Top 10 Embarrassing Moments at a Music Festival

I’m going to one and if you are, here’s some advice: don’t do these things!

The Top Ten

1 Having food on your face and seeing your favorite singer

Embarrassing! - HalseyIsLife

Um, you have something right here.

Me-EMINEM I love you and all your songs, you're the best! -
Eminem- I think you may want to look in the mirror, How was your seafood.

LOL, This would be embarrassing! - B0S5J4M3S

Me:I finally get to see Celldweller at a concert.
*Random person throws food at my face*
Me:You little moron! Prepare to get your face smacked! -DarkBoi-X

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2 Falling off of the Ferris wheel

Holy cow, if this happened to me I'd be fearing for my life more than embarrassed. - Entranced98

This wouldn’t be embarrassing. You wouldn’t exactly be alive to feel embarrassed after this. - Zach808

3 Getting your hair stuck in the cotton candy machine
4 Being the only one screaming on a ride
5 Going on stage and the performer’s security kicks you out
6 Your mom calling you an embarrassing nickname

Oh no that would happen with my grandma she isn't going to summer fest to see halsey preform with me though so at least that won't happen

7 Going to the wrong concert and yelling about the concert you were supposed to go to
8 Calling your favorite singer mom
9 Falling into a puddle in front of your favorite singer

ahhh no

10 Dropping your phone off of the chair lift

Ahh I don't even have a phone though good news for me nothing to drop its not like I'd bring my laptop my Ipad or my nintendo 3ds or nintendo switch

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