Most Embarrassing And Dumbest Things That Parents Do And Say

I love my parents dearly but sometimes they nearly make me die with embarrassment with their antics. There must be some pretty iffy things your parents do. Unburden yourself by adding it to this list.

The Top Ten

1 Mum on car washes: "I know a place where they do good hand-jobs. Cheap too!"

The whole family turned, wide-eyed, open-mouthed in unison at her. She really had no idea how bad that sounded. - Britgirl

I try to avoid voting for the top item but this one widened my eyes and dropped my mouth. Britgirl your parents sound just a wee bit ditzy. - happyhappyjoyjoy

If you insist...
I got jaw crapped. - SuperBacca

2 Dad farts on upward motion on escalator everyone walks into the stench! There's no escape. - Britgirl

3 Mum, on a woman talking about blindness in a radio interview: "She doesn't SOUND blind!"

And what about "she doesn't look deaf"? - gabimartgrena

What?! I despair. I do, straight! Haha! - Britgirl

Yeah, really! People these days... Not sounding blind. - MoldySock

4 Dad starts frantic jogging on the spot after trying on jogging bottoms in a sports shop.

Oh God. I can picture being in this situation. Jeez. How embarrassing. And I hardly go into sports shops at all and just hate being dragged into one. Especially if this happens. - PositronWildhawk

I pretended not to know him...until he shouted my name to "come and have a look at my jogging! " - Britgirl

5 Headline in paper: MARKS AND SPENCER PROFITS FALL - (Dad:) "That's cos I didn't buy my pants from there this year."
6 Dad on his bodily outbursts: "I keep farting out my bum!"
7 Mum on the loudness of motorbikes: "You'd think they'd turn the volume down on those things, wouldn't you?"
8 Mum on Sharon returning to EastEnders: "She's just like a soapland coldsore - irritating and unsightly!"
9 When they pick you up and are overly pleased to see you.

If you're Asian this is very true when you visit relatives or when they come to visit.

This is so annoying and very embarrassing. The act so emotional like they haven't see me in decades.

10 "Sorry about him. He's easily embarrassed."

This wouldn't have happened if YOU DIDN'T EMBARRASS ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!

The Contenders

11 Mum on One Direction: "Which one's Nigel, then?"
12 "This isn't how I raised you"

And that's when she finds out you date a hot girl when an ugly fat one she likes asks you out

That is so annoying. Like, yes, this is how you raised me.

I hate when that happens. god!

I don’t give a crap about how you raised me!

13 Start a random argument with random people
14 Start singing in public

We're Asian and my dad constantly sings karaoke during banquets in Chinatown. His singing is HORRIBLE!

Drives me nuts sometimes because they choose the worst places or they've already been Drinking - Curti2594

15 Speak to you in baby talk

My relatives are Asian and they CONSTANTLY do this to me, my sister, and my cousins. our ages range from 7-26 years old. Very awkward.

16 Dad on my brother dropping his iPhone 5 in swimming pool: "Oh I know what you mean, son. I dropped 20p down the loo once!"

The thing is, he really thought it was as bad. My brother just sloped off, defeated... - Britgirl

17 Dance in the streets in front of you
18 Call things you do "cute"

(at family party)

Random relative:*tells toddler cousins that what I am currently doing is "cute"*
Me: *facepalm*

Is using this word embarrassing? Really? I've had it said to me and I use it quite often too. Oh...I think it's...cute! - Britgirl

Well if you're 20+ years old that would be embarrassing.
If you're ugly. - SuperBacca

19 "You know son, in my day"

I find it funny when parents continually do this! - Curti2594

20 Curse in front of their children

My parents right here...

My parents say “oh s***” all the time, but I’m not allowed to say it

21 Tell relatives an embarrassing story about your childhood

We're Asian. My mom did it in public once at an Asian restaurant in LA. The other people at the restaurant could've heard what my mom said because she spoke it in Cantonese and a lot of people that were at the restaurant were speaking cantonese as well.

I covered my face and groaned in embarrassment. I WILL NEVER LIVE THAT DOWN.

22 Enter your room without your permission

Snooping leads to touching, touching leads to moving stuff around, and moving stuff around leads to stealing. If I had snuck into their personal spaces, rearranged all of Dads tools, threw away all the books Mom doesn't read anymore, and took half of their possessions to give to Salvation Army without permission, they'd lose their crap too.

23 I ban you from video games
24 Not flush the toilet after using the bathroom

Story of my life right here.

25 When they acknowledge a complete stranger
26 Tell relatives lies about you
27 Start singing out of nowhere
28 Start dancing out of nowhere
29 Yell at you in public
30 Give you a dirty look in public
31 Point at you
32 Roast you to your relatives
33 Yell at you
34 Spank you
35 Threaten you
36 Shave their baby girl’s head

Asian parents commonly shave their babies’ heads, regardless of the baby’s gender. I am Asian. There are pics of me as a baby WHILE I WAS BALD, and every time my younger cousins look at the pictures, they ask me if I was a boy.

Thanks, mom, for turning me into the tomboy that I am today.

37 Play dumb

My dad pretends that he doesn’t know stuff so that I can do things for him

38 Restrict your entire life

I am 26 YEARS OLD and I am STILL:

-not allowed to buy things with my own money
-not allowed to leave the house unsupervised
-required to ask permission before going on certain thrill rides at amusement parks
-have a set bedtime/curfew

39 Everything turns into a lecture
40 Creepy stare
41 Assume that anyone the opposite sex that’s with you is your boy/girlfriend

Very common with Asian parents.

Once they saw a pic of me as a kid with a boy (I am female) and the first thing they asked is “is that your boyfriend”?


by the way, the other kid in the pic was my little cousin.

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