Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments Involving Your Mum

The Top Ten

1 When your mum catches you masturbating
2 When your mum calls you baby and you are with your peers
3 When your mum walks in on you having sex

Why are you people so disgusting!
Why would you take your clothes of in front of a boy!?

That is very very hard to cover - Swiftdawn

4 When she asks you for your dirty underwear and your girlfriend is around
5 When she announces the things you say in your dreams
6 When she yells at you in public

My mom did that to me once

7 When she publicly shops for your underwear
8 Treating you like a little kid in front of your friends.
9 Being too affectionate in public.
10 Grilling your girlfriend or boyfriend

The Contenders

11 Babying you and being embarrassing in public

I get babied a lot. my mum embarasses me sometimes and it is so annoying. but I still love my family - Lunala

12 Telling relatives embarrassing childhood stories about you

My mom did that once and I buried my face in shame.

13 Talk to you about your boyfriend/girlfriend who’s actually just a friend

I have to agree. -Kitten Foxy

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