Top 10 Embarrassing Moments at the Waterpark

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1 Getting stuck on the slide

I kind of laughed thinking about this. But I would help the person that got stuck if they did

Or if you’re on a loop slide and you don’t go all the way up the loop so the lifeguard has to come open the top of the slide so you can get out.

So 1 time I was at great wolf lodge at the tornado wa

when boom the ride stopped we were stuck for a hour

2 Falling down the slide when it isn’t your turn

That happened to me before one time I was at great wolf lodge on the mineshaft I was standing by the slide waiting for them to finish when boom I slipped andfell down sure enough I ran into the person they yelled at me I was 8 years old I remember to this day 😩😩🙁🙁🙁

3 Chickening out
4 Swimsuit falling off
5 Having the lifeguard save you

This one is embarrassing! - B0S5J4M3S

I just imagined swimming away from the lifeguard thinking:”Not today! I’m not gonna embarrass myself! ”
Lifeguard:”What are you doing?! ”
Me:”I’ll save myself! ”

6 Failing a trick on the diving board
7 Falling off of the diving board
8 When the lifeguard blows the whistle at you
9 Thinking you’re gonna drown but you can touch

Haha this one is an absolute classic - styLIShT

I always do this too, until I realized that I’m tall enough to reach the bottom

I do that sooo much cause I can’t swim

10 When the waves in the wave pool push you into someone

So 1 time I was at the wave pool at great wolf lodge in the deep end and a big wave came and pushed me into an ugly old man with a lot of chest hair

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11 When you're chilling in the pool and suddenly you get a period attack and the blood is visible to other people

I just HAD to add this one - styLIShT

12 Mom putting sunscreen on you

I would rather put MY OWN sunscreen on, thank you

13 You puke in the wave pool
14 Accidentally peeing in the pool
15 Getting a wedgie on a water slide

I was riding the 75 ft tall waterslide at Hurricane Harbor in NJ and when I got to the bottom my shorts and bathing suit were riding up and my butt rubbed against the bottom of the slide

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