Top 10 Embarrassing Moments at the Waterpark

The Top Ten Embarrassing Moments at the Waterpark

Getting stuck on the slide

I kind of laughed thinking about this. But I would help the person that got stuck if they did

Or if you’re on a loop slide and you don’t go all the way up the loop so the lifeguard has to come open the top of the slide so you can get out.

So 1 time I was at great wolf lodge at the tornado wa

when boom the ride stopped we were stuck for a hour

Swimsuit falling off
Falling down the slide when it isn’t your turn

That happened to me before one time I was at great wolf lodge on the mineshaft I was standing by the slide waiting for them to finish when boom I slipped andfell down sure enough I ran into the person they yelled at me I was 8 years old I remember to this day 😩😩🙁🙁🙁

Falling off of the diving board
Having the lifeguard save you

I just imagined swimming away from the lifeguard thinking:”Not today! I’m not gonna embarrass myself! ”
Lifeguard:”What are you doing?! ”
Me:”I’ll save myself! ”

Chickening out
Thinking you’re gonna drown but you can touch

Haha this one is an absolute classic - styLIShT

I always do this too, until I realized that I’m tall enough to reach the bottom

I do that sooo much cause I can’t swim

When the lifeguard blows the whistle at you

I will just splash others so they will suffer too! >:D

Mom putting sunscreen on you

I would rather turn black, thank you - styLIShT

I would rather put MY OWN sunscreen on, thank you

When the waves in the wave pool push you into someone

So 1 time I was at the wave pool at great wolf lodge in the deep end and a big wave came and pushed me into an ugly old man with a lot of chest hair

The Contenders

Failing a trick on the diving board
When you're chilling in the pool and suddenly you get a period attack and the blood is visible to other people

I just HAD to add this one - styLIShT

This is why I don't go to waterparks when I'm on mine...

Guys keep staring at your bathing suit and calling you a hottie/sexy, etc...

Yeah it happened a lot to my friend mike - styLIShT

Us bad looking people don’t have to worry about that - LootLlama

You drown

Oh yes, this is so true! One time I decided that I wanted to die, so I drowned, and I was very embarrased!

You puke in the wave pool
Accidentally peeing in the pool

That's what the pool is there for - styLIShT

Getting a wedgie on a water slide

I was riding the 75 ft tall waterslide at Hurricane Harbor in NJ and when I got to the bottom my shorts and bathing suit were riding up and my butt rubbed against the bottom of the slide

Getting injured

At Camelbeach in the Poconos they have a camel statue where guests can climb on it and sit on it for photo ops. Once as I climbed on it for a photo op I accidentally hit my jaw on the statue's head and my mouth was bleeding a tiny bit from it. It stopped a few seconds later. Luckily my jaw didn't break and my teeth were still intact.

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