Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator


This gun is my favorite nerf gun because of the mad sneak attacks. I love this gun and have used it in many nerf wars, and I have won 60%of the time. I love this gun! I am not going to lie but it does take some getting used to loading and sometimes jam but I mean what stock/clip nerf gun doesn't jam once in a while. But It works really well if you are a nerf fan or just a noob this is a great gun to buy. I highly recommend this blaster. Five stars!

This gun is amazing. it is my first N-strike elite gun and it is worth it. It never jams and can be reassembled very easily. the detachable stock and barrel means you can increase or decrease wight, power and accuracy. It is easy to modify so it can be even better. Overall an amazing buy that I recommend.

I have no idea why this gun isn't number one. It's easy to modify, can shoot really quickly, doesn't need batteries, jam rate is extremely low, and extremely reliable. It's the best nerf gun in the world in my opinion. If your hesitating about if you should get this gun or not, just get it already. It's just the best.

Best gun I have ever had! Easy to reload, pretty darn accurate, powerful, great for nerf wars. This was the first nerf gun I had ever had! I guess I made a good decision of choosing a nerf gun! Low price too, extra space on the handle for an extra nerf bullet, one clip; 12 bullets! Can attach a scope too!

This gun is just overpowered. It is just amazing 5 parts in the box and create a blaster for any situation the stock is very comfortable but maybe a bit too small for older kids but the grip is just magnificent! So comfortable comes with a 12 dart clip and a good price here in Australia $29

If I were you I would buy this gun and buy an extra clip so if I'm out of ammo then I just have to take out the clip and put in the other one so I won't have to run around the map trying to pick up bullets and putting them into the clip and it's super easy and fast to reload to the next clip

I don't have one personally, but I have used my friends before. This is a classic Nerf Gun! It can be holstered without the stock and barrel, or you can attack everything for a sick looking blaster. This blaster may have inspired the Modulus line

The NERF Retaliator is by far the best gun EVER! It has amazing ranges and decent accuracy. I actually only shoot trees in my backyard, I don't do NERF wars (even though I've done a few small ones and there fun) this thing DESTROYS the time limit

The gun is awesome barley ever jams and can be awesome as a pistol, it shoots fast and reload is fast, and its totally useful in any combat. But it jams mysteriously, nothing is wrong but it just randomly does it. Over all it's the best semi automatic of all time.

This gun is amazing! Now I know people will be like "it doesn't have slam fire! Forget that! If you want to fire fast get a motorised nerf gun but this thing is so powerful and with barrel really accurate GET THIS GUN!

This gun's ability to be customized from an assault rifle to a pistol is amazing, and its flawless accuracy is even better. The only downfall to the Retaliator is that its range decreases over time, but it is still my favorite primary

It can shoot far and and guess what, it still hurts from a far range. This Nerf Gun I think is very good, does not Jam much, or it might be I'm reloading TOO fast. This gun might have one of the best range, and power.

By far the most accurate gun, I can shoot a bottle cap from about 25 yards away, it's easy to figure out the power on it, and the attachments are very good. Reload is amazing, never jams, very smooth and quick.

The retaliator is amazing it takes maybe a minute to piece together with the barrel and stock. It doesn't take that long to reload. Although it does get jammed. I mean what nerf gun wouldn't. But luckily they are easy fix jams

Awesome nerf gun that will fire rapidly, the only problem I ever had is that I run out of bullets pretty quickly. Besides that, it's DEFINITELY one of the best guns I've used, and is easy to carry around.

I absolutely LOVE this gun! It's reliable, it has good range and it's a good scout rifle all around, if you don't want a faster rate of fire, this is the best gun. The only problem is that it jams. But it's great if you overlook that!

Amazing! I just bought one and it is the best gun I have ever used. The 4 custom models make it great in any type of battle and because it has a clip I can reload it easily. I recommend this to everyone!

The gun is awesome. It can be also transformed from semi-auto to fully automatic with some simple changes to the system in the Nerf Retaliator

I love the gun because it cool and it is stock barrel grip and 12 mag is awesome but the problem with the gun is it sometimes jammed and it is annoying plus it was my first Nerf gun I ever owned and overall I love the gun.

The Retaliator is the fifth NERF gun I have ever purchased and by far my favorite. The reload is amazing (capable of firing two bullets in a second), and it's tactical rail and upgrades make it superior to many others. It also has amazing range. It is generally great blaster. I one went up against two people (One with the Firestrike and one with the Sharpfire) and won with this blaster. I highly recommend this great NERF weapon.

My friend and I were in the middle of a Nerf war between his girlfriend and my girlfriend, both him and his girlfriend use the Retaliator, I used the Strongarm.

It is so powerful! It goes very far so I can get my enemies in far range! You can take off the barrel stock and then it makes it lighter. This gun is great for close combat and sniping!

This blaster is an upgrade of the recon that has more power, range, fewer jams, and similar accuracy. This blaster has best accuracy (stock) of all Nerf I have ever used (30+blasters).

Best never jams beast mode resets easily lonely it light and awesome great price great for war accuracy 12 clip best thing ever Nerf has ever made

Works great with jolt and triad as handgun and secondary. As good as the elite spectre, or better.