Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen to You In Class at School


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1 Farting by accident

Okay, we all get farts but we try to hold on as possible right? Because if you let only one fart go your reputation and your name is already destroyed, this can be dangerous as hell because you can easily lose your popularity. - AbdRahmanSalah

So this happened today and I am so embarrassed by it so anyway I was in my drama class and we were practicing pantomime. We were doing tug aware and we were practicing facial expressions and pulling. We did a one on one exercise where one of the people of the group pulled the rope against one other person. The kid I was vs was big and I had confidence that I would beat him. So I was pulling hard as I can I had my whole body pushing and I was doing pretty good but all this sudden I farted my face went bright red and I gave up my strength and let the kid pull me. I had my teacher teasing me about it and I was just sitting there so embarrassed

I was in groups, and we were doing something, then I farted. Everyone in my group started out and ran away from the table, and soon the whole class was out over the small fart, and I got in huge trouble. True Story.

I'm never taking blame for farts - BlueBobYT

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2 Cry in front of your mates

I cried so many times at school because of silly reasons.. Everyone started crowding around me... So embarrassing.. :c
I can't get the times I cried in front of my classmates and teachers out of my head...

I cried in college once because the teacher yelled at me in front of the entire class for asking a question about an upcoming test.

When I got sent away to another classroom, I was so embarrassed that I cried. It was so embarrassing.

I have cried... so much over the last 9 weeks because 25 kids gang up and beat me up

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3 Soiling your pants

It happened to me the first day of high school because I didn't go to the toilet before classes started. After being shown around the school the very first teacher told everyone leaving class for any reason wasn't an option and anyone asking would get detention.

Problem was I already needed to go and it wasn't long before it started forcing its way into my underwear. It wasn't smelly and no one seemed to notice so I decided to pretend nothing was wrong. I also believed not wearing underwear was a really bad thing and I would get expelled if I got found out.

No one said anything for the rest of the day so I thought I had got away with it until the next day.

Person that talked about autumn: Dude, why did yo mention her name? You could of said "I knew some one that..." Your just rude.

One time my friend Jeff told me about this one time in class. He said this kid was standing up and when he lifted a leg, he let out a huge fart, but it might not have been a fart. He when to the nurse and when he came back, he had different pants. - gakupo4eva

This girl in my class did this. She peed her pants in class. I told my friends about what happened. She was being nosy and she heard me. She snitched on me, not confronting me herself. I got in trouble. - CartoonCriticizer

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4 Being made fun of about your crush on someone in front of the whole class

One of my friends told it to the whole class I cried and the principal had to call my parents because I would not come out of the girls bathroom.

Once I teased my friend that her crushes brother was walking by, and then she yelled in front of the whole class, mind you, that I was sitting next to my crush. I was mortified.

Well good thing I didn't tell anyone, but my crush's friend said to me "Hey, she (my crush) is pregnant with your baby" whike I was playing basketball. I hope they don't know but I can blackmail her into not telling anyone (if she does know) by telling people her crush.

This happened to me a couple times, by a kid who always tried to trigger me and get me to fight him. He moved now. PRAISE THE LORD! - Spongehouse

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5 The pants' zipper is open

Yep..My jean zipper was open and some kids saw my underwear and said "Haha I bet you wear pink panties! " I got called Pink Panties for a week -.-

My zipper is open and one student saw it and see that I am not wearing underwear

I get extremely paranoid about that so I always check multiple times... - DieGedankenSindFrei

One reason to be glad my school has uniforms... I won't walk around with an open zipper - sum_fudge

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6 Calling the teacher mommy

I called my friend mom once

I feel so bad for the person who called their friend mom.

When I was in elementary this happened luckily one of my friends heard it no one else we laughed a tiny about it and forgot at the next period - lol2016

I call my friends mum "Hey mum, eh,uh,er..." - BreakFastBeast2005

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7 Shouting the Wrong Answer In Confidence

This happened to me a few times in secondary school, and one was in science. I kept on getting the question wrong until after 4 tries. Everyone laughed loudly (because my school is one of the top school and there are people who think they're so smart and posh. It's kinda annoying sometimes). But when this other kid got a question, less laughs and also I don't laugh at other people much when they get it wrong depends if it's a really silly answer then yes sometimes. I get so embarrassed because of this and sad and annoyed because the other kid got less laughs. Sometimes you are just that unlucky kid you know.

One time when we were doing fractions with a relief teacher, she asked me a question: "a half of a pizza or a twenty third of a pizza? " Something like that. Anyway, the teacher had asked another student a different question. And the student said "twenty third". Then the teacher asked me the question I said she asked me and I said "twenty third". No. Half. That was so embarrassing.

Makes you seem dumb - AnonymousChick

It's really embarassing

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8 Being caught kissing/flirting someone

I would never do that in the first place, but that would be extremely embarrassing!

I was caught with my friend Osman while practicing homosexuality in Sudan but soon I realized that many of my mates do the same. Alhamdolillah

This part is inappropriate

My teacher caught me and my girlfriend kissisng and we got in trouble... for loving each oter. we still dating - ihatetrump

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9 Someone pulls your underwear

But not only in class once my enemy calls me to play chess in which the losers have to pull his pants and shirts so first he loses then he said no I will not be naked so I said ok don't be naked, but next day he challenges me again and call his very strong friends this time I lose so he said pull your pants down then I pull my pants down and all my clothes except my underwear but his friends pulls my underwear down and I am naked and then he take me to girls room so embarrassing!.

I was about 17 and I went to a boarding school. My friend,who happened to be a girl, got annoyed at me. This happened late at night. She and her other friends got hold of me and tied me to a tree in the courtyard so that I couldn't move. It was generally embarrassing to be on the tree and tied up but then she yanked my trousers down. Her friend then suggested that they took my clothes and put them back in my dorm. They did that and I was left there all night stuck to the tree. I got detention in the morning.

I was wearing sweat pants, a girl pulled em down. And I wasn't wearing underwear. So embarrassing.

If someone does that I'll make sure they regret their existence. - XxembermasterxX

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10 Puking in front of the hole class

When I was in high school a kid puked in a trash can in the choir room and it grossed everyone out.

One time it happened to me and I was so embarrassed because it was in front of the door

That happened to me in 5th grade. While I was doing a presentation.

The hole class? I think it's "Whole" - Epikrika

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11 Pooping in your pants in front of everyone

Sucks to be that person, or more like stinks to be that person! - Spongehouse

Never happenes

I did it n bus - ihatetrump

12 Somebody knocks you down

You should try to avoid trouble as possible but if you already got into one, never get knocked down this can be as dangerous as farting - AbdRahmanSalah

I tripped down the stairs and broke my leg and it was em bear ass ing - ihatetrump

Then you get back up again - Spongehouse

Today, I cheated on the class starter because ofsted were coming next lesson to look at our books. So I wanted 2 look smart. Its not a big deal. Then the idiot raihan next 2 me sees me cheating and tells the whole class that I cheated. Such a snake. Then next lesson, computing raihan decideds to share the news with another class. Um hello do your work? Anyway I c him copying and pasting when we r not allowed 2. So he is just as bad as me. Also he tells everyone I cheated on a test which I didn't it was a starter. Hello? So I tell the teacher of him and he tells me a bit of 4 cheating. Fair enough then tells raihan 2 not copy and paste. So that's the end. I can't bare 2 face that school.

13 Having a period in front of your whole class

This is why I come to school prepared with my supplies when it's my time of the month. - Pegasister12

This is so true no one that year let me live it down for a long time. I totally agree this should be number i!

One time I had my period and I leaked I didn't even noticed until a girl told me to go to the nurse and get an extra pair of pants. - XxembermasterxX

Oof, @spongehouse that's mean! girls have to deal with thing a lot worse than you weaklings!

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14 Entering the wrong class

First day of the year. Wrong building during an assembly and everyone just looks and giggles at me. Was pretty funny.

I walked into a class that had pupils 4 years older than me

You enter the wrong class and come to know of it after some time and by that time everybody knows it.

. This is incredibly awkward! - Userguy44

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15 Getting called up to solve something on the board and you don't know it.

That happened to me and I totally winged it because I was in math and our math teacher is the meanest person in the school, yells at you for not knowing the answer! So I just winged it when he asked me to explain it while I worked out the problem, and when I just guessed, I got everything COMPLETELY RIGHT

I hate when this happens! Teachers know when a kid is bad at a certain subject and then they call up that student to solve something IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS.

Yas, That happened to me once and I panicked and said "I uh..Gotta go to the bathroom.." And ran into the girls bathroom :/ I didn't even have a pass

But the thing is most of the teachers know you don't know how to do it so they call you up there to look like a fool - BreakFastBeast2005

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16 Being caught picking your nose

Okay, so this I really picking my nose but it has something to do with it. One time during math I had this really bad cold and my nose started running. I didn't want to get up and get a tissue because I get super embarrassed, it was dead silent except for my teacher talking. I tried covering it up with my hands but my teacher saw and said "go get a tissue". I was so embarrassed. People thought I was picking my nose.

Makes you look nasty

I think getting caught picking your nose is bad because I know a lot of people that do it and they get made fun of

I remember when we were doing some Simon Says,We were told it touch our nose and when I touched mine,The teacher asked me if I was picking my nose and everyone laughed at me!

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17 Teacher tells everyone to pair up but you have no friends in that class

This happened once and I had to be partners with the teacher.

I have no friends because I look well...different, so I'm always partner with teacher. Trust me it doesn't feel nice.

I got partnered with this, let's just say "Mentally undeveloped kid." He didn't do anything right. I would've chose someone smarter, but the other kids chose him. - CartoonCriticizer

All the time

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18 Your crush calls you "baby" in front of your teacher, mates

Even worse if it's your mother. Or grandmother. - PositronWildhawk

Wait, is this in the context of "crybaby", or a common nickname someone calls their love?

Not if it a crush but if it a mom - ihatetrump

Wouldn’t you like that if you had a crush on them though?

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19 Talking to your pencil

If your classmates hear you talking to a pencil. EMBARRASSING TIME!

I confidently talk to non-living items, and I'm a very shy person. If anyone gives me a weird look I just say something like you got a problem?

OH my god! Pencil! We only have 4 minutes and I don't know the answer! You cute object! Tell me!

If I did this I would start wondering if something was mentally wrong with me! - Spongehouse

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20 Having an erection while standing in front of everyone in your whole class

Even worse if you have sweatpants an no underwear on

This also happened to me once. Extremely embarrassing. - Freddy_Fazbear

Dude this happens to me all the time. I HATE how the girls are just staring at you.

I'm a girl and I am thankful I don't need to deal with that kind of nonsense. - XxembermasterxX

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21 Somebody pulls the seat when you start to sit

Did this to one of my friends just to see what would happen, not expecting it to work. He got such a fright he grabbed the table and pulled it down on him. Me and my friends were laughing so hard we were kicked out of the class until we stopped laughing, which was a while - Danielsun182

In music, my friend was about to sit down and I pulled the chair from him and he fell and laid there for 10 seconds (being funny). Almost everyone in the class was laughing and some people decided to do it too. I was laughing my head off.

I fell on my ass and farted killed myself now a ghost boo spooky - ihatetrump

Someone did that and got detention. - XxembermasterxX

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22 Your phone rings

One of my mates was always like that, ha ha his mum had always rung at him and his mobile got taken away. - AbdRahmanSalah

It happened to me college. This is why I ALWAYS keep my phone off at all times, even if my mom tells me to turn it on at all times.

I'm not allowed to use my phone during school hours at my school, and a girl was getting stuff from her locker and her phone went off - sum_fudge

If you don't want this to happen to you then I have some advice for you. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! - Spongehouse

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23 Wetting yourself in a play

I never been in play - ihatetrump


Crush: oh yay some water
me: don't use it
(i whisper into my mate's ear and say she gonna wet herself)
mate (whispering): ok
crush: oh my I needa dry myself
teacher: NALA DO NOT TOUCH WATER - Wobblygaming7

24 Accidentally going in to the wrong bathroom!

I hate when that happens everybody looks at you and it makes you blush

I accidentally did that on the first day of school IN KINDERGARTEN!

I didthis and then said I was trans to cover up the fact it was accident

I'm so happy I go to a girls school :D this can't happen to me lol - sum_fudge

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25 The class loser says he/she loves you

Wow he never leaves me alone - AnonymousChick

This would never happen to me on account of I am considered a "brainy nerd". - RockFashionista

Never gonna happen. Nobody in my school loves me (other than a small group of fans I have from being in the school musical)

What if you are the class loser - XxembermasterxX

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26 Ejaculating in front of friends

Now everyone knows you masturbate

Who does that?

That never happen to me - ihatetrump

27 Falling asleep, and waking up when another class starts.

That would be bad.

In 4th grade this boy would always doze off during math.. lol it was so boring he just fell asleep.

28 Burping in front of people

Guys do it in class

A lot of people do it in class on purpose and I'm sitting here like... ew?!

It's always embarrassing when a girl does it the boys are like ew!

This isn't really imberassing in my opinion - Spongehouse

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29 Your stomach growls loudly

Then they know I huge fatass - ihatetrump

Me: Nala ya gonna fall asleep? you feel tired
Crush: yes. I'm tired
teacher: NALA DO NOT GROWL LOUDLY - Wobblygaming7

30 Getting caught off guard

One time my friend took an embarrassing photo of me and he sent it to everyone

Horrible evil - ihatetrump

31 Wearing dumb glasses and braces to school

Then that mean You will not look cool and you will look like a total geek and nerd and be picked on!

My glasses would get me extremely embarrassed that's why I won't wear them - BlueBobYT

I looked like a nerd when I was in middle school.

I don't wear braces strip in my mouth for eight months? nuh uh - ihatetrump

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32 Get in trouble for no reason

I got kicked out of class for talking and fiddling with my hands. Except...everyone else was doing the same thing and I am a good student so...why me? It was so embarrassing be because she yelled so loud and I sit in the very back corner so I had to walk through the starring eyes and the dead silence. I hope that Spanish teacher gets fired.

I had so many problems with that

Troublemaker - Userguy44

Yeah or for using yur phone in lunch LUNCHYLUNCHLUNCH - ihatetrump

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33 Your crush sees your underwear because you're in a skirt

I accidentally seen my crushes underwear, not on purpose. Long story short, I was going to grab something from my bag and she was in a tree above me. She called down to me, and I instinctively looked up. Yeah, awkward. She was alright about it though, and actually found it funny

My friends told me my crush saw "it" once, but then they said they were lying, if this happens to you tell you're crush "Well I saw you're underwear too" that's the best thing to do

More like a kilt for me, wait no they would see something different.

I wouldn't mind that, cause my crush is nice! ^-^ - kawaiitohru

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34 Lying about bringing your homework

So horrible - ihatetrump

My teacher got sooo pissed because my friend started telling a story about how her brother rewrite the whole task. She was dumb enough to do that homework and actually bring it in. Like, COME ON! Who brings in Math homework into drama 😂

35 Poo on the teacher's desk

My former friend did this and teacher slapped him no joke she got fired - ihatetrump

Who the heck would do this!?

Who would do this anyway? - Userguy44

what! - Spongehouse

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36 Wetting your pants in front of everyone during 12th grade graduation

This one is a really big one! If you pee yourself in a time like this! Then prepare for the most embarissing thing in your whole entire life!

I don't do graduation ceremony - ihatetrump

37 Wearing childish clothing to school

I'm in 6th grade and this girl in my class named Casey wears babyish clothes to SCHOOL. Right now I'm looking at her school pic on picture day and she's wearing THIS:

1. Hair is in high pigtails
2. Is wearing a shirt with Rapunzel from Tangled on it.
3. Has on a pink tutu
4. Red Crocs

SHE WAS IN SIXTH GRADE PEOPLE. NOT FIRST! I guess it's wrong to like Disney movies.

Pigtails are okay in elementary school but in sixth grade its gotta stop. Who even wears crocs anymore

Yeah, I wear mature Disney shirts once a week and then I wear normal clothes because I am mature

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38 The teacher makes you hug each other

This isn't hugging, but it relates to it; my music teacher makes us hold hands sometimes during our classes for certain activities that require it. I don't mean to be rude to people, but I always pull down my sleeves past my hands. One time she made us dance with boys in this sort of dance where girls stand in the inside of a circle of boys who rotate between each girl and do a hand-clapping, hand-holding dance. I got paired with this boy who I at the time disliked greatly and afterwards my crush said that I looked "over-the-moon to be paired with him".

I thought they liked us to not get romantic in a lesson!

Well it was my future girlfriend

In my 2nd grade class we were practicing for the “ dance” and since there is one extra boy it is weird I’m the only one who gets paired with a boy and I keep getting paired with Brett and I don’t have a crush on him but every one thinks I do because of the dance

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39 Getting something taken away in front of the whole class

Teacher took some girl's phone and she started crying and now nobody in my class trusts the poor old teacher

One time in math class my school ipad got taken away in front of everyone WORSE? I'm A GIRL

Happens all the time

They shold not take your personal belongings - ihatetrump

40 When you are singing and thinking that no one is looking at you but someone was

This happened to me I was like I WASNT BORN WITH ENOUGH MIDDLE FINGERS! And 3 kids looked at me strange. The entire class heard it.

I sung gotye sombofdy that I knew - ihatetrump

You don’t know how many times that has happened to me.

41 Getting yelled at by the teacher in front of the whole class

It happened in college and it was HORRIBLE and SCARY

Oh gosh! - Userguy44

@ihatetrump-Unfortunately they sure do! I ended up crying for the remainder fo the day.

Yes suks in first grade I cried in front of eeryone because my gym teacher yelled at me for thinking it ws tie to g to cass accidenatlly - ihatetrump

42 You let your friend borrow your tablet and he finds out that it has porn on it

Oh my son Dustin had been through that before. But actually his teacher looked at it and called Angelica my wife and said That your son Dustin looked up Pornography. Boy was Angelica pissed.

Who's dumb enough to not delete their history - XxembermasterxX

That's why I don't let anyone borrow my phone - ihatetrump

Never happen to me - ihatetrump

43 Getting caught playing the charlie charlie challenge and then your teacher gets mad at you

I did that once and my teacher asks "what are you doing? " And I always say "just balancing Pencils"

In elementary we played this and a girl pissed herself because she was so scared. Good times.

What's the Charlie Charlie challenge?

There's literally no reason for my slut teacher to get mad at me - ihatetrump

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44 Daydreaming in class

It's a common thing that had happened to each of us...! As well me... It had happened with me a lot times...,I used to get a snap when there is chemistry's lecture...

I do this a lot and then don't know anything my teacher just said.

I did this a lot. Just a weird habit. - Userguy44

Me: *is daydreaming*
Teacher: ____ (not saying my actual name), are you listening?
Me: *looks up* Huh?
Everybody: *starts laughing hysterically for a while*
Me: Oh my god... - sum_fudge

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45 Your mom is a teacher

I hate that my mom's always like "come give me a kiss before we get to the lesson today! " Ugh!

My mom is not one and she has a good job so she is not planning to become one

I'd rather eat glass than have this happen.

My mom's a teacher but not for my age group... thank god - sum_fudge

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46 Taking your pet rock to school

I know it's a little bit weird but it could happen! Then you will really be embarrassed!

That one is great!

Lol I don't have one - ihatetrump

In my school this is 'cool' - SigmaV84

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47 Saying an innuendo

Someone said "gimme the meat"
Someone else said "that's what she said"

Yeah when someone ays "that's so gay" when u say sometiing about banging or meat - ihatetrump

So it was maths class and we were working out how much money people earned so obvs. the questions were named as people. This one guy said he was on Francis, someone in our class (girl) is called Francess. Someone noticed and he spent 2 minutes trying to correct himself without it sounding dirty. He was like I'm doing no NO, I'm... 😂

48 Your friend does the charlie charlie challenge and you get in trouble for it

Charlie the night monster

You shuolf not get in trouble for doing that anyway - ihatetrump

49 Getting pantsed

Horrible I wear tity wity - ihatetrump

Haha my frend got panst and he wasent wareing underwear and a gay class mate was looking

50 Making a funny noise

I made a funny farting noise in class and the teacher thought I was autistic

Blowing on paper is what I did. - Userguy44

I have the weirdest laugh - XxembermasterxX

I said "laughtifgnsujgnuj" when I picke up something heavy in third grade and I had a super naally voice I souned like I lways had a cold - ihatetrump

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