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21 Getting called up to solve something on the board and you don't know it.

That happened to me and I totally winged it because I was in math and our math teacher is the meanest person in the school, yells at you for not knowing the answer! So I just winged it when he asked me to explain it while I worked out the problem, and when I just guessed, I got everything COMPLETELY RIGHT

I hate when this happens! Teachers know when a kid is bad at a certain subject and then they call up that student to solve something IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS.

Yas, That happened to me once and I panicked and said "I uh..Gotta go to the bathroom.." And ran into the girls bathroom :/ I didn't even have a pass

I failed my class when I did this once.

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22 The class loser says he/she loves you

Never gonna happen. Nobody in my school loves me (other than a small group of fans I have from being in the school musical)

This would never happen to me on account of I am considered a "brainy nerd". - RockFashionista

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23 Ejaculating in front of friends

Now everyone knows you masturbate

24 Your crush sees your underwear because you're in a skirt

My friends told me my crush saw "it" once, but then they said they were lying, if this happens to you tell you're crush "Well I saw you're underwear too" that's the best thing to do

More like a kilt for me, wait no they would see something different.

What's wrong with this

I wouldn't mind that, cause my crush is nice! ^-^ - kawaiitohru

25 Falling asleep, and waking up when another class starts. V 1 Comment
26 Lying about bringing your homework

My teacher got sooo pissed because my friend started telling a story about how her brother rewrite the whole task. She was dumb enough to do that homework and actually bring it in. Like, COME ON! Who brings in Math homework into drama 😂

27 Wetting your pants in front of everyone during 12th grade graduation

This one is a really big one! If you pee yourself in a time like this! Then prepare for the most embarissing thing in your whole entire life!

28 Wearing dumb glasses and braces to school

Then that mean You will not look cool and you will look like a total geek and nerd and be picked on!

Lucky my eyes and teeth are good

I wear braces! I'm not embarrassed by them, as many middle-schoolers commonly are in the same pain as I am.

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29 Wearing childish clothing to school

I'm in 6th grade and this girl in my class named Casey wears babyish clothes to SCHOOL. Right now I'm looking at her school pic on picture day and she's wearing THIS:

1. Hair is in high pigtails
2. Is wearing a shirt with Rapunzel from Tangled on it.
3. Has on a pink tutu
4. Red Crocs

SHE WAS IN SIXTH GRADE PEOPLE. NOT FIRST! I guess it's wrong to like Disney movies.

Pigtails are okay in elementary school but in sixth grade its gotta stop. Who even wears crocs anymore

I'm the 5th grade, and sometimes I wear 2 high ponytails. Is it embarrassing or normal for my years?

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30 The teacher makes you hug each other

This isn't hugging, but it relates to it; my music teacher makes us hold hands sometimes during our classes for certain activities that require it. I don't mean to be rude to people, but I always pull down my sleeves past my hands. One time she made us dance with boys in this sort of dance where girls stand in the inside of a circle of boys who rotate between each girl and do a hand-clapping, hand-holding dance. I got paired with this boy who I at the time disliked greatly and afterwards my crush said that I looked "over-the-moon to be paired with him".

I thought they liked us to not get romantic in a lesson!

Well it was my future girlfriend

Once it happened to my friend, he was sitting beside me n his enemy in front of him... They always tease each making different-different names! Once they were caught n made him hug to his enemie... Ehhh how he would be filling at that time...

31 Get in trouble for no reason

I got kicked out of class for talking and fiddling with my hands. Except...everyone else was doing the same thing and I am a good student so...why me? It was so embarrassing be because she yelled so loud and I sit in the very back corner so I had to walk through the starring eyes and the dead silence. I hope that Spanish teacher gets fired.

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32 Burping in front of people

It's always embarrassing when a girl does it the boys are like ew!

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33 Getting caught playing the charlie charlie challenge and then your teacher gets mad at you

I did that once and my teacher asks "what are you doing? " And I always say "just balancing Pencils"

In elementary we played this and a girl pissed herself because she was so scared. Good times.

What's the Charlie Charlie challenge?

The teacher is gonna get haunted by charlie

34 Pooping in your pants in front of everyone V 1 Comment
35 Teacher tells everyone to pair up but you have no friends in that class

This happened once and I had to be partners with the teacher.

I have two best friends so it is not a worry for me

36 Daydreaming in class

It's a common thing that had happened to each of us...! As well me... It had happened with me a lot times...,I used to get a snap when there is chemistry's lecture...

I do this a lot and then don't know anything my teacher just said.

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37 Your mom is a teacher

I hate that my mom's always like "come give me a kiss before we get to the lesson today! " Ugh!

My mom is not one and she has a good job so she is not planning to become one

I'd rather eat glass than have this happen.

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38 Taking your pet rock to school

I know it's a little bit weird but it could happen! Then you will really be embarrassed!

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39 You let your friend borrow your tablet and he finds out that it has porn on it

Oh my son Dustin had been through that before. But actually his teacher looked at it and called Angelica my wife and said That your son Dustin looked up Pornography. Boy was Angelica pissed.

40 Saying an innuendo

Someone said "gimme the meat"
Someone else said "that's what she said"

So it was maths class and we were working out how much money people earned so obvs. the questions were named as people. This one guy said he was on Francis, someone in our class (girl) is called Francess. Someone noticed and he spent 2 minutes trying to correct himself without it sounding dirty. He was like I'm doing no NO, I'm... 😂

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