often gets overcome while turning the thing and collapses. Also, it uses a chain system. Now, besides a couple vintage blasters from the 90's, it is the only one to use a chain system. While it looks cool, it makes the blaster jam more often and it cannot take clips. In the end, while it does have many problems, it is very effective if used right. You should use it in a narrow hallway, this means you have total domination of that space to make parent, pet and friend alike tremble in fear. Just make sure to have a triad or jolt in case your friend sneeks up behind you.

Love this gun as long as you have the box it will almost never step on to the field with this and everyone will duck for cover

This is the best nerf gun ever because it has really good accuracy, fires fast, and shoots far and painful. The only problem is reloading, but it's still my #1 nerf gun

Sick I want one

44 Longshot CS-6

This gun is my favorite out of all my 50 nerf guns it is just so accurate and cool looking that this gun is one of the best to me.
This thing is a 2 in 1 blaster that makes it so cool



45 Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Overpriced plastic! The stock is so bendy and it costs 60 GBP!

46 Nerf Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

You already said this. You can buy a strudel for about just as much tactical attachment spots. The strife is much easier to mod also.

We already did this

Awesome Blaster, you can turn it into anything you want, almost like Lego!

Who wouldn't want a sniper rifle that's automatic.If people don't,than they don't know what they're talking about.

47 Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 Blaster

This gun is fast, light weight, and looks like my favorite gun, the TAR-21

We already did this

A bit noisy, some jams, but this gun just goes BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM.

48 Nerf N-Strike Elite Cyclone Shock

This gun has not jammed on me. Awesome.

Super powerful and accurate.

I suggested this gun and it is way better than the strongarm first comment

Bob the minion dundundundundun

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49 Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator

Great gun for close combat. If someone is spraying you with bullets you can easily deflect them with this gun.

Great gun does not jam at all and 6x4 6 darts for each barrels

Really suck and always jams

That guns just sick

50 Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire

Big shotgun and if you put a telescopic sight and you buy more chargers of darts is...completely amazing

Love this gun

Great shotgun. Love it

It is op also itis very accurate

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