Most Embarrassing Compliments

Receiving a compliment is nice but some are just too embarrasing to feel flattered by.

The Top Ten

1 Nice bum

I've been told this, but I had no idea what to say I'm just like"umm... Thank you... I guess"... - happyhappyjoyjoy

2 You smell nice - like a real woman

This reminds me of a time around three years ago a security guard walked past me while I stood reading a poster on the wall. He backtracked and said "Excuse me, your perfume's nice. What is it? " I wasn't wearing any at the time and just said "Um, thank you but I'm not wearing any..." I can't tell you who was more embarrassed! Haha. - Britgirl

3 You're beautiful
4 You have big nipples

Oh my god! This is just so embarrassing! Especially when said by strangers... - Britgirl

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5 I like your big ears
6 You clean the house so well
7 You could have any man / woman you want

But I don't WANT any man. Only you... - Britgirl

8 I like you. Gimmie a fat bird over a stick insect anyday!
9 You have 'come to bed eyes'

What the hell... Kind of compliment... Is that?!?! "Come to bed eyes" is surely, in a sense, disturbing, isn't it?!?! - PositronWildhawk

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10 All my mates fancy you!

The Contenders

11 Excellent curves
12 I love your Belly Button

What would Girls say if I said this! - Curti2594

13 You are one of a kind!
14 My, how you've grown!
15 I bet you scrub well
16 I bet you fry it tenderly
17 Your So Adorable I Could Just Tickle You
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