Top 10 Best Elite Nerf Guns

The New N-Strike Elite Line came in 2012 and rolled over N-strike. So which of these new guns are the best?

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1 Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18

Its obviously the best because it shoots 4 darts a second! Not only that it has a built in scope and it can take ammo clips making it easy to reload plus it has great range and yes it is the best nerf gun EVER!

This gun is amazing, it's extremely reliable, great range, only problem would be the batteries shorting out in the middle of a nerf war, but if you replace it before the war, it's not a problem, and the other problem is the jamming. This gun is so reliable that, in a 5v5 I took out 3 of them the first time, and I took out 4 of them the second.

In my opinion this gun is the best to use in a Nerf war. Apart from the sound it makes as it is firing there isn't really any other negatives. The rate of fire is amazing and personally it is a really comfortable gun to use as it is not too heavy and the stock can be adjusted. However one of my favourite aspects is the railings... It has 2 on the top, 1 on the bottom and 2 at the sides which I easily put my custom torch and laser on. Overall if you are looking to buy a gun for Nerf wars I would recommend this one 100%!

This is one of my favourite guns!

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2 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

The legends are true about this tactical shotgun style nerf gun. Jam rate is extremely low. Weight is balanced. Holds more than enough ammo. Accuracy is ranked one of the highest in the elite series. Slam fire adds great option for close combat panic situations. Lastly the range is more than enough to hang as a long range primary. This is an overall beast without batteries.

Great gun. I have a rampage and never get out in games. Very accurate with an effective range of around 30 feet. It also has slam fire, which is great if you're outnumbered. It also makes a very accurate sniper rifle, and is only around $30. Very mobile unlike the raider, it's the raider V.2.0. Doesn't jam at all, and 25 rounds is more than enough. Great primary. Has a direct plunger. With all that being said, the nerf elite rampage should definitely be number 1.

This is the best gun ever it should be ranked #1. It is a great primary gun. I recommend using the 18 dart clip and not the 25 because the 25 makes it feel awkward and the 18 dart can still spray someone down. You can shoot the full 18 dart clip in under 15 Seconds. Easy to mive around with and attack and also a good camping gun. I use it for every battle and I have almost every nerf gun. You can easily run in a room with a team of five when they less expect it and take all five of them down. Great gun definitely should be #1 and you should definitely buy it. Also it has never Jamed in the time I have had it and I've had it for about 2 years and it still shoots like it is brand new. Very accurate gun and can shoot at least 40 feet. If you put the most accurate nerf bullet in it it is even more incredible. But it is still increasingly with a regular nerf bullet.

Best gun I ever had

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3 Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator

This gun is amazing. it is my first N-strike elite gun and it is worth it. It never jams and can be reassembled very easily. the detachable stock and barrel means you can increase or decrease wight, power and accuracy. It is easy to modify so it can be even better. Overall an amazing buy that I recommend.

Great gun. If it was in your stocking at Christmas you could get it out and just start using it and great place to store in a nerf war because it's so small disassembled but can also be assembled very quickly.

Powerful, easy to handle, nice dart capacity, also if you have a nerf bandolier or tactical best, it makes it extremely easy to reload. The only problem is that the blue retaliator jams very commonly, so if you want to get a retaliator, my advice is to get a white one. It fixes the jam problems. Nonetheless, the white one is the best nerf rifle.

This Gun can do anything I will ever need it to do in a nerf war

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4 Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

Brilliant gun over all. I don't know why people prefer the Rampage as this has better range, looks and the mag isn't in an awkward position. With slam fire this gun rules and can fire faster than any other gun in good hands. It is easy to mod with simple internals and kits readily available. The Elite Alpha Trooper is a light weight, simple killing machine.

I've had this gun for a while. It has reliable slam fire, which allows it to fire as fast as an unmodded machine gun, and doesn't require spinning up any flywheels. It's also accurate, has good range, and never jams, and the 12-dart clip has plenty enough capacity for spraying opponents. A shame that you never really see these online or in stores anymore.

Easily the best for sale number of reasons. Range and accuracy first and foremost. Second, is volume of fire. With extended mags and easy magazine changes you can put out more darts, more accurately than anyone in the room. This gun is actually less likely to jam when using slam fire. Nothing fancy, simple and effective.

WOW this one was crazy and I mean it. I totally pulverised the gang and this has been one of my first choice guns if I am in a dire situation. Sure there are better ones in the Elite but it's a total rescuer.

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5 Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire

If you have new darts and batteries with full ammo then this is the best gun. It's a shame they only get sold with 24 darts but at least you can use other clips that can hold 10 or 12 darts. (I removed the disc thing around the clips because they are not needed and they make the gun much bigger and a little heavier.)

Awesome gun! Biggest capacity in the whole nerf age! Doesn't jam a lot, but the only thing is they only sell this baby with 24 darts out of 144 darts. Awesome gun who ever think this gun is suck is a loser! ( double loser)

I just went out on the battlefield a few minutes ago, and I had the hail-fire with me, suddenly 2 players came for the flag, (a recon barrel) but I got both of them with a 25 dart drum before they got it.


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6 Nerf N-strike Rhino Fire

Very amazing gun! We had a very LARGE Nerf Gun "war" at our church and this thing didn't JAM ONCE! I loved it! Now, to the bad stuff...It is not very accurate. For instance, If you were aiming for single people like a "Nerf Sniper" would this gun would not make a pleasing experience! It is also VERY BULKY! You would need a table or something to hold it up. Now the gun having NO ACCURACY WHATSOEVER does have a SLIGHT advantage...If a large group of people came in you could just keep firing your gun! It IS an AUTOMATIC so it MAY JAM! Overall I had a GREAT experience with this gun and WOULD recommend it to a friend! I would have to tell them about the Bulkiness, No Accuracy, Etc. Overall a 8/10! Very good Gun!

This gun is amazing, makes for epic battles. Sit at the entrance to your base with the tripod on and wait for the enemy to come. Epic highly recommend

Amazing gun holds 50 bullets crazy range and rapid fire you don't get much of those guns. Nice that they have a tripod for a big gun useful for sniping


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7 Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Basically Maverick on steroids bro, Strongarm is way more powerful, and it doesn't jam like every time you shoot, unlike the Maverick, where the sucker darts keep on popping up. Love the slam fire as well. Dual wielding with Strongarm is easy, as all you have to do is attach a string to the slides of each gun, and when you need to cock them, just pull the guns away from each other and boom! I use this combo along with a triad when playing CTF

I don't recommend this as a primary but as a secondary, this thing is the beast. You easily pull back the gray primer to prime the gun. You can also slam fire which is great if you need to use your secondary in a nerf war. It holds 6 darts at a time (great for a pistol) and there's a cool button for the barrel to fall out allowing you to reload. While reloading, if you spin the barrel it makes an awesome clicking noise which I thought was really cool. When ever I shoot it at someone up to 15 feet away, it hurts, a lot. Great secondary gun.

As with most all Nerf Guns, the accuracy is not great, due to the holes on the side of the darts, but ver powerful, and small enough to carry around without getting in your way, and slam fire! Very good gun all around, and easy to mod, which is a bonus!

Small and Powerful - 6 Shots without reloading!

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8 Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe

A fantastic gun. I especially love the amazing rate of fire it gets, as it fires much faster than any other flywheel blaster except for the raven. Is excellent for moving across open spaces and is considerably more lightweight than something like the rapid strike.

This gun is awesome! It is only 20$ normally but I got mine for 13$. You need a big clip though because it empties the 6-clip in no time flat. Great gun, but get an 18-dart clip with it for the most dart capacity.

Very cool gun. Has a very high rate of fire and has a lot of tactical rails for expansions. When I got it I thought it would be just for beginners but it is used by many pros. I recommend this gun for any children any age.

This gun is a very good gun that is great for a beginner the jams barley happen they are also easy to un-jam it is fast relatively cheap and a very good beginner gun I rated it five out of five

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9 Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher Two-in-One

Got this for my nephew's bday. I wish nerf guns in my day looked this kool and was a semi automatic. All I had was ballzooka. Yeah, wow, fun. Anyways, it's a semi shooting above elite ranges with a grenade launcher when you're clipped out of darts. Battery consumption is reasonable for this big fly wheel spitting out darts from the kool banana clip. So what else can you ask for. Oh yea, that giant sized bullet can hurt if you get one really good pump. Definitely don't aim that to the face!

This is an awesome nerf gun the rapid strike is better for a nerf war but I like this better it has the most power in the entire nerf history and if you shoot it on some guy in a nerf war that guy will get hurt and hesitate so that's why I would prefer this nerf n strike elite demolished 2in 1 blaster

I have this gun, and all I have to do to win a war is rev the loud engine. And when I shoot, the bullet flies fast and accurate. The only problem is that the missiles break to easily. Still, it beats out every other gun on the market!

This was truly a amazing gun. Looks cool and the ability to shoot both darts and missle is very good. The only problem is that it's jams sometimes but it can be avoided.

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10 Nerf N-Strike Elite Roughcut

Not my favorite primary, but definitely my favorite side arm. never had problems with gun handling, and it is great for close quarter fighting where larger blasters are unwieldy and don't get the spray effect this does. Best sidearm I have ever owned

I just recently got it and agree with the people that suggest it being a secondary weapon. This gun is unpredictable and often has rough jams. The range and accuracy will vary every shot itch does give you an advantage because the enemy will have to guess where the two bullets will go as they fly at them at different speeds and patterns. This gun in my opinion is worth it!

This gun is more of a secondary weapon in my book. It is pretty reliable and has considerable accuracy and speed. It can fire one or two shots at a time, which is interesting since you can determine a situation where you need to save or let loose a flurry of bullets. Overall, it's a reliable and decent secondary weapon.

Literally what happened to me: I was using this Against a Rhinofire and *Music Intensifies*
DUN DUN DUN he gut rekt m8t3

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11 Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad

Don't judge by it's looks. This little side arm is very very misleading with it's size to power ratio. If you think this is a pee wee blaster with no kick, you'll be surprised when the person who is shot by this is left with a mark. Smart ar, compact, and can hang with or destroy some of the other elite guns in comparison. And lastly, dirt cheap.

This tiny pistol has a lot more power than its looks suggest. It is easily the best sidearm choice out there, since it can shoot powerfully and accurately and with a decent range. Dual wielding with a sword in one hand and this pistol in the other, I ruin the battle field! With just the pistol, as long as you're a little athletic, you can out pace even the rapid fire, due to its ability to shoot so well!

When I got this for Christmas I thought it was going to shoot a couple of feet and then I shot it at my brother and it packs a punch. Really cheap and quick and easy to reload. Perfect gun for me

I an a sniper with it

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12 Nerf Elite Mega Centurion

This Nerf blaster is very cool, but honestly it's impractical. First of all it's overpriced, it's bulky, it's way too big, it doesn't actually fire 100 feet :/ and its capacity is limited. - VintagePetRaptor

I think that there is A LOT of HATE for this gun! Although it may sting A LITTLE it DOES NOT HURT! I think that this is a VERY FUN "Sniper" gun! Overall a 7/10 Review.

This gun looks epic, and as soon as I saw it I bought the sonic ice version. I have to say, it can shoot insanely far, but it isn't very accurate past 15 meters. It also hits HARD. Since it is designed for long range, and my nerf war area is pretty small, I basically only use it for shooting targets. Seriously though, this thing can make a grown man cry!

To beast to say anything

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13 Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

My first gun ever, it shoots really really really far & is great for a secondary ( or main gun if you think its that good.) The loading of this gun is slightly harder than average, however I have no problem with loading it. This gun has a laser that is really nice and much much better than the glowshot. Overall this is one of the best guns... EVER!

My first gun and its great when it comes to accuracy and weight but it has a very long reload time and small dart capacity I'm talking five seconds per dart. A good secondary side arm.

This pistol is by far the best pistol nerf EVER made. It has a fantastic laser, shoots extremely far and has spots for two more darts. The laser only takes 2 AAA batteries which are super cheap. I would recommend this gun to absolutely everybody. I don't which is better, this or the retaliator. WARNING : this thing stings. A lot.

This gun is my favorite just because of the nostalgia it gives me when I use it, it can be great as a secondary or a main in a pistol only competition. Great gun over all!

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14 Nerf N-Strike Magstrike

Great can shoot ten bullets in a sec great for spraying at big amount of people!

Of course not you ass!

Don't swear boy


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15 Nerf Lightning Bow

Amazing bow it has long range and hard shots when I did nerd gun game I put this gun in for a reason

Great if you ad your friends are playing the hunger games

So cool! Best primary you will ever have, and the darts pack a punch! it is super accurate, and it with the thunder bow and lightning bow sounds cool! Thunder and lightning!

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16 Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster

Very inaccurate and rather pointless. Could be used as a cover gun but the capacity is pretty low.

Very useful just time worthy to reload.

Good fun and easy to use against anyone in a nerf gun war. Has good fire power too. Shot my brother a few times and he had red dots on his arms for weeks.

IT HAS AN ON/OFF SWITCH! - socoolmudkip

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17 Hail Fire EX

Shoots really fast has has the most ammo of any nerf blaster

It sucks duh you people

It is so powerful and holds a lot of ammo

Its an aoto with 104 darts and I keep it special but for the cons its very loud

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18 Nerf N-Strike Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster


Nerf Cam Sucks here in 80 dollars buy a nerf gun that's better than this nerf cam like the rampage rapidstrike.3 mega pixel in 2015 this is not acceptable it would be kay if it records like my iPhone 5s

I work for nerf they do terrible things. All they want is dough.

Add a scope to it

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19 Nerf Crossbolt

It shoots far and is super accurate. It has loads of power and it is very fun to play with.

This is the best Nerf gun I ever got it's so awesome it like never jams it shoots more powerfully than some guns.

What u people talking about this is the strongest but least accurate gun ever seriously maverick is better than this so called crossbolt I hate it

I love it

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20 Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt

A classic example of being simultaneously the best gun and the worst gun it is invaluable for any elite and can outmaneuver any other gun in a close couters skirmish however it is neither a primary nor secondary gun but rather a situational gun that can decide a battle depending on how it is used in the hands of an expert a completely overpowered tool that can easily take out single enemies however a beginner has no business using it in a war except in case you run out of ammo it the chance of it jamming is astronomically low even when most guns eventually become less reliable and it has very little disadvantage to keeping in your inventory at any time and the only one of its kind and even though the triad ex-3 can shoot 3 times without reload its reliability decreases over time and can be outmaneuvered or get stuck in your pocket at the very worst of times all and all a gun truly in its own league and given the cost and size no real downside to getting and yes I actually do put ...more

Best backup weapon ever, very concealable and compact it may be small but it still shoots as hard as any other nerf gun. It is also quick and easy to load. Great nerf gun and one of my favorites

This gun got awesome range with amazing accuracy, and it is best when you are running out of ammo and want a gun that you can fire single handed. I love this gun, but still Triad is just too awesome.


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