Embarrassing Moments in the Hallway at School

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1 Your earbuds unplug in your locker and an inappropriate song is on really loud

Only the teachers would care, most songs we listen to these days are inappropriate and student really wouldn't find this embarrassing unless a teacher is present - judo8alex

Something like this almost happened to me once, but the song was Spaceman by The Killers. Crisis averted. - Entranced98

Me sitting across the hall:
"why must this be our generation's music? " - mattstat716

My neck, my back, lick my
“Justin! What the hell? ” - Not_A_Weeaboo

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2 Someone pushes you into someone else's locker and locks it

Who does that anymore. - 23windomt

Meant big locker or small person,. - Skullkid755

Small locker or small person. - Skullkid755

That's brutal

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3 There is a wet floor sign and you don't see it so you slip and fall

But how is this even possible? Those things are so fluorescent yellow they always manage to creep into your field of vision somehow. - Entranced98

I think you mean if the floor is wet and the janitor didn't do their job. - mattstat716

4 Someone is texting and they run into you and make you fall on something
5 You're walking to the bathroom and for some reason you pull your pants down on the way there

That happened to someone in fourth grade.

what - judo8alex

6 You're getting a drink from the bubbler and it's broken so water squirts all over you

I always avoided the water fountains, though it was thanks to me being more concerned over how many first years put their mouths right on the spouts. - Entranced98

7 You start walking to your next class when the bell didn't ring

How is this embarrassing? I do this all the time

Ya I agree with the guy 👇🏻below

8 Someone is taking selfies and you are in them and you look weird

Destroy their phone

9 Older kids yell at you for going the wrong way
10 The fire alarm goes off and you aren't by your classroom

Not embarrassing if you just evacuate like everybody else. - Entranced98

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11 You run into your crush
12 You go the wrong way
13 You trip over your own feet

I can relate to this unfortunately

14 Get into a Fight and Get Beat Up
15 When you have a locker next to your crush

Yes, this has happened to me

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