Embarrassing Moments at a Restaurant

The Top Ten

1 You sit at the wrong table

This has to be one of the worst ones

...oops - mattstat716

2 The waiter is setting your food on the table and they accidentally drop the plate on your head and it breaks with your food on it

I wouldn't be embarrassed, but concerned about the broken plate shards causing damage to my skull - styLIShT

3 You spill food on yourself

Every time I eat I get something on me so I can relate to this but That is why they have napkins.

4 Your favorite song comes on the radio and you start singing it and everyone stares at you

*jumps on table and starts dancing*

5 People find out it's your birthday and everyone sings to you

It’s even funnier/worse when it’s not actually your birthday - Randomator

6 You accidentally eat your friend's food and you're allergic to it

How would this happen, I wonder? Wouldn't you know it's not yours? If I order pizza and my friend orders the spaghetti I'm not going to twirl my fork in his noodles by mistake. - BKAllmighty

7 Someone starts a food fight

I'll throw some spaghetti at someone - 23windomt

Don't be embarrassed, run. Just run. - styLIShT

8 The light falls on your table and breaks
9 Your enemy is the waiter

Well, then you'd wanna attack him with the knives and forks on your table. - styLIShT

10 You spill a drink

On a date makes it even worse. Especially if it’s on your crush

The Contenders

11 You get lemonade with a lemon and you squirt it in your eye

Will the acidic lemon juice react with our eye fluids and stuff? I don't know - styLIShT

12 You burp in front your friends and the others hear you
13 Your date never shows up

That’s just downright mean - Randomator

14 You choke on your food
15 You sneeze while there’s food in your mouth
16 You puke on your food
17 You puke at the table
18 You cough while there’s food in your mouth
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