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1 Farting by accident

So this happened today and I am so embarrassed by it so anyway I was in my drama class and we were practicing pantomime. We were doing tug aware and we were practicing facial expressions and pulling. We did a one on one exercise where one of the people of the group pulled the rope against one other person. The kid I was vs was big and I had confidence that I would beat him. So I was pulling hard as I can I had my whole body pushing and I was doing pretty good but all this sudden I farted my face went bright red and I gave up my strength and let the kid pull me. I had my teacher teasing me about it and I was just sitting there so embarrassed

Okay, we all get farts but we try to hold on as possible right? Because if you let only one fart go your reputation and your name is already destroyed, this can be dangerous as hell because you can easily lose your popularity. - AbdRahmanSalah

I was in groups, and we were doing something, then I farted. Everyone in my group started out and ran away from the table, and soon the whole class was out over the small fart, and I got in huge trouble. True Story.

The worst thing that could happen is being paddled In public

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2 Soiling your pants

Person that talked about autumn: Dude, why did yo mention her name? You could of said "I knew some one that..." Your just rude.

One time my friend Jeff told me about this one time in class. He said this kid was standing up and when he lifted a leg, he let out a huge fart, but it might not have been a fart. He when to the nurse and when he came back, he had different pants. - gakupo4eva

A boy at my school pooped in his pants. Poor boy was crying. I guess that is very embarrassing.

I accidentally sharted on the bus once

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3 Cry in front of your mates

I cried so many times at school because of silly reasons.. Everyone started crowding around me... So embarrassing.. :c
I can't get the times I cried in front of my classmates and teachers out of my head...

When I got sent away to another classroom, I was so embarrassed that I cried. It was so embarrassing.

That happens to me when I was in elementary because I never get rewards, getting into trouble, getting hurt, etc.

This has happened to me five hundred times

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4 The pants' zipper is open

Yep..My jean zipper was open and some kids saw my underwear and said "Haha I bet you wear pink panties! " I got called Pink Panties for a week -.-

My zipper is open and one student saw it and see that I am not wearing underwear

I get extremely paranoid about that so I always check multiple times... - DieGedankenSindFrei


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5 Being made fun of about your crush on someone in front of the whole class

One of my friends told it to the whole class I cried and the principal had to call my parents because I would not come out of the girls bathroom.

Once I teased my friend that her crushes brother was walking by, and then she yelled in front of the whole class, mind you, that I was sitting next to my crush. I was mortified.

Well good thing I didn't tell anyone, but my crush's friend said to me "Hey, she (my crush) is pregnant with your baby" whike I was playing basketball. I hope they don't know but I can blackmail her into not telling anyone (if she does know) by telling people her crush.

At my school, people tease other people for having a crush on someone.

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6 Calling the teacher mommy

I called my friend mom once

When I was in elementary this happened luckily one of my friends heard it no one else we laughed a tiny about it and forgot at the next period - lol2016

I feel so bad for the person who called their friend mom.


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7 Being caught kissing/flirting someone

I was caught with my friend Osman while practicing homosexuality in Sudan but soon I realized that many of my mates do the same. Alhamdolillah

This part is inappropriate

In Mr. Tyler's class @ Burns Valley he said girls call over boy to help them with there math problems just to flirt even though they sit next to each other, and by the way HE puts us like that! So like seriously, dude, back off!

P.S. Sorry with all of the punctuation my step-dad is Mr.Tyler and My mo is Mrs. Tyler (Both Teachers @ BVS) (My Last Name Is NOT Tyler, Its Lambert)

8 Someone pulls your underwear

But not only in class once my enemy calls me to play chess in which the losers have to pull his pants and shirts so first he loses then he said no I will not be naked so I said ok don't be naked, but next day he challenges me again and call his very strong friends this time I lose so he said pull your pants down then I pull my pants down and all my clothes except my underwear but his friends pulls my underwear down and I am naked and then he take me to girls room so embarrassing!.

Once some strong boys come and say to me and my three weak friends that if anyone gives wrong answer they will be forced to take off their clothes so except me my other friends are giving right answers so I have to be naked in front of my class and the last answer was also incorrect so a guy pull my pink under wear and everyone take cool pictures so embarassing for me.

I was wearing sweat pants, a girl pulled em down. And I wasn't wearing underwear. So embarrassing.

I always wear underwear but one I wear my sisters underwear and some strong boys pull my pants down and then underwear in front of whole class

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9 Shouting the Wrong Answer In Confidence

This happened to me a few times in secondary school, and one was in science. I kept on getting the question wrong until after 4 tries. Everyone laughed loudly (because my school is one of the top school and there are people who think they're so smart and posh. It's kinda annoying sometimes). But when this other kid got a question, less laughs and also I don't laugh at other people much when they get it wrong depends if it's a really silly answer then yes sometimes. I get so embarrassed because of this and sad and annoyed because the other kid got less laughs. Sometimes you are just that unlucky kid you know.

One time when we were doing fractions with a relief teacher, she asked me a question: "a half of a pizza or a twenty third of a pizza? " Something like that. Anyway, the teacher had asked another student a different question. And the student said "twenty third". Then the teacher asked me the question I said she asked me and I said "twenty third". No. Half. That was so embarrassing.

Makes you seem dumb - AnonymousChick

I do that all the time

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10 Being caught picking your nose

Okay, so this I really picking my nose but it has something to do with it. One time during math I had this really bad cold and my nose started running. I didn't want to get up and get a tissue because I get super embarrassed, it was dead silent except for my teacher talking. I tried covering it up with my hands but my teacher saw and said "go get a tissue". I was so embarrassed. People thought I was picking my nose.

I think getting caught picking your nose is bad because I know a lot of people that do it and they get made fun of

One time when I picked my nose, I got a bloody nose.

I have been caught doing that once

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11 Having a period in front of your whole class

This is why I come to school prepared with my supplies when it's my time of the month. - Pegasister12

This is so true no one that year let me live it down for a long time. I totally agree this should be number i!

This happened

Hate when that happens... then it leads to bad cramps making people vomit.

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12 Your crush calls you "baby" in front of your teacher, mates

Even worse if it's your mother. Or grandmother. - PositronWildhawk

Wait, is this in the context of "crybaby", or a common nickname someone calls their love?

She hated me cause of my anger and the music I listen too (I listen to Metal and she listens to pop)

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13 Talking to your pencil

If your classmates hear you talking to a pencil. EMBARRASSING TIME!

I confidently talk to non-living items, and I'm a very shy person. If anyone gives me a weird look I just say something like you got a problem?

OH my god! Pencil! We only have 4 minutes and I don't know the answer! You cute object! Tell me!

I talk to non-real objects, but, pencils? Dear God!

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14 Somebody pulls the seat when you start to sit

Did this to one of my friends just to see what would happen, not expecting it to work. He got such a fright he grabbed the table and pulled it down on him. Me and my friends were laughing so hard we were kicked out of the class until we stopped laughing, which was a while - Danielsun182

In music, my friend was about to sit down and I pulled the chair from him and he fell and laid there for 10 seconds (being funny). Almost everyone in the class was laughing and some people decided to do it too. I was laughing my head off.

This guy pulled the.chair out from behind me and I wasn't wearing a bra and my boobs came out of my shirt the guy then said nice boobs

Happened to me
It didn't hurt though.luckilly I am the class clown so they laughed with me in stead of at me.😝

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15 Your phone rings

One of my mates was always like that, ha ha his mum had always rung at him and his mobile got taken away. - AbdRahmanSalah

That happens to me all the time, it went off in my French exam and my ringtone was walk this way by run dmc

Teachers are greedy thieves who snatch phones when they hear ringtones.

When I was in 10th,once it happened wide me.. My phone was taken away for half month... D.: (

16 Wetting yourself in a play


17 Having an erection while standing in front of everyone in your whole class

Even worse if you have sweatpants an no underwear on

This also happened to me once. Extremely embarrassing. - Freddy_Fazbear

Dude this happens to me all the time. I HATE how the girls are just staring at you.

Go girls, all we have to do is shove a tampon somwhere, and that's nit obvious, tee hee, we get all the petks of life

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18 Somebody knocks you down

You should try to avoid trouble as possible but if you already got into one, never get knocked down this can be as dangerous as farting - AbdRahmanSalah

19 Entering the wrong class

First day of the year. Wrong building during an assembly and everyone just looks and giggles at me. Was pretty funny.

You enter the wrong class and come to know of it after some time and by that time everybody knows it.

I walked into a class that had pupils 4 years older than me

This happened to me once. So embarrassing!

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20 Accidentally going in to the wrong bathroom!

That happened to me at my high school on my first year I wasn't used to the area then I had to go to the bathroom I walked into the wrong bathroom and I saw just stalls I checked the sign and I saw the girls bathroom sign and I felt very embarrassed I was lucky no girls saw me in there - flaggy0666

I hate when that happens everybody looks at you and it makes you blush

I accidentally did that on the first day of school IN KINDERGARTEN!

I do this when iam in 5th class I was ready and naked from head to toe and accidently goes to girs toilet and without without wearing clothes any clothes a girl is entering iwas shocked and without wearing any clothes I goes out of bathroom of girls

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