Most Embarrassing Compliments

Receiving a compliment is nice but some are just too embarrasing to feel flattered by.

The Top Ten

1 Nice bum

I've been told this, but I had no idea what to say I'm just like"umm... Thank you... I guess"... - happyhappyjoyjoy

Very common for Asians to say this to young children

2 You smell nice - like a real woman

This reminds me of a time around three years ago a security guard walked past me while I stood reading a poster on the wall. He backtracked and said "Excuse me, your perfume's nice. What is it? " I wasn't wearing any at the time and just said "Um, thank you but I'm not wearing any..." I can't tell you who was more embarrassed! Haha. - Britgirl

3 You're beautiful
4 You have big nipples

Oh my god! This is just so embarrassing! Especially when said by strangers... - Britgirl

This would be REALLY bad if you're a man! - PetSounds

Well that escalated quickly. And by the way, PetSounds, you're hilarious I love your comments. Keep up the good work.

5 I like your big ears
6 You clean the house so well
7 You could have any man / woman you want

But I don't WANT any man. Only you... - Britgirl

8 I like you. Gimmie a fat bird over a stick insect anyday!
9 You have 'come to bed eyes'

What the hell... Kind of compliment... Is that?!?! "Come to bed eyes" is surely, in a sense, disturbing, isn't it?!?! - PositronWildhawk

This makes me blush so much! - Britgirl

10 All my mates fancy you!

The Contenders

11 Excellent curves
12 Your So Adorable I Could Just Tickle You

Uggh, yeah >:( I get that compliment a lot. And my stupid family keeps saying to me on how I'm better off never growing up, like come on! Everyone grows up, especially those who are innocent looking that they just want everyone to understand that they're growing up. Yeah! For those who keep saying that we're not mature, you're the one being immature. Grow up, schmoozers. I don't want to deal with schmoozers who flirt with innocent people who wishes to grow up. Gosh, schmoozers can be unintelligent sometimes... >:(
Sorry if you thought I'm being mean, but I'm not really being mean. I was just saying: Save the sweet talk another time. -Kimmy T.

13 I love your Belly Button

What would Girls say if I said this! - Curti2594

14 You are one of a kind!
15 My, how you've grown!
16 I bet you scrub well
17 I bet you fry it tenderly
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