Top 10 Best Elite Nerf Guns

The New N-Strike Elite Line came in 2012 and rolled over N-strike. So which of these new guns are the best?

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61 Nerf Demolisher 2in1

Best Flywheel Blaster by far. Plus, the missile is a cool touch. It has amazing ranges and the banana clip is realistic and cool.

This gun is amazing.
Should've made into top three because of everything like its banana clip and missile.
And it's very unique color.

THIS IS AMAZING...this should've been in top has 2 rockets and darts!

62 Nerf Raider Rapidfire

A great gun. My neighbor has one and he let me borrow it for a day and its amazing. Best gun ever.

I love it it is sweet up close EPIC Gun.

I have an old one with a 35 round round drum and a original stock bought it used sill by far better than my two Retaliators witch don't have slam fire witch the raider does have

63 Nerf N-Strike Recon Cs-6

It sucks DO NOT buy it. It is discontinued which should stop you. I have destroyed SO MANY darts with this gun (don't even want to call it a gun) don't buy it on eBay or anywhere.

This gun is my best gun and it has so many combos. I would recommend it to anybody.

If you want a rifle gun like this just get the retailator it barely jams and shoots much much farther

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64 Nerf N-Strike SharpFire Blaster

Honestly, this is a piece of crap. Even the jolt is ranked much higher than this and that's saying something!

Its awesome it can be like 6 different like you know forms

Low range but good accury

It's plainy amazing. I love how it's like a modulus

65 Nerf N‑Strike Elite Crossbolt Blaster

Its here 2 times. It's the best

66 Mega Rotofury

Really OP. Great intimidation and range. It only has a capacity of 10, but the darts are really easy to load quickly into the revolving barrel. It has great looks, too.

Just plain extreme speed and fire power. I would rate it 2nd place

Mega rotofury is beautifuly built, it can slam fire, high range, look awesome, very good gun for primary.

100 feet op gun can't get better than than(if you don't count the nerf Rival Apollo)

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67 Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

Great silent rapid fire nerf gun.

Best nerf gun!


So good

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68 Double Dealer

Constantly jams, not very accurate, is cool but overall is terrible

69 Nerf Dualstrike


70 Nerf Elite SuperTech 9000
71 Nerf N-Strike Element
72 Nerf Brigamo 427
73 Nerf Combat Night Vision Glasses

It lets you see in the dark while still in action.

Really good for night nerf wars

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74 Nerf Elite Firestrike

It is a great handgun

Love the lazer

75 Nerf N‑Strike Mega Roto Fury Blaster

My brother has this gun it is great I wish I would I would have got it I highly recommend it great gun

Awesome gun,it's the fastest firing mega gun there is. It's the primary if you run on megas

Best mega gun. It has the biggest mega barrel so far and has slam fire. grip is nice, and shoots far


76 Nerf N Strike Snapfire

Awesome ranges on this thing!

77 Nerf Zombie Strike Zed Squad Longshot CS-12

Awesome sniper. I modified it so my target could not stand the accuracy and power. You can put on the retaliator's extension barrel and lot's of other barrels. It seems to be easy to modify the longshot cs-12.

78 Nerf Triad 3x3

It's like jolt x 3

Amasing and best value

79 Nerf Vortex Nitron

Off the shelf this gun can sometimes outgun the rapidstrike with more ammo and disks instead of darts so its bit more accurate (I think)

The nerf gun whith 30 bullets that can shoot so far

80 Nerf Vortex Pyragon Blaster

Comes with a 40 disc drum and fires 4 discs per second the only problem is it is uncomfortable and it dosen't sute a scope

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