Top 10 Email Forensics Tools

Use of Digital Devices have given rise to a new form of crime in the name of Digital Crime. From violent to technocrat criminals, every one of them is making use of Digital Devices. To control these crimes or to investigate them, digital forensics play a key role. Most of the evidences can be extracted from email messages, etc. as this new medium is very much used for sending of encrypted and secret messages. To investigate emails, attachments, etc. Email Forensics, a branch of Digital Forensics comes in use.

After a thorough study and analysis, I am listing certain tools that I think are the most advanced and best Email Forensics tools.

The Top Ten

1 Email Forensics MailXaminer Standalone Application

MailXaminer is the latest and advanced Digital Forensics and eDiscovery tool that has the caliber to analyze and investigate any type of email file formats. - Elizabeth_Anderson

Yes this tool is really very helpful. The best part is that it can even analyze the web - based emails.

2 4n6 Email Forensics Tool
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