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1 Elsa got her powers from an accident

When Elsa was a little girl, she accidentally ran outside without her parents knowing and then she got so much ice in her system it caused her to get those powers. - MeaganSaysHI

But she was born with those powers.

2 Rosalina and Elsa are related

How are Rosalina and Elsa related to each other? Sisters or girl cousins? Huh?

Rosalina came before Elsa.

3 Anna, Rapunzel, and Honey Lemon are long lost triplets

At least Rapunzel and Honey Lemon are sister-less in canon but why Anna and Elsa had to be portrayed to be sisters in canon anyway?

Seriously. How is this a theory? Because they're all Disney characters? - RalphBob

Why can't Anna and Elsa be better off sister-less in canon too? Huh?

Anna of Aren-delle (Frozen) & Rapunzel of Corona (Tangled) - I’m fairly certain that these/those two European royal princesses would be best friends if they've ever met each other in person during their childhood in canon. They practically have identical personalities, and they've both equally grown up friendless, lonely, alone and isolated, Anna because her brat of a sister, Elsa shut her out for past thirteen years ago even without any explanations at all, Rapunzel because she was locked in an isolated tower with only Pascal and occasionally Mother Gothel for company past eighteen years ago. I feel like if they've ever met during their childhood in canon, they'd just click. They'd be the type of best friends who could hang out for hours and hours, talking, having fun, and never get sick of each other at all. Also, they look extremely similar, so they could practically be identical twins! Ah, if only these two had grown up together with not only just each other but also with Honey ...more

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4 Anna and Elsa's parents are actually alive on a small island

No,they were eaten by a leopard and had a son who was raised by gorrilas...

5 Elsa got her powers from eating magic snow

Turns out the magic snow is actually piss filled snow - SirSkeletorThe3rd

She was born with ice powers and yet, we never ever even got to find out how at all.

Really? For real?

6 Elsa got her powers from a possible great-grandparent


For real?

7 Anna is actually a witch in hiding
8 Anna secretly feeling overshadowed by Elsa

Man, I just wish Anna grew up away from Aren-delle in canon. I also wish Anna was a greater villainess who gets nothing but real revenge on Elsa for shutting her out, on her parents for neglecting her in the focus on Elsa and on Grand Pabbie for taking all of her true, real, old, original memories of Elsa's ice magic powers and the childhood accident if only she finally earned all the original, true, real, old memories of Elsa's ice magic powers and the childhood accident/incident at last.

Thanks for putting this one on this list. After all, Frozen was too much Anna but not enough Elsa at all.

Yeah, Elsa's canon characterization wasn't given enough to do at all either like it should've back then before, was it?

Snow White and Rose Red are better sisters than Anna and Elsa in every way anyway, aren't they?

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9 Elsa's secret is that she likes to freeze people to death
10 Anna's fire magic powers

I'm still not happy with the fact that Grand Pabbie for not thinking about telling Elsa and her parents an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart at all like he should've back the before during Elsa's childhood. Ever since Elsa herself was only just a little baby princess who was born with ice magic powers, her parents should've thought about doing anything to save their little girl, Elsa from living in isolation in Aren-delle for a long time back then before. They especially should've correctly showed Elsa how to love, accept and embrace not only just her ice magic powers but also herself for who she really was actually born to be back when Elsa was only just under the age of eight back then.

It wasn't fair that Elsa was the only one with magic, was it?

Anna's fire magic powers of anger, fury, rage, resentment, indignation.

I detest canon!

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11 Elsa is a misandrist

She and Merida are single.

12 Anna's ex-boyfriend Hans is actually a werewolf

I can believe that. - RalphBob

13 Elsa is the original Snow Queen's biological daughter

Or Elsa is the original Snow Queen's and the original Snow King's one, only biological daughter.

14 Anna was originally a chicken
15 Elsa was born into the Malfoy family

We entirely love to imagine if Elsa was a real British instead of a Norwegian as she spoke in a real british accent instead of American accent or even Norwegian accent. Hopefully, she still will be born with ice powers even if she was directly, alternatively born into the Malfoy family.

We entirely love to imagine if Anna was thrown into an altered, alternative world/universe where Anna and Elsa were entirely born unrelated to each other which it entirely would've been a lot better that is.

Ever since Elsa's hair is platinum blonde just like all the other Malfoy generations so far, I'd rather like the idea of Elsa being portrayed as a Malfoy more than a Love-good.

We rather like the idea of Anna and Elsa being portrayed as worst enemies than best friends.

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16 Anna was born into the Weasley family

Anna and Elsa should be portrayed as worst enemies instead of best friends.

Man, Anna deserves to be portrayed as Ron's other sister instead of Elsa's sister.

17 Anna was raised by Norwegian wild animals in the Norwegian wilderness in Norway

So the less Elsa and Anna have to be isolated together with each other the better.

After all, she's a wild animal herself.

They should of eaten her, like in HISHE Jungle book.

18 Anna and Elsa are either adopted/adoptive sisters or half sisters with either the same father or same mother

Poor Elsa's screwed up.

19 Tarzan is Elsa and Anna's brother

Both Elsa and Anna are equally brother-less.

Maybe the parents crashed onto Africa, they raised Tarzan, but the leopard ate them. The only problem:Tarzan is 9999999999999999 times better than Frozen!

20 Diclonius Anna

Elfen Lied.

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