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1 When you don't read the list name right and add something unrelated

I've lost count of the number of times I've done this and I think: Oh God, everyone knows I've submitted that item and even though no one can see me, my cheeks flush. - Britgirl

More to the point for me: when you accidentally add something unrelated to one of your own lists. I did it once, and I felt embarrassed. Fortunately, nobody seemed to be bothered by it. - Gg2000

Yeah some of my lists end up misspelled, but not quite fixed to this day as I forget to proofread proven nobody is perfect. - htoutlaws2012

I also like the ideas of ponies being the top fictional animals...wait a sec, *slap*

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2 When someone deletes all of their replies in a conversation and you look like you are talking to yourself

Totally, it's a jerk move to do that and makes you look like a coward if you delete replies - Phillip873

It is kinda like someone trying to make you the psychopath when you really aren't. - htoutlaws2012

Yup. This happened as well. It's pretty embarrassing and I hope no one thought I was talking to myself. - RoseRedFlower

That's trolling

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3 When you spell something wrong

Especially if instead of one word, you put another word that has a slightly different spelling but very different meaning. - allamassal

"Why dies everyone hate this album? " I MEANT DOES!

I commented on Royce Da 5'9 "he's 5'8" instead of "he's 5'9" and now the world has incorrect point of view

Oh god I recently said Iceland rarely goes into a country and not war. •~• sorry icelanders

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4 When a user brings up one of your old bad comments

Sometimes I see that someone has given an old bad comment that I'd long forgotten about, a thumbs-up and all I want to do is delete it but don't have the heart to because someone took the time to read it and actually approved of it. - Britgirl

Some of my old comments are pretty bad (especially that one Love So Soft rant that I wrote the day after I joined), but my old replies are worse. - allamassal

Most of my oldest comments were Linkin Park related, I was a huge fanboy back then. - cjWriter1997

My old comments were annoyingly edgy. Don’t get the wrong idea of me. - AlphaQ

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5 When you have a bad list you regret making

I Made a List of the Top 10 Worst Generation 5 Pokemon I Should have looked harder to find a list about that instead of making a list that no one even voted on. - s646451

Sometimes in life, we need a delete button. And I wish we had one on here. - RoseRedFlower

Mine would be that list of reasons why 2017 is worse than 2016. MAN I hated that list and admin refuses to remove it! - 445956

My old lists were so awful. - AlphaQ

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6 When you make a list that is really similar to another list without knowing

Or when people make a list similar to yours and you lose all the votes because that one got more popular. - cjWriter1997

My list Top 10 Nicknames for music artists is almost exactly like a list by AlphaQ, but I did not know that his list was real, and now I am a copycat.

You Mean Top 10 Insulting Names for Artists? I Think It's That List You're Looking For - AlphaQ

I've made a list titled "Marvel and DC Characters Who Should Get Their Own Movie." But then I found a list which was similar to mine, and it was made 2 years ago. It was titled "Top Ten Marvel Characters That Need a Movie." - TheFourthWorld

There was already a list about bad anime clichés but it was titled differently. I didn't realize this till after my list was already approved. Oops. - RoseRedFlower

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7 When you like a song that no one else does

I really don't mind this. A song is a song, not gonna lose sleep over someone else not liking it. - cjWriter1997

For me it's the opposite, I dislike Praying even though almost everyone else loves it. - allamassal

That is totally fine, as most songs I listen to are by underground artists who are rather unpopular - styLIShT

I like Fetty Wap. - AlphaQ

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8 When you don't like something you used to love and everyone thinks you still like it because of your old comments

It happens, overtime opinions do vary, and keeping track of ones love, and hate is almost impossible with multiple users that end being active on a basis. - htoutlaws2012

My most liked comment is about Slayer. I don't listen to them at all now... - IronSabbathPriest

Like Taylor Swift.

Welll as u can see I’m a vis so no one knows if other comments are me lol

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9 When you have a bad post you regret making

Either of bad rep, or the post was out of wack to be completely finished thus becoming lost files or just plain cancellation. - htoutlaws2012

My first post was 3 sentences and I wondered why it was not on the side of the list...maybe because it is 3 sentences.

This isn't as bad as a bad list, you can actually delete your posts. - IronSabbathPriest

Yes, but at least you can delete them... - styLIShT

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10 When someone copies your comment

And people thumbs up their comment more so then yours says new and people think you copied!

Wouldn't that make you kind of proud? Like "my comment was so good that someone felt the need to copy it" - cjWriter1997

Also similar lists which get more votes. And admin don't merge them but approve them. - zxm

Don’t copy my comment - AlphaQ

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11 When someone makes up a lie about you that people believe

That never happened to me, but that would be really embarrassing.


12 When you feed a troll

Someone fed me baked beans. - AlphaQ

13 When someone complains about you hating something they love and praise too much

Like Praying by Kesha.

I do this

14 When you comment while forgetting to log in

And you get 100 thumbs up for that comment and then you realise that if you posted it while logged in, you could have gotten the accomplishment - styLIShT

Yeah, and trying to guess who that person is suppose to be. - htoutlaws2012

It happens to me sometimes. I don't really care. - TheFourthWorld

Not gonna lie, I did this once and I was drunk. - RoseRedFlower

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15 Making a comment you have to manually sign your username on when you're suspended

Well at least we have a clue as to remembering who that suspended user is, but the rest of the story undetermined. - htoutlaws2012

Ikr - EliHbk

(i can't believe I actually signed out just to do this)

The most work I've ever put into something on this site to be honest - EliHbk

I know it sucks having to do that - toptendudes

16 When your opinion changes but you already wrote several comments about the topic

That would be like if I started liking What About Us by Pink (I wrote many comments complaining about that song, most of them in my first five months on here). - allamassal

Yes, and also having to explain why your opinion changed - styLIShT

tru tru - EliHbk

17 When you accidentally add something to a list that's already on there

I actually did this on one of my old lists... - darthvadern

18 When you accidentally vote for an item you weren't going to vote for

I do that all the time!

Same. I did this once.

19 When you accidentally flag a comment when you're supposed to click the like button

This happened to me yesterday on a reply to a post comment because I didn't realize you couldn't thumb up post comments/replies. - allamassal

20 When someone doesn't reply to your message

How could this happen to me? - mistyglow

21 When you misread someone else's comment

Sometimes it's because the comment is grammatically incorrect and such. So it's not always entirely our fault - cjWriter1997

Get the wrong sense of urgency basically. - htoutlaws2012

That's embarrassing

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1. When someone deletes all of their replies in a conversation and you look like you are talking to yourself
2. When you don't read the list name right and add something unrelated
3. When you spell something wrong
1. When someone deletes all of their replies in a conversation and you look like you are talking to yourself
2. When someone makes up a lie about you that people believe
3. When someone complains about you hating something they love and praise too much


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