Top 10 Embarrassing Moments at the Mall

The Top Ten

1 Going in the changing room, forgetting to lock the door and someone opens it

That happened to me.

Haha - A7XREVFin21

2 You can't find the bathroom and you pee your pants

Lol bathroom jokes

3 You get in trouble for laying on a display bed

When I was very little I used to jump on them. - Entranced98

4 Someone sprays their gross perfume in your face

If the perfume is Anais Anais or the latest cheap celebrity offering, you're in for a rough day... - Entranced98

5 You knock over the trash can and it knocks you down and trash falls on you

Ah, the wonders of Newton's third law. - Entranced98

6 Someone gives you stolen products and the police think you stole them
7 You fall on a glass display and break it

I accidentally knocked over a glass candle and broke it while I was at Kohl's once. I hid the mess under the display. Luckily no one was around. They just cleaned it up like nothing happened.

8 Your crush sees you at Build-A-Bear and thinks you like that store
9 Your earbuds unplug and you're listening to Row Row Row Your Boat

Or worse still, Cotton Eye Joe. - Entranced98

LIFE IS BUT A DREAM - TheFourthWorld

Well, nursery rhymes do have a story behind it. Not sure about this one. - TheFourthWorld

10 You accidentally sit at someone else's table with their friends and eat their food

The Contenders

11 You get kicked off a coin operated kiddie ride

It happened to me and I was riding a coin operated horse. My high school teacher saw me and told me to get off of it >:(

12 You were in the changing rooms and you see that someone was secretly recording you
13 Getting caught stealing all the free samples

Once my cousin and I were at the mall. We saw a smoothie stand that gave out free samples. We got some. There were 2 people that were in charge of the samples. An American lady and an Asian guy. The American lady kept offering multiple samples to us so we took like 4-5 from her. We tried to do that with the Asian guy and he was like "limit 1 sample per person".

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