Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen to You In Class at School

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1 Farting by accident

I did it while on a beanbag chair I blamed the chair and got away

Once I had a loud fart while we were doing a lockdown drill at school everyone heard my fart and smelt it, I was so embarrassed

That would be so embarrasing I fortunatly have never done that but I feel bad for the people who have.

This happened to me once on my first day at a new school I was embarrased

2 Cry in front of your mates

This happens a lot. I get stressed really easily, cry, then have to get stared at for the rest of the lesson. I go red with stress, then either go to the counsellor or avoid people as I switch classes.

I have anxiety, and it’s really hard to manage, so this happens to me sometimes. I want to crawl into a hole when I cry in front of my class

I done this a few times when I got hurt or something, the last time I did was grade 10 after a very depressing assembly

I cried so many times at school because of silly reasons.. Everyone started crowding around me... So embarrassing.. :c
I can't get the times I cried in front of my classmates and teachers out of my head...

3 Soiling your pants

Kid: I need to go to the bathroom!
Teacher: No, you need to wait for 1 eternity.
Kid's bladder: *boom boom*

People would probably tease you about having to wear a diaper.

It happened to me the first day of high school because I didn't go to the toilet before classes started. After being shown around the school the very first teacher told everyone leaving class for any reason wasn't an option and anyone asking would get detention.

Problem was I already needed to go and it wasn't long before it started forcing its way into my underwear. It wasn't smelly and no one seemed to notice so I decided to pretend nothing was wrong. I also believed not wearing underwear was a really bad thing and I would get expelled if I got found out.

No one said anything for the rest of the day so I thought I had got away with it until the next day.

Yup me in FORTH GRADE. My teacher wouldn't let me go even though I REALLY had too.

4 Being made fun of about your crush on someone in front of the whole class

Someone revealed my crush, (one of the worst days in my life.) I will NEVER tell anyone on my class again.

My friends don't know I have a crush because one of them dislikes him.

One of my friends told it to the whole class I cried and the principal had to call my parents because I would not come out of the girls bathroom.

Someone did that to one of my friends once, I feel really bad for him, because now his crush and all of their friends hate him.

5 The pants' zipper is open

I don't wear pants in school (we have uniforms). But this does often happen to me when I wear pants or shorts outside the school.

Yep..My jean zipper was open and some kids saw my underwear and said "Haha I bet you wear pink panties! " I got called Pink Panties for a week -.-

My zipper is open and one student saw it and see that I am not wearing underwear

I get extremely paranoid about that so I always check multiple times...

6 Calling the teacher mommy

my classmate called our teacher "Ding-Dong on the second day of fifth grade. I miss those days so much

One time I accidentally said that to my least favorite teacher. One of the biggest regrets in my school history...

I called my friend mom once

I feel so bad for the person who called their friend mom.

7 Shouting the Wrong Answer In Confidence

Teacher: Ok class what is 2+2?
Dumb/smart kid: 34!
Teacher: Johnny! its wrong!
Teacher: Isabella, What is 2+2?
Isabella: 4!
Teacher: Good! you get no homework for the rest of the year!

This happened to me a few times in secondary school, and one was in science. I kept on getting the question wrong until after 4 tries. Everyone laughed loudly (because my school is one of the top school and there are people who think they're so smart and posh. It's kinda annoying sometimes). But when this other kid got a question, less laughs and also I don't laugh at other people much when they get it wrong depends if it's a really silly answer then yes sometimes. I get so embarrassed because of this and sad and annoyed because the other kid got less laughs. Sometimes you are just that unlucky kid you know.

One time when we were doing fractions with a relief teacher, she asked me a question: "a half of a pizza or a twenty third of a pizza? " Something like that. Anyway, the teacher had asked another student a different question. And the student said "twenty third". Then the teacher asked me the question I said she asked me and I said "twenty third". No. Half. That was so embarrassing.

Makes you seem dumb

8 Puking in front of the hole class

It happened to me in 2nd grade. At lunchtime, my tummy hurt and I suddenly threw up on my tray, that I had to go to the clinic immediately and go home too soon, and I had to stay home the next day.

One time in 2nd grade I was sick and throwing up at school. So I felt nauseous when we were busy in small groups. So I told the teacher I have to throw up, and she said run to the bathroom. So I ran as fast as I could down the hallway to the girls bathroom. I was right in front of the door when I threw up on my sweater. I went in to the stall and went on my knees and began to retch. The vomit was green and oily. I came back a few minutes later and the teacher asked if I was okay, I said I was okay. So then we had spanish class and I had a terrible headache and I felt queasy. Then I burped and felt vomit swish up my throat, but it went back down. At lunch, I ate nothing and put my head down. We came back from lunch and had fruit and vegetables. I ate two green beans and then felt very nauseous. I told the teacher I have to vomit again. She said stand over the trash can. So I grab the trash bin and start gagging and throwing up like crazy in front of the whole class and I had fell down ...more

This happened to me too many times. But one time I remember very vividly was when I was around eight or nine. So I went to school in Ireland and in Irish primary schools it was a requirement to learn the recorder (basically a more annoying version of the tin whistle). Now at the time, for medical reasons, I had very poor motor skills and my finger coordination wasn't the best so my teacher used to like hate me for that and one day, I was in school and my family had the stomach bug. I got my notes on the recorder wrong and while the teacher was shouting at, I full on projectile vomited in her face. Safe to say she didn't even speak to me or tell me off ever again afterwards!

Does that really matter? It’s just puking, it only means that your ill

9 Being caught kissing/flirting someone

At my school kissing was banned, but that just made people do it more! There were online dares and most of the school participated.

When I had a crush, (After it was revealed) I'd act creepy and call her hot. (THANK GOD I DON'T LIKE ANYONE ANYMORE.)

I would never do that, no one likes me, even though I am attractive.

I would never do that in the first place, but that would be extremely embarrassing!

10 Someone pulls your underwear

There was one boy who did that to me when I was a kindergaden, in I was so mad and embarrsed that the teacher had to move me away from him.

But not only in class once my enemy calls me to play chess in which the losers have to pull his pants and shirts so first he loses then he said no I will not be naked so I said ok don't be naked, but next day he challenges me again and call his very strong friends this time I lose so he said pull your pants down then I pull my pants down and all my clothes except my underwear but his friends pulls my underwear down and I am naked and then he take me to girls room so embarrassing!.

I was about 17 and I went to a boarding school. My friend,who happened to be a girl, got annoyed at me. This happened late at night. She and her other friends got hold of me and tied me to a tree in the courtyard so that I couldn't move. It was generally embarrassing to be on the tree and tied up but then she yanked my trousers down. Her friend then suggested that they took my clothes and put them back in my dorm. They did that and I was left there all night stuck to the tree. I got detention in the morning.

I was wearing sweat pants, a girl pulled em down. And I wasn't wearing underwear. So embarrassing.

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11 Pooping in your pants in front of everyone

Sucks to be that person, or more like stinks to be that person!

I accidentally started on the bus once...

That has never happened to me or no other kid in my classes.

Never happenes

12 Somebody knocks you down

You should try to avoid trouble as possible but if you already got into one, never get knocked down this can be as dangerous as farting

I tripped down the stairs and broke my leg and it was em bear ass ing

Then you get back up again

This always happens

13 Getting called up to solve something on the board and you don't know it.

That happened to me and I totally winged it because I was in math and our math teacher is the meanest person in the school, yells at you for not knowing the answer! So I just winged it when he asked me to explain it while I worked out the problem, and when I just guessed, I got everything COMPLETELY RIGHT

I hate when this happens! Teachers know when a kid is bad at a certain subject and then they call up that student to solve something IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS.

One of my teachers called a kid to do a hard division problem and the kid was bad at math. The kid said the answer that he thought was right and he got it completely wrong.

Yas, That happened to me once and I panicked and said "I uh..Gotta go to the bathroom.." And ran into the girls bathroom :/ I didn't even have a pass

14 Entering the wrong class

This happened to me three times on the first day of my freshman year. THREE TIMES

Happened to me in year 7 (1st year of secondary school), a bunch of older kids started screaming at me that it wasn't my class. So embarrassing.

There were two home economics teachers and my class for home economics was divided in two so there would be like home economics class 1 and 2 if that makes sense. On my first day of secondary school, I walked into home economics class 2 instead of home economics class 1 and it was so embarassing!

The teacher once asked me to bring something to another teacher and after I brought something to the other teacher I went in the wrong class.

15 Having a period in front of your whole class

Once I leaked in class and I got blood on my chair because the teacher wouldn't let me use the restroom and it was one of those heavy days.

I am a guy and I feel bad that girls have to go through this crap

This is why I come to school prepared with my supplies when it's my time of the month.

I'm just eternally paranoid about this happening to me, but it hasn't yet

16 Teacher tells everyone to pair up but you have no friends in that class

Every time. I just stand around awkwardly until someone gets told that no, they can't be in a three and has to join me.

It was fine in other classes because we were just told to pair up with whoever was beside us but PE was a nightmare when we had to form teams

This happened once and I had to be partners with the teacher.

I have no friends because I look well...different, so I'm always partner with teacher. Trust me it doesn't feel nice.

17 Being caught picking your nose

Okay, so this I really picking my nose but it has something to do with it. One time during math I had this really bad cold and my nose started running. I didn't want to get up and get a tissue because I get super embarrassed, it was dead silent except for my teacher talking. I tried covering it up with my hands but my teacher saw and said "go get a tissue". I was so embarrassed. People thought I was picking my nose.

This was a problem for me until my final year of school. For my birthday, I got my nose pierced and it was ok to wear it to school as long as it was a stud and not a ring or hoop. I had to pick my nose one time and nobody even flinched because they thought I was just adjusting my piercing!

Makes you look nasty

I think getting caught picking your nose is bad because I know a lot of people that do it and they get made fun of

18 Your crush calls you "baby" in front of your teacher, mates

Even worse if it's your mother. Or grandmother.

Wait, is this in the context of "crybaby", or a common nickname someone calls their love?

Not if it a crush but if it a mom

Once in 7th grade, a TEACHER called me her "baby". SO AWKWARD!

19 Your phone rings

Happened to me in math class. The worst part is that I screamed lol

This happened to me twice, the whole class turned to look at me and at the time I had the weirdest song as a ringtone

One time my phone was on vibrate in my backpack.
So my backpack was against my foot and it vibrated so much.
I went to a memorial ceremony in my school, I almost laughed.
When it was over and school was over I checked my phone, I had over 800 notifications from IG from this group chat.

My teacher's ringtone is One by Metallica so I actually like it when it rings.

20 Having an erection while standing in front of everyone in your whole class

This is the most embarrassing thing that could happen in class. If that happened to me it would be the end of my life. Jk

Even worse if you have sweatpants an no underwear on

Don't look at anyone. I'm a guy and I can get an erection just from sitting in a position. When I'm called up and my ding dong springs up, just gotta think of emptiness

It happened to this Kid in my class before and he really likes me and all the boys noticed and the first thing they said was " Daniel has a boner over Cora" I felt so bad for him

21 Talking to your pencil

If your classmates hear you talking to a pencil. EMBARRASSING TIME!

OH my god! Pencil! We only have 4 minutes and I don't know the answer! You cute object! Tell me!

I confidently talk to non-living items, and I'm a very shy person. If anyone gives me a weird look I just say something like you got a problem?

Kid: talks to pencil(actually talking to himself but is looking at his pencil
Kid2: why are you talking to your pencil?! You're weird

22 Somebody pulls the seat when you start to sit

This has happened to me in primary but like the people that did it were just being funny and that so...

Did this to one of my friends just to see what would happen, not expecting it to work. He got such a fright he grabbed the table and pulled it down on him. Me and my friends were laughing so hard we were kicked out of the class until we stopped laughing, which was a while

In music, my friend was about to sit down and I pulled the chair from him and he fell and laid there for 10 seconds (being funny). Almost everyone in the class was laughing and some people decided to do it too. I was laughing my head off.

I fell on my ass and farted killed myself now a ghost boo spooky

23 Wetting yourself in a play

I want to a famous actress when I grow up I’ve already been in a few shows including Snow White where I was one off six dancers and the little mermaid production with kid actors only but on one off the plays I wet my self,all the actors were aware off the situation and the backup player was sent on I got changed into the other costume and went back on in ten minutes

I never been in play

Close call at cinderella when I need to piiiii

Crush: oh yay some water
me: don't use it
(i whisper into my mate's ear and say she gonna wet herself)
mate (whispering): ok
crush: oh my I needa dry myself

24 Accidentally going in to the wrong bathroom!

I had this happen before when I was new to my high school in grade 10, one day during lunch I wasn't used to the hallway, I needed to go to the bathroom, I went inside the girls bathroom by mistake I saw just stalls I went back to check the sign, and I saw the girls bathroom sign, I felt very embarrassed, I was lucky no girls were in the bathroom at the time

I hate when that happens everybody looks at you and it makes you blush

I accidentally did that on the first day of school IN KINDERGARTEN!

Bullies have pushed me into the girls bathroom once.

25 Ejaculating in front of friends

Whoever would masturbate in class is an idiot. They are 99% to get caught.

Now everyone knows you masturbate

Who does that?

I was a little horn dog in 6th grade and it happened...

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